Whitley's Journal

What if They Land?

What if our visitors finally land? When I say 'land,' I do not mean that in any conventional way. I don't think that they are aliens from another planet--or, if such beings are a factor in what is happening in our world, they are not the major factor. What is happening is so vast and complex that it has never really been fully described. But certainly, we are not dealing with scientists from another planet here studying us. What is happening is deeply embedded in human experience, and has been, I would think, throughout our history.

So an argument can be made that nothing will ever change, and that might be the truth. However, I always got the impression that, if we reach a point of no return of some kind--if it becomes inevitable that the human race is facing extinction or a catastrophe so vast that it amounts to the same thing, then perhaps things would not remain the same here.

The question then is, what would happen if the visitors did change the way they manifest themselves? I very much doubt that a flying saucer will land on the White House lawn, or, in fact, that anything so straightforward will happen. I am not at all sure that we will like what does happen, but one thing I do feel sure of is, if we are to be included in the laws of physics as the govern the world of our visitors, we can expect extreme, profound change.

I think that it would probably happen quite suddenly--as suddenly and unexpectedly as the close encounters seem to happen. Even though I'd apparently had a lifetime of experience with the visitors, when I found myself confronting them on the night of December 26, 1985, it came as a complete and utter suprise. On that night, I was not aware of any change in the way the reality around me was working, but that did not remain true.

After Anne and I had moved from upstate New York to Texas, I found myself having an experience that I think is much closer to what is apt to happen to all of us if our visitors' reality is ever extended to include our own.

On this occasion, I was for some little while, with a person similar to the one depicted on the cover of Communion. I was fully conscious, but as I moved through our apartment with her--or him, or it, for that matter--I began to see the rooms, nicely redecorated by Anne and very clean--much more as I might an animal's burrow. Not a single line was straight. The walls were soiled. There were strange insects racing around in patterned movement. Even at the time, I thought that I was seeing our condo the way I might see an animal's nest in a zoo. The little vole or whatever sees the nest as comfortable and appealing. A human observer, looking through a glass wall to which the animal is entirely oblivious, sees the nest as a filthy flea-ridden mess.

As I have reported elsewhere, I became unstuck in space and time, and also unable to discern clear lines of reality. I could not tell even what time I was in. I thought that I went to the garden of a friend's house nearby and also entered the future. But now I think that I may have gone into a version of the garden that exists in a parallel universe. But one thing is clear: I had become unmoored in reality as we understand it.

When I came back from this period of contact, which lasted about fifteen minutes, I believe, I found that the voice of a reporter on the radio sounded like gibberish. In just that short time in this other reality, I had lost my knowledge of the English language. It returned, but only slowly. About eight-thirty in the morning, it was time to go to church. Without realizing it, I had lost my internal map of San Antonio, the city I grew up in. When we started out, all seemed fine. It wasn't until I found myself driving out near a runway on a disused road behind the San Antonio airport that I realized that I had not the slightest idea of how the streets worked.

I eventually found my way home, and spent the rest of the day feeling a profound sense of dissociation. I no longer felt real or whole or coherent. More than that, I felt as if I'd left part of myself behind.

To my mind, if the visitors ever come, it will not be a landing at all, but something more like the removal of a wall that now exists between our worlds. What will happen to us then is that we will suddenly start living by new laws of reality. I suspect that many, many of us will not survive the transition in anything like a normal or coherent mental state. A lot of people will not be able to cope with this. But some few will, and it is on their shoulders that the rest of us will have to climb, if we are to surivve with our sanity intact.

Do I think that this will happen tomorrow? Obviously, I don't know. All I do know is that it CAN happen, and I can assure you, if it does, none of us will be prepared to face it, except on the most visceral, instinctive level.

But then again, what infant, upon being drawn from his mother's womb into the impossible light and terror of a new world, feels in any way prepared for it? Every baby begins the same way: frightened and astonished.

So will we.

Although there are some exceptions, it is civilized man that is born terrorized , frightened, and drugged into unconsciousness, into this world.

In tribal societies, children are often born smiling, eyes fully open and aware. They are born conscious, a consciousness that has been growing for nine months in the warm comfort of the womb. Even this is possible to civilized people, as Fredrich Leboyer, so beautifully showed in his book Birth Without Violence.

What we have to fear from the visitors is what we project onto them from our own unconscious, our own subconscious fears and political paranoia.

Thankfully mankind also has an abundance of good qualities, and good and sane people, who will have a firm grip on reality no matter what happens.

