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Surprise Late Season Storms Slam US Midwest

A powerful and dangerous late season storm system has generated more than 50 tornadoes and killed at least 3 people across the US midwest, and will continue to develop over the evening hours. The town of Washington, Illinois has been effectively flattened, and the National Weather Service is warning that millions remain at risk as the system moves east. Chicago is in the range of the enormous system, which stretches from the middle south into the northern Midwest and is expected to sweep into the mid-Atlantic states within hours.

Stay ahead of the weather with the Unknowncountry Climate Watch section, where violent autumn storms were predicted for the US last summer.

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I live here in Indianapolis Indiana and the storm or storms started this afternoon around 12:30 pm and the wind is still blowing in gusts. We had 4 rounds of terrible wind with hail and buckets of rain. And in between each round the sun would come out and then the storm would start up again. The street was flooded because we got so much rain in a short amount of time. It reminds me of a spring storm not mid-November. Really weird.

I could smell the same air here in Kentucky. It is very weird!
My youngest daughter just turned 6 and she has never seen a substantial snowfall.
It has been almost two decades since we've had the snow I used to experience as normal each year.
Water maples have to bloom three and four times every year before the weather is warm enough to bring leaves.
All the trees now loose their leaves and then I'm in shorts and t-shirt off and on till I see the cherry trees bloom. Then what? Grab my wool socks?
What the hell!?
I know I'm not old enough to experience long term cycles. None of us are.
But I can't find written record of this either.
There are little ice ages and a few stretches of heat/drought. I've not read of seasons reversing. ...or, disappearing.
Maybe we would be better off if all 'leaders' met outside no matter the season.
Experiencing Spring in January and Autumn in August might make real life more...
...and maybe, if our leaders had to deal with unrelenting mosquitoes and cold, stinging fingers, only the ones who care would show up!
Frack it up!

Yes I live in central IL and the morning leading up to the storms was very strange. Animals were acting funny, the air felt...wrong, and when the pressure dropped I lost 2 windows. I'm a lineman and have worked outside my entire life and Sunday was unlike anything I have seen. Everything had a weird orange color to it. Yes I think we're in for a wild ride as far as weather goes for the foreseeable future.

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