We think so little about the animals upon whom we are dependent. This lovely documentary reminds us not only of who we are, but of who we owe. http://www.watch-documentaries.com/the-emotional-world-of-farm-animals

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  1. That’s why I don’t eat or use
    That’s why I don’t eat or use them in any way. The majority of them live horrific lives of pain and torture and are quite aware of their sorrow. We shouldn’t be dependant on them at all. If we switched to plant based diets we’d be healthier, global warming would be slowed, and there would be plenty of food to go around. Up to 20% of greenhouse gases come from farm animals, and it takes 70 calories of grain to produce 1 calorie of beef. And don’t get me started on health care which would be a non-issue if we all ate whole plant food diets.

  2. Well said Patrick!
    Well said Patrick!

  3. I want to thank Whitley for
    I want to thank Whitley for the link, I might have missed it. I know know these people slightly and they are compassionate and nonviolent, I’d like to think they are part of the next step in the evolution of our species.

  4. Wonderful, beautiful film.
    Wonderful, beautiful film. Just as I suspected, they are just like us. Just like cats and dogs but we just don’t eat cats and dogs so we have had to treat farm animals like a product in order to live with what they have become to us – FOOD!!! If each of us had to slaughter these sweet animals to live, I think things would be a lot different!!!

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