We have 2 eyes but we only see 1 image. The 'real' world we live in is created in in Our mind combining inputs from eyes and ears. It takes a short while for the brain to sync all the info, and that's why You jump before You hear the bang. This offcause we are totally unaware of normally and thus easy targets for someone who can mess with perception. It will indeed be like being a baby - not knowing what a chair or the concept of a room is. I remember loosing the ability to judge distances trying hash 20 years ago. We are so easy to throw off balance. I remember a story of when the spanish boats first came to the indians. The indians could not see the boats anchored, but they could see the odd waves the boats created. Only after the medicine man stared at the boats for a couple of days could he see them. We don't see things, we recognize them.

Yes. YES! yES! yeS!!!! Finally somebody has put a finger RIGHT on what happens to me all the time in my life. Slipping from one parallel universe to another and back again. Those slight changes in color of a shirt, or the way a house looks slightly different on your block. YES WHITLEY!!!!! YOU ARE SPOT ON!!! It isn't that weird Starfire Tor crap. It's like being on a record player that skips occasionally. Wow. Thank you so much. Thank you.
robin beltrami

Frek, that fable about native peoples not being able to see the ships of invaders is a questionable myth at best, and most likely just a complete load of bunk:

Whitley, your experience sounds a lot like tripping. I don't recall you ever personally discussing whether or not you ever tried hallucinogens, but your account is practically a point by point description of what you might experience on LSD, for example. That doesn't necessarily mean you were drugged, although I wouldn't rule it out. The duration of only fifteen minutes does not correspond with any hallucinogen I'm familiar with (as they usually last 6 to 12 hours). However it's possible some technology exists using EM waves at a distance to induce similar states.

As to the lingering effects with language and the disassociative feelings, that sounds exactly like aphasia from stroke (something I'm quite familiar with, having had a similar stroke myself at 45.) I assume you had a doctor check you out and, presumably, put you in an MRI to make sure. Even if negative, I'd guess a TIA (transient ischemic attack) cannot be ruled out.

None of this is to debunk the idea that all of these effects came from being in the presence of one or more visitors. In fact it would not surprise me at all if their reality is more like the 'tripping world' than that of our normal consciousness, except I would expect they have a much higher mental ability to manage the resulting time and spatial distortions that go along with it, as well as cope with what may be parallel perceptions into other dimensions of reality, like those "strange insects" you saw could be some kind of lower astral life form (not that I pretend to understand that whole astral concept on any deep level.)

But as to how you saw your apartment, I will offer this possibly contradictory experience I had, probably the only time (out of a lifetime sprinkled with very odd experiences) I had a waking, conscious mental (but not directly visual) picture of an alien very much like the one on the cover of Communion. I believe it was the late 1980's, and I had recently moved into a very nice, new townhouse in NJ. It was daytime and I was vacuuming the carpets, when I had this sort of daydream about an alien standing inside the front doorway to my left and looking at me. Really it just seemed to start like a fantasy of imagination except for a few significant details. Overall, it felt like I was watching her (yes her) with my mind while she watched me. I don't recall seeing anything unusual with my eyes. The first important detail (suggesting non-fantasy) was that I recall being genuinely surprised by the color of her skin. Usually a mental fantasy/daydream feels very much willfully constructed, but in this case when I perceived her color, I was really taken aback. Rather than the sort of drab, dark tannish color used by the Communion artist, which I always assumed was accurate to their real appearance, her skin was a much more vivid and living color, more dark yellowish, which at the time I likened to the color of yellow mustard when it dries out and become more brown looking. Other than the color, what I was able to notice about her appearance was about what you would expect, the big slanted eyes, etc. There was also a sort of light or radiance around her, which I also have in my fuzzy recall of one or two similar encounters from childhood. The second odd detail was a vaguely telepathic communication, where her attitude seemed pleasant and she said something without words to the effect that she approved of my new home, my sense being the thought was more aesthetic than something more insidious one might speculate, such as being all the better to grab me in the middle of the night! It was almost like if a dead grandparent came back in an apparition and saying I still see you and I'm proud of you in your new house. Finally, and this is what really made me not write this off as just a fantasy, after the house comment I felt this intense beam of love burst forth from her. Like if a heat lamp could radiate an emotion of deep unconditional love, it enveloped me like a warm blanket and lingered, as real as a physical hug and with an intensity that was practically stunning. I looked up from my vacuuming to the door and there was no one there, but really I wasn't expecting to see her there. With that intense feeling of love I also knew it was 'end of transmission'.

