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Lonely & Depressed? Make New Friends!

THE SOLUTION: JOIN OUR REGULAR WEDNESDAY CHATS (from 7 to 8 pm Pacific)! And if this description fits you, check your wallet: Current treatments for depression don't help working-class and poor patients as much as they help middle-class people. Maybe this is because, when people with jobs come out of the slough, they realize they actually have a lot to live for. Psychologist Lydia Falconnier says, "This is particularly important since a lot of research shows negative outcomes for children of depressed mothers. This also raises questions about mandated depression treatment for working-class and poor mothers who are involved in the child welfare system." Loneliness is a MEDICAL problem that can lead to bad health. Researchers say that loneliness can lead to blood pressure, poor sleep and dementia, so it's a health risk factor that's as bad as obesity or smoking. Researcher Christopher Maci says, "I think loneliness is increasingly recognized as an important problem in medicine, and certainly the demographic trends in society will likely exacerbate this problem."

If YOU'RE lonely (and depressed) and want to make new friends who are interested in the same kinds of things YOU are, make yourself a nice mug of coffee, turn on your computer, and join the friendly computer chats on this website, which are held every Wednesday from 7 to 8 p.m. Pacific. But in order to join, you need to subscribe today! And if subscribe for TWO years, you'll get a FREE 2011 crop circle calendar AS WELL AS (while supplies last) a 2010 calendar that you can use right now. To learn more, click here and here

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I love the chats with Anne and Whitley. They are so much fun. If you don't use the subscriber section for anything else, these chats make it worth subscribe today!

More and more as money gets tighter most people have to make decisions where to spend their money. Even small trips around town are questioned for necessity. For myself, the journey I put as a top priority is the weekly, if not daily, journey to Dreamland and the Unknown Country website. Six months for less than $20 bucks is not only the best deal around , the information and content is worth far more than the under $.20 per day cost.

I have been a subscriber since the beginning and there were periods when money ran out and my subscription lapsed and I had to wait a few months to subscribe again. Looking back all I an say is that I am thankful I did, and I am grateful the Striebers and all of their hosts and guests for leaving all the breadcrumbs both big and small for me to follow, helping to awaken me from my sleep.

Dreamland and Revelations are extremely interesting and entertaining, however hidden within the amazing and varied shows is something akin to a secret teaching, In its entirety are the keys, the teachings to make us individually better and with the sparks to make us better as a species, which as I am sure all of you here know, is what is needed if we are to move ahead.

Aside from all this Whitley, Anne, William, Marla, Jim, and the other guest and hosts are all fun intelligent, and brave souls who both need and deserve our support. Thanks to all of them, and thanks to all of the others here in the subscriber’s community who make it possible. The subscriber weekly chats are great as well - stuff you definately won't get anywhere else.

I totally agree with Jim's comments. Over all these years, this place is one I refuse to give up no matter how little money I have. So many friends made and so much learned. You just won't get it anywhere except the subscriber section of Unknown Country.

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