I’m frustrated. Two years ago, the fact that we had narrowly missed having our whole electrical and electromagnetic world destroyed by a massive solar flare was accurately reported in just a very few places, among them Unknowncountry. I had published an ebook called Solar Flares that warned of this threat and outlined the steps necessary to prevent. NOW the media is finally picking up on this incredibly important story!

What happened to Solar Flares? Nothing, same as my book about nuclear terrorism, Critical Mass.

So we’re still just as vulnerable right now to both nuclear terrorism and solar storms before I made these efforts. I feel kind of like I’m talking to a wall. Why are so many of us so desperately passive? We wait, then when something happens, we are taken up on the dark wave of disaster and swept away.

We could harden our electrical infrastructure against solar storms, just as we could institute safeguards against nuclear terrorism.

But we don’t, and this little screed won’t change a thing any more than Superstorm did. Oh, well.

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  1. I’ll tell you why people are
    I’ll tell you why people are passive and sheepish; it’s because they are lazy and enjoy being controlled and told what to do. Unfortunately, this is a sad but soberly, true fact. Thankfully, not everyone is a mindless drone.

  2. Whitley, you just have no
    Whitley, you just have no idea how many lives you have changed, by your bold, insightful writings. There are multitudes of the quiet ones who heed your warnings, make plans, and quietly influence others to due the same. Be of good cheer, we ARE listening, just quietly.

  3. Whitley, you just have no
    Whitley, you just have no idea how many lives you have changed, by your bold, insightful writings. There are multitudes of the quiet ones who heed your warnings, make plans, and quietly influence others to due the same. Be of good cheer, we ARE listening, just quietly.

  4. Well said Blue42! Agreed!
    Well said Blue42! Agreed!

  5. Several years ago, I noticed
    Several years ago, I noticed some similarities in various crop formations that year. I remember writing to Linda Moulton-Howe and commenting that while others were doing all kinds of speculating, all I kept seeing was references to the sun and solar activity. At the time, it was purely my first thought or intuition when I viewed the images. While certainly not all were about solar activity, and some were definitely hoaxes, I do feel that many of them were messages or warnings about the sun.

  6. Whitley, thanks to your solar
    Whitley, thanks to your solar flare warnings here and in your book, my family and I purchased a sustainable home with a number of on-site natural springs. We closed on the house the exact day that the Sun’s coronal mass ejection almost struck the Earth. Since then, the resale value of that home has increased. By law, US realtors are required to notify clients about factors affecting the value of the properties that are being bought and sold. Perhaps you could make a presentation to a realtor’s group, using your published materials to explain the added value of sustainable homes.

  7. I saw famous physicist and
    I saw famous physicist and host Neil Degrasse Tyson being interviewed on Real Time with Bill Maher..(I know Whitley hates Bill for fair reasons, but my post here is regarding the danger posed to our grid)….Bill asked Neil about a recent solar flair that if hit Earth could have caused a lot of damage to our electrical systems, and this would have been a perfect opportunity for Neil to bring awareness to this danger to many more people..and he BLEW IT COMPLETELY!!
    Instead he chuckled and went on about how these flairs are common and the media exaggerated this particular solar storm; that it was still quite far away from hitting Earth, and that these storms can cause problems for satellites in space, but failed to mention anything about the grid and the need to harden it, nor did he mention the plea from the American Physical Association to the U.S. gov for a few measly millions to fortify the grid from a worst case scenario critical infrastructure complete collapse!!
    This leaves me actually wondering if he is purposely downplaying the issue for some kind of hidden agenda, or if he had a massive brain fart!! Either way; FAIL FAIL FAIL
    I share your frustration Whitley… at least this audience (and C2C) can be frustrated together as we push for this to be taken more seriously!

  8. Much of the difficulty of
    Much of the difficulty of getting this message out about changes going on with our Sun and how our grid can/will be effected by high energy solar outbursts pummeling our planet … is that the same group that is mucking up our world by depleting/wasting earth’s resources, creating economic havoc, terrorizing whole populations of people, etc. wants to take over when the lights (and power) goes out. They dont want the potential problemi addressed/fixed. However, many more people than ever are becoming aware. I first became aware of the sun’s potential threat to “civilization as we know it” several decades ago and started commenting online in the 90s. I am happy that so many more people are aware now than back then . . . Indy has the right idea — but even modest adjustments to make wherever you are (assuming its not underwater) more self-sufficient to weather the coming storm will help. Solar keeps coming down in cost and even if you cant afford converting your entire home to an alternate, self-sufficient kind of energy — many of us can make smaller size conversions. There are even generators available that are people powered and not that expensive. Having something that will provide some light, power a frig or heater/cooler and energy efficient versions of each can make life a lot better than not having . . .

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