So if it hadn't been for all that, I could very easily and logically go along with the idea that the visitors see our homes like an animal's burrough. But given what I felt, and knowing that the tripping mind can often perceive and abhor the filth of one's own animal existence in contrast to the exquisite purity of mind (like the whole eating and digestive thing is particularly distasteful when heavily tripping), I'm going to say it may have been at least as much your own self-judgement from a different state of perception. And given what you've observed in some alien indoor spaces, I'd also say they shouldn't be throwing stones! :-)

"I am not at all sure that we will like what does happen, but one thing I do feel sure of is, if we are to be included in the laws of physics as the govern the world of our visitors, we can expect extreme, profound change."

Based upon my own experience, this is exactly what is happening.

When I had my first adult experience with this, it was like stepping through a reality door. I imagined, fleetingly, that they had always been there, right there, where I was in that moment and that I could only get close because I was willing to open up to something utterly fantastic.

And things did become fantastic, to the point where I seriously thought I might be losing my mind.

Years, later, after learning of the star people and of the unbelievable realities of prophets and shamans.... I understood that, simply because I had come into their space...and time and all other aspects of perception (which must be virtually unfathomable, considering the distance between simply our own Earth and, say, something like Jupiter or Saturn) ...that I had, in fact, entered into their reality. Their sense of time and space. Of physical matter ...literally, of reality itself.

And that nothing would ever be the same.
Maybe it's more like an awakening. Maybe they're already here. Bahaaa!! Psych! :)

@BobInNJ Don't be surprised if your "sort of daydream" is finally put into focus by something a little more concrete. You may not have been daydreaming at all. It's one level of perception.

When our perceptions intermingle and solidify with those of other creatures, this is in fact where the physical reality concensus takes place. And it's always changing, to the point of being malleable.

I think this is where we can help ...or where we can utterly fail.
Because we are just beginning to understand the actual fabric of reality at all.
Right now, in this century.

And we always wind up turning to the ancients... to some guy covered in mud, blowing into a hollowed out stick. Eating mushrooms, what have you...

Ah a myth, like so many other videos, thanks. Youtubers are trying to decieve me with all their fake and twisted crap. They are the worlds fraudsters.

I think they are teaching us to create our world interactively by allowing us to decide a part of this story as well. Including them and what they are. They have trust in people to do the right thing, if they only know what it is.


This post brings up questions I've long held:

Seems like the birth process is not too dissimilar from our waking process in the morning. Ever awaken and wonder not only what day it is, but what YEAR it is, the disorientation is so pronounced?

What is it about these 8 hours a night; the events we participate in make sense at the time, but seem like nonsense in the morning. The most profound experiences I've ever had are in the lucid dream state: extreme euphoria, unlike any I've ever felt, in worlds that have a "feel" completely different from our own. But what IS this state of consciousness that also seems so separate from this reality that we have at times an intense amnesia upon awakening?

If we HAVE lived before in some context, the birth process does a great job at removing the memory of it; sleeping/waking seems to have a similar bridge that's crossed.

This also has me questioning the after-death and reincarnation scenario: If after death is non-linear, and everyone experiences this "non-time" associated with other states of dream or meditation, does reincarnation have to be linear, consecutive in time? If I die now, I can only be reborn in 2012 or beyond if there is no "time" on the other side? And, if there is no time, wouldn't we ALL experience each other regardless of when our "death" is, since there is no time there? (?)

It does seem as if we're riding an event horizon. Millions have people have lived and died without any seeming real consciousness raising happening. Perhaps it HAS happened, but we would not be conscious enough to be aware of it. Perhaps we are finally living in just such a time when enough of us pushing the boundaries of perception, are just enough to awaken the hundredth monkey, and a real paradigm shift can occur. We're WAY beyond silly and extremely limited notions of white house lawn landings, or even insistence that visitors are extraterrestrials; I think those willing to keep the question alive, as Whitley repeatedly writes and for which he is 100% on, will enable us to have new opportunities presented to us that may finally enable some real kind of tangible change to actually happen. If it is some sort of hyperconsciousness, it's surely just like the birth process; we'll simply have to adapt, and I think a great many people can and would. And, I think it's not only becoming a necessity, but is needed on the whole. I've come to understand in just the past few years how deeply in trouble we all are on this planet, as far as who is in charge goes; we are all much more slaves than we realize, and there is no way out of it except thru the above options presenting themselves. I've been in the trenches with this control grid; it cannot be changed without mass involvement, which seems is not going to happen, and with high probability, will not.

It is a wonderful, beautiful planet. But the people on it are imprisoned, and it is a design that feeds upon and supports itself just by everyone's participation in it. The well goes MUCH deeper than 99% of the people on it understand. And I'm only talking about politics and law, as a long-term student; I haven't even TOUCHED on the possible spiritual connections, simply because "I don't know." But whomever devised the current system of slavery is/are genius.

