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Are There Aliens on the Moon?

Astronomers Paul Davies and Robert Wagner report seeing five UFOs on the moon in mid-April 2012 (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show). They captured images of five UFOs flying over the moon, and...
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Our Brains Can't Tell Real Art From Fakes

When we view art, a complex series of activities go on in the brain, which help us to appreciate it. The aesthetic experience integrates sensory and emotional reactions in a manner linked with their personal relevance. BUT viewing art which we're told is "fake" DOES NOT stimulate the same type of brain reactions.
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Ants May Help Us Understand ETs

The biologist Edward O. Wilson has made a protracted study of the behavior of ants, as a way of understanding human culture. Since Whitley (and other contactees) often report that...
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Did the Mayans Have Contact with ETs?

This may be the source of their extraordinarily accurate calendar. A new Mexican documentary titled "Revelations of the Mayans 2012 and Beyond" claims that the ancient Mayans ...
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An Astronaut Speaks Out About UFOs

Astronauts have seen UFOs on the moon, and astronomers have noticed unusual features about objects passing between the earth and the moon, features which have never been made public.

Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, who is now 80, feels that an alien presence may be here, but that it is...
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Still Searching

NASA's Kepler Space Telescope has found over a thousand planets beyond our own solar system that are potential candidates for intelligent life: The search for ET is NOT over. 68 of these are about the size of Earth, and 54 are at a...
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ETs are HERE

While the West searches for planets that may contain life, the Chinese say that aliens are not only real, they are living amongst us. Since Communists reject the idea of God, Chinese spokespeople say that our religious dogma has led us to deny the ET reality. They compare this to...
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We Live in a Huge Universe

Despite the fact that we haven't located ETs yet, it's almost inevitable that we will eventually, because there are three times as many stars in the universe as previously thought, meaning there are trillions of earthlike planets. This conclusion is based on new observations...
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