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  1. With the abuse of the
    With the abuse of the filibuster rules the GOP have been in the driver seat for the last two years anyway. Without an incentive for compromise nothing gets done. Since when has an inability to compromise, or change ones views when presented with new evidence been a virtue?

  2. The U.S. culture is moving
    The U.S. culture is moving backwards, in every way, it seems to me. More racist, ignorant, close-minded, selfish, short-sighted, hypocritical, unteachable. There is a minority of people growing and moving forward, but the majority is still on the negative side. I’m curious how this relates to the metaphor you’ve used often of the fish landing on the beach and needing to adapt to the new environment.

  3. Tom@I’m curious about how the
    Tom@I’m curious about how the fish outta’ water scenario is gonna play out as well…? One thing’s for sure, we’ve definitely moved into the next phase of the process. It’s time to start gathering, and learning to work with conscious energy…or else! I would equate learning to gather and work with this Conscious energy to a fish swapping out his gills for a pair of lungs.

  4. I feel more positive about
    I feel more positive about the changes.i believe things will work out for more balance changes to take place.Obama needed to slow down and reflect where he was heading.

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