Whitley Strieber's Dreamland
Friday April 1, 2011

Crop Circle Expert Andrew Collins

Andrew Collins and Whitley Strieber spent time together in crop circle country last summer, and we begin this year's three-part exploration of this mysterious phenomenon by talking with Andrew about the circles and their relationship to ancient structures such as Avebury and Stonehenge. Whitley Strieber tells about his expeirence doing a walking meditation around the Avebury stone circle. But then, when Andrew describes his views about modern crop circles, a real surprise comes!

This is the first of three programs about crop circles that will be presented on alternate weeks into May. Each researcher takes a different view of the authenticity of the formations and their meaning, but one thing is consistently true of all of them: they are real experts and their ideas are unique and extremely interesting.

In two weeks, we will hear Michael Glickman's view of the circles, and, on April 30, Freddy Silva will join us--and, by that time, perhaps the first formations of the season will have appeared!

Andrew Collins website is AndrewCollins.com.

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A New Encounter

On March 24, something unusual happened to Whitley Strieber. As was the case in December of 2007 when his last seemingly physical encounter with the unknown took place, what happened was related to a work of fiction he's writing. The book, which will be published in mid-2012, involves a kind of mind-sharing that Whitley experienced with his visitors, and which became, over time, an intimate and powerful form of communication. On the 24th, somebody communicated with him in this way, but there may have been more. The person may have been physically present as well. Listen to his eloquent description of what happened, and his insightful interpretation of it.

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connecting to the big I, gains access to contact with all, and we must only be afraid of fear itself. (don't be fooled, most people walking around today, really are the living dead). So good to hear about your meditations. love

I've always wondered why two reputable crop circle researchers are named Colin Andrews and Andrew Collins. Interesting coincidence...

Curious. Does Andrew really believe that the likes of the August 2001 crop circle with over 400 individual circles were made by humans with planks in the space of 4 hours? And anyhow, even if he claims that over 90% of crop circles are created by humans albeit "channelled" aren't we interested in the 1-10% that cannot be explained? He seems to have also ignored the scientific evidence of most of the crop circles which have nodes affected by some kind of thermal energy rather than planks bending them. Still fascinating, Whitley. Hit them with the hard questions, ha ha.

Yes, I've wondered many times about whom some of the people I see walking around in broad daylight are. When there seems to be a message or subtle word of guidance that I need to hear, usually before an unseen looming crisis, a total stranger will often walk up to me and make brief, seemingly random good humoured chat. Their words, however, will have subtle well-intentioned undertones and I just 'know' instantly that this is one of, what I call, 'the quiet helpers'. To date, as best I remember in my travels, Winchester here in Britain has been the location of the majority of these brief encounters. I've come to accept that some areas have different populations of what may be described as hidden people (for they are still people, however you look at it), with their own sense of community and civilisation. How fascinating that they appear to be able to quite literally walk in and out of our world in einen augenblick...

I saddened to know that so many crop circles are merely man made and worst-- for paid corporate logos! Is this more disinformation?

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