Whitley Strieber's Dreamland
Saturday November 21, 2009

WTC7 Collapse PLUS Linda Howe

First, Linda Howe interviews Derek Bridges of Overton, Hampshire, England about a videotape he made of a water buffalo ascending into a UFO and disappearing. This interview with this straightforward 69 year old man, intimately familiar with the location, is among the most convincing and amazing accounts in the history of this radio program. Includes an AMAZING interview about a close-up UFO observation.

Then Whitley Strieber brings us up to date with David Ray Griffin on the mysterious collapse of World Trade Center 7. Building 7 collapsed even though it had not been damaged in any way. But why? Listen as Whitley and David explore this ongoing mystery as only they can. New information shows that the National Institute of Standards report on the collapse cannot be true, because the building was damaged by fire, not explosives, and yet it came down in free fall.

For a free fall implosion to happen, explosives must have been present in the building. And yet we are told otherwise. Do not miss this thought-provoking interview.

David Ray Griffin's website is DavidRayGriffin.com.

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