This is pitiful. Talk about irresponsible, couldn’t he at least have read the signs and made some effort to get permission, or gone to another beach? He would have saved some perfectly decent people a lot of trouble and embarrassment. Or maybe he wanted the publicity…

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  1. This link is now PPV…I
    This link is now PPV…I tried to find another link to the story, but could not. Does anybody know of one?

  2. The url didn’t work for me,
    The url didn’t work for me, Matt. Would like to read this story, but alas… I was completely absorbed reading Greer’s disclosure book, but increasingly uncomfortable with the slick packaging of the costly “on-site training.” Greer purports to be “just a country doctor.” His motives confuse me. If he is truly in earnest that the world’s population needs to commune spiritually with visitors, then why not share the methods freely, and gratis? If he needs money for his efforts, then why not continue doctoring? After all, that work helps people, too.

  3. I’m still getting the article
    I’m still getting the article okay, try this link:
    I’ve never payed attention to Greer before, and after having looked up a few interviews featuring him on Youtube, I can see why: he’s quite into himself, and certainly has no problem with self-aggrandizