As a political moderate, I’m careful about movements and protests. The Tea Party was briefly interesting to me, but then it was co-opted by corporate interests who want to use it to destroy governmental regulatory authority. We need balanced, effective regulation, not no regulation, so I saw that movement for what it was and went the other way. Now, this new movement has been portrayed on Fox News and CNN as a bunch of extremists. When I see their stories about it, I see scruffy looking people with weird signs. But here, from the Atlantic, is a very different picture–taken by people as ordinary as the perfectly clean and normal looking protestors. I’ve got a feeling that that when they say they’re the 99%, they’re telling the truth. We the people of the western world bailed out a financial system that had been abused by the irresponsible activities of its stewards. And how have they repaid us? By hoarding our money, refusing to give loans and jacking up credit card interest rates to obscene levels–all the while giving themselves astronomical pay raises with our money. No, I don’t think these people are kooks or extremists. This movement is not going to go away until something is done.

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  1. Yes but what? What can be
    Yes but what? What can be done? We have a divistory Congress and an unpopular president..Most of teh protesters are average joes who can protest….I ceratinly can’t as I have a job and have avoided all the issues they speak of. These are the new adapters, the rest of us plod on. I am sorry to say that it will take a
    “Kent State” incident to kick this movement into another level. Ultimately it has to end up with revolution, doesn’t it? I mean think of all historical movements from the French forward…even the Arab Spring had it’s martyr.
    Sorry to say it but THAT will be the galvinizing moment…

  2. I think that its important to
    I think that its important to think of the demonstrations, as a first step in doing something. People at those demonstrations, are making important connections with each other, sharing information, supporting each others views and learning from each other. Many of those activities have been discouraged, by the existing political apparatus.

    The poltical apparatus, likes to isolate people, and leave them feeling unsupported. The same thing they have been doing to UFO researchers for decades, using psyops to prevent focus and create confusion.

    People are more effective when they have a support system, and others to share information with. Lets not rush things, give them a little time to grow and develop. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

    1. I agree with you, Gerald. It
      I agree with you, Gerald. It takes time to get people out of the hypnotic state they were put in little by little over so many years….

  3. Someone very wise once said
    Someone very wise once said “Wait until there are food shortages, then there will be riots.”

    “The ones to whom you pay your taxes will be dragged in the streets before this suffering is ended.” What suffering? “You will see the signs in fire. Your planet’s life has turned a turning in its path. There will be a great extinction here.”

  4. All three major cities in the
    All three major cities in the SF Bay Area have ongoing protest encampments still active. SF and Oakland local governments are being tolerant. I heard that 60 cities nationwide had such protests. I can’t tell if that is still true or not as the national media doesn’t seem to mention much about it beyond what is happening in Times Square.

  5. That’s because the mainstream
    That’s because the mainstream Media, which are nothing but catamites and whores for big business, is complicit with the Corporations who stand to loose a great deal of capital if Occupy Wallstreet gains more political clout. The LESS stories in the news concerning Occupy Wallstreet, the LESS likely Mr. Average Joe and Mrs. Sally Soccermom are willing to revolt and behead a few CEOs. What was it that Queen Antoinette once said: “Let them eat cake.”? When food supplies begin to run out, and the corporate CEOs with their Republican catamites and their Democratic whores hide in their little underground shelters, is when the real revolts start.

  6. I live in a small city in
    I live in a small city in Indiana. We have an active 3 week occupation in a central public park space. While some of the protesters in our occupation are of an anarchist bent, most are just concerned Americans that sense an incredible disconnect between the government/corporate interests and everyone else. We are not a represented people. Most of us live day to day hoping that one of our so-called representatives will recognize the difficulty we experience simply getting by and actually represent us to the government at large and protect us from those that are concerned only with their own wealth and entrenched power. Many of us support the Occupy movement and don’t even know it because most media outlets are barely covering it and are twisting the message when they do. This movement is for all of us that are being left behind. This is not going away. This is just the beginning.

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