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Fukushima--Steam, Contaminated Water Cause new Peril

On July 17 and 18 steam was observed rising from Fukushima Daiichi Reactor 3, raising concerns that the damaged reactor's nuclear reaction had started again. If this has happened, another large release of radioactive material from the planet is probable. Then, yesterday, Tokyo Electric Power admitted that radioactive groundwater had leaked from the plant into the sea. Levels of cancer-causing cesium 134 have increased by 110 percent in the past few days. So far, Tepco has not been able to explain this increase, but it would be consistent with new nuclear reactions taking place in the reactor's core.

Since 2011, low levels of cesium 134 have been found in bluefin tuna being caught off the California coast. In addition, seaweeds along the coast have been discovered to contain concentrations of radiation From Fukushima. Tokyo Electric Power has maintained a policy of informing the public as little as possible about the extent of the disaster. The Fukushima meltdowns took place after a massive tsunami swept the power plant complex in 2011. Tokyo Electric Power had received permission from planners to place its diesel backup generators at ground level instead of building them onto raised platforms, despite the fact that the area was a known risk for tsunamis. As a result of this, the plants lost backup power and went critical after the disaster. Since then, it has never been clear how much radiation has actually been leaked from them.

Are Californians at risk if they eat bluefin tuna? Unlike heavier radioactive elements, Cesium-134 does not quickly sink to the bottom of the sea, but remains in the water column almost indefinitely. Bluefin tuna spawn in Japanese waters, then swim across the Pacific. By the time they reach California waters, any radioactive elements they may contain will have been concentrated by the amount of time the fish have been in the water.

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I was always afraid this would happen. Nuclear accidents don't happen in a vacuum. Things move around sadly. No more tuna for me. Glad I don't scuba dive down their either! Is it safe to swim on the west coast?

Thanks Unknown COuntry for this analysis.
I wonder exactly how much this radiation leak is warming up the sea? I'm sure it's not helping the melting polar ice caps, nor the world's population of mammals, but it' s probably not hurting the "bottom line" of TEPCO and other piggish corporations, as this nightmare unfolds.

Facts available at

The Fukushima media coverage shows categorically how the mainstream media have become a bunch of corporate shills.
Tepco has repeatedly and blatantly lied about everything about this disaster and as they get caught and the story changes, the mainstream media never calls them on it.
Two weeks ago, Masao Yoshida the Fukushima Chief Engineer dies suddenly at 58 of cancer and they say it had nothing to do with radiation and the media just accepts this !!!

Of course this has NOTHING to do with Tepco's partner in crime GE who designed and built this plant over the warnings of their own engineers. It has nothing at all to do with GE owning NBC, MSNBC, Universal Pictures, A&E, Biography Channel, History Channel, Lifetime, Military Channel, Bravo, CNBC, Syfy, USA Network, and Weather Channel.

Nope...nothing at all......

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