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UNcrossing the Border

During the Presidential debates, we continue to hear warnings about the "Mexicanization" of the US--a warning that whites may soon be in the minority and Spanish will become our lingua franca. But all this is irrelevant: We are having a REVERSE migration here right now,...
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Medical Tourism in Mexico

Some day we'll all be tourists in space, but for now, tourists are streaming into Mexican border towns, not to buy drugs (at least not the illicit kind), but for medical procedures that are much cheaper there--and...
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How We're Polluting Mexico

We have a difficult relationship with Mexico and politicians in the Southwest are trying to get elected by using campaign rhetoric that stresses keeping out...
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Secret Tunnel Discovered Under Mayan Pyramid

Pyramids are still being discovered in Egypt and now an intricate tunnel system has been discovered under the Mayan Teotihuacan pyramid complex 28 miles from...
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