I am getting lots of emails from rush to judgement types. Inevitably, they haven’t listened to the show and chose to believe instead the first thing they read about Jaime’s presentation, which was the business about the deblurred placard. They are blind to the subtleties and ambiguities that are inevitable with something like this. These nincompoops always assume that I’m unaware of things like the Deblur Program and the contents of the placard. It never occurs to them that somebody with 30 years at the cutting edge of research in this field might be well informed, and, in fact, far better informed than they are.

The worst are the passive UFO researchers, of whom there are far too many, who sit on their duffs and read what others say but do no original work of their own. Such people abound in the community, and are one of the reasons it is so weak, just in general. For example, they’re confidently asserting that the body in Jaime’s slides is or was at the museum in Mesa Verde. Linda actually WENT to the museum and looked at the mummies there. No resemblance, as she points out in the show to which they also did not listen.

There is also a psychological effect, which is related to the ghastly shaming frenzies that erupt all the time in social media: people are much more eager to rip others to shreds than to accept the value of their effort.

Jaime Maussan is like all of us in this field: he lives out on a limb. Of course he gets into trouble from time to time. We all do. But this time I think he has something, and what Linda has found makes it even more provocative.

Maybe we’ll all end up with egg on our faces, but if people don’t take chances in the field, there cannot be progress.

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  1. This is an example of the
    This is an example of the kind of fuzzy thinking that I am seeing:

    “Maybe we’ll all end up with egg on our faces, but if people don’t take
    chances in the field, there cannot be progress.”
    If you don’t think before you post, you’ll end up with even less

    What a foolish, ill-considered statement, and from somebody who showed great courage: it was posted anonymously as a news item.

    Unless people in this struggle are willing to take chances, there are never going to be any new findings. I’ve gotten egg on my face trying very publicly to make this enigma come into focus, and I’m as proud of those embarrassments as a soldier might be of his battle scars. They are mine!

    Another thing the dope patrol will instantly forget: what we are actually saying. We are not saying that these are alien bodies. We are saying that they are not human bodies. In the case of Linda’s picture, it obviously cannot be human. In the case of Jaime’s, many aspects suggest it is not human. What this does NOT mean is that we are saying they are aliens. As I have said throughout my involvement in this phenomenon, from the very beginning when I published Communion, I don’t know.

    Annoying, perhaps, to one-dimensional thinkers. But unless you can think in question and accept ambiguity, you have no business thinking about this enigma at all. Fortunately, an amazing number of people–far more than the dopes–are very damn good at it.

  2. You are so right! This
    You are so right! This particular ‘high strangeness’ case has us all coming and going! It’s like this gigantic maze with dead ends and unrelenting back-tracking to get to the ‘prize’ (truth) and make our way out of the maze.

    This puzzle is truly forcing some of us to think outside the box, which may be the reason behind it all in the first place, and the way that many of us are focusing are different aspects is interesting too. I find myself focusing on how was this body discovered? Was it a true archaeological find from the late 19th century? Was it considered a genuine mummy until the right (or wrong) person spotted it while touring the museum and had an Ah-ha! moment?

    This would make a cool roundtable discussion for Dreamland!

  3. Some people just can’t
    Some people just can’t understand that others might have a different opinion or a different point of view. I don’t know what this thing is and am willing to hear what others are saying without predudice.

    Whatever it is, in my opinion it really brings out the topic of UFOs to the mainstream… for good or … is there such thing as bad press.

    As Mr. Spock would say “interesting.”

  4. We people are a strange lot.
    We people are a strange lot. We forget at times that he have an unconscious mind that affects our judgement, until we find ourselves dreaming deeply in the middle of the night.

    I can’t help but think that passive researchers, are really talking out of their fears, and trying to create a safe space for themselves to protect themselves from their fears of the unknown, and from an awareness of whats behind their motivation.

  5. Things just seem to get more
    Things just seem to get more and more interesting don’t they? I love living in a time where mysteries are being worked out and even more mysteries spawned by what is discovered.

    As to what these beings are, another aspect that could be looked into is whether they are just one thing. Usually you think it’s either an alien, time traveler, or higher dimensional being. But what if it’s a combination? For instance if E.T.’s could time travel and they had an interest in our world they might want to get the whole picture of how things evolved here. Or how about our future selves as higher dimensional beings, and possibly from another planet as well if we colonize worlds in the future?

    But another question would lay in the nature of things like higher dimensions and time travel. What is their nature and how do they work? What is life and consciousness like with respect to them? We just don’t know.

    But that’s what’s so exciting! Maybe now is the time we’ll start learning these things. I’m glad there’s people like Whitley Streiber and Linda Moulton Howe seriously looking into these things. Thanks!

  6. You’re doing a great job
    You’re doing a great job Whitley. Kudos, and hang in there. Question: why has no one even brought up the question of who blurred out the placard in the first place, and why? If the photos were found in an old trunk, or wherever it was, at the time they were found they either would have already have had that sign blurred out, or not. And if it were already blurred out, for what reason, considering the history, and claims? Seems to me more likely the placard was blurred out after the discovery. And if so………….

  7. Listen to everyone…follow
    Listen to everyone…follow no one

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