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Have Whites and Blacks Switched Roles?

According to a new study by psychologists, whites believe that they have replaced blacks as the primary victims of racial discrimination in contemporary America. These findings show that America has not achieved the "post-racial" society that some predicted in the wake of Barack Obama's election.

Both whites and blacks agree that anti-black racism has decreased over the last 60 years. However, whites believe that anti-white racism has increased and is now a bigger problem than anti-black racism. White and black estimates of bias in the 1950s were similar: Both groups acknowledged little racism against whites at that time but substantial racism against blacks. Respondents who were recently polled in the new study also generally agreed that racism against blacks has decreased over time, although whites believed it has declined faster than blacks do.

Psychologist Samuel Sommers says, "These data are the first to demonstrate that not only do whites think more progress has been made toward equality than do blacks, but whites also now believe that this progress is linked to a new inequality--at their expense. Whites see racial equality as a zero sum game, in which gains for one group mean losses for the other. "It's a pretty surprising finding when you think of the wide range of disparities that still exist in society, most of which show black Americans with worse outcomes than whites in areas such as income, home ownership, health and employment."

Even though Whitley and Anne are "white," they very well recognize that the reason THEY'RE picked on is because of their advocacy of UFOs. But they're determined to continue to try to bring to light the confusion that so many people are going through with this and we hope you'll support them in this brave endeavor and subscribe today!

I am a white male and have been recently subjected to this form of racism, in a subtle but definite fashion; then after thinking about it, I became infuriated. Not at those who were directing it at me, but at myself for falling into the trap of believing the dichotomy in the first place. I have since forgiven myself, because it helped me to come to the point of reaffirmation that we all more or less share the same DNA, same genus, different species, none overall superior, none overall inferior. It also pointed out the need to change my view of our cultural differences, and to appreciate the diversity from an anthropological point of view. Mankind diverged culturally as it dissipated geographically ages ago, and now is reconverging through the rapid growth of technology ... maybe this is nature's way of tempering and slowing the convergence.

That's the problem. "Diversity". Society has twisted itself into knots trying to respect cultural differences. By doing so it split itself permanently into tribes. It's as bad as it's every been, if not worse. Natural segregation, not man made.

It never ceases to amaze me how the human mind works.

If this is a zero sum game then white people have much more to account for and much more to endure than a few "subtle but definite" racists comments. The examples of degradation and humiliation to black people living in America are numerous and well documented so I'll spare you the diatribe. I acknowledge and accept white people's feelings and valid for to do otherwise would be a grave mistake.

If you can feel fury at a few racist comments then imagine your women raped and denigrated, your men lynched and emasculated, and in this day and age imagine all the talent and ingenuity ignored just because the person who had it didn't have the right skin tone. Imagine the best and brightest leaders among you jailed, beaten and assassinated just for standing up and asking for respect. Imagine all that misery and pain through all those years.

Next, imagine what it would take for someone to forgive you.

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