The interesting part is that as dreadful as it is...it could also be what is needed to push us through the evolutionary process that Whitley also references.

Great post Whitley and great responses everyone.

From my understanding, despite some illusion, it is springtime in the universe.

Breaking free from the subtle laws of karma alters reality from disharmony to harmony. That appears the topic of the exam set for Dec 21 next year (i.e. how harmonious the transition depends on our exam preparation).

@ BobinNJ
I appreciate your fresh skepticism, as I like to look at the alternative side of things as well. However, i think you are suggesting that Whitley is not able to differentiate between an LSD produced hallucination and a real experience, which I think are very different.

I think you are trying to "explain away" the phenomena he experienced by pulling from your own experiences and understanding of science / physics. One thing I can tell you from my stange experiences (in both meditation and dreaming) is that we are only starting to comprehend the possibilities of reality. We are on the 1 yard line of the football field of reality. Everytime I have a "revelation" or some kind of mystical experience I always get the feeling of an overwhelming unknown. I also feel like we are somehow "guided" into these experiences.

So nowdays, whenever I hear something I think is crazy or unbelievable, i think of how crazy my own experiences would sound, and consider the current state of quantum mechanics (truly infinite possibilities), which gives me a very open mind to consider that their experiences are legitimate.

I think that it is great that Whitley in this post (and on Coast to Coast last week) admits that the Visitor phenomena is complex and we just don't yet understand what it is all about. Part of the problem I think is that our current "Science" has limited our perceptions. Unless you can see, hear, touch, and measure something, then it does NOT exist. By that methodology, love does not exist (you can't see, hear, or touch it), yet we all know that it does exist. Because of these (see, hear, touch) blinders, everyone has focused on the Visitors being alien scientists because it falls into that strictly physical mindset. However, scientists (mainly in theoretical physics) are starting to realize that the universe is far more vast and complex than we all thought. We probably only perceive 10% of what is really standing right in front of us. The other 90% we cannot perceive so it is effectively invisible to us. I believe that the Visitors are in this 90% and are right in front of us and we just can't perceive them.

However, I think that something is happening to all of us where our perceptions are expanding and I think in the near future that the veil will be lifted from our eyes and there the Visitors will stand, where they have always been but we just couldn't see them.


Thanks for responding to my comments.

you said:
"I think you are trying to 'explain away' the phenomena he experienced by pulling from your own experiences and understanding of science / physics."

I don't think that was my intent. I also said in my post, "None of this is to debunk the idea that all of these effects came from being in the presence of one or more visitors." And I meant that. I even said why it doesn't seem possible to have occurred from the ingestion of hallucinogens, because the time frame was too short. But I think the similarity might help inform us about the perceptual world of the visitors. As such it would be great to know if Whitley had any experience with such substances and how the experiences compare if at all, but I have the feeling that information is not forthcoming.

Also, Whitley's follow-on experience of losing touch with language has an obvious parallel to stroke-induced aphasia, something I have direct experience with, and from essentially unexplained cause (except I know I had an actual stroke, and fortunately have fully recovered.) If we're to understand any of these phenomena, I think it's worthwhile exploring down these kinds of avenues, rather than simply try to maintain an aura of wonder, mystery, and magic about the whole thing. Perhaps Whitley's aphasia was an unintended side-effect of some technology the visitors were using to control the prior experience he described, more so than the difficulty of shifting consciousness between their world and our world. (FWIW, I think it may have been in one of Anne's recent interviews a "contactee" was told (by them) that problems with ordinary memory is an unintended side effect of them suppressing other recollections, possibly of information impanted for retrieval at a later time.)

In summary, I have always taken Whitley's experiences at face value, i.e. I believe he is observing real events as accurately and objectively as he can describe them, and probably does as good or better job than anyone else. I do not believe it's in his character to do anything BUT that. For that I'm grateful, but it would be nice if he was more willing to discuss his profound observations interactively on these forums, the way someone like Jeremy Vaenni often does in the paratopia.org forums, rather than just drop a journal piece like a bomb and let the rest of us debate the meanings and implications like so many ants carting around the fallout. Even the chat sessions have that feel to them, IMO.

Chances of them landing are laughable,it's never gonna happen but what's noteable is how it would dramatically change our view of perception and that may be only for tiniest of the minoritys, the rest may well make a gasp then after a while make a sigh and carry on with their reality T.V. and microwave dinners.

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