Whitley Strieber's Dreamland
Saturday April 23, 2005

Betty Andreasson Luca: Close Encounter

Betty Andreasson Luca is one of the great voices of the close encounter experience. Listen as she describes in detail what happened to her, tells us how she came to remember it, and then gives her experiences meaning in the context of her profound religious faith. Then Linda tells of an amazing story of what lies beneath the Great Serpent Mound in Ohio, that makes it clear that the human past is a great, great mystery.

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I just re listened to this interview, my question is why would G-D have these aliens abduct, harm and scare people have to death, I don't believe for one moment that this is coming from G-D, the Aliens are using Him. A loving G-d would not subject us to this kind of thing. I also don't believe he is judge mental. Sadly religion has only served to separate us, cause wars and death. Apparently these Aliens have the ability to make abductees believe what they want..

I tend to embrace what the Gnostics beleived, that the Aliens aka: Archon's are our masters and also started all major religions.

Betty's experience is interesting but think she is buying into something that isn't true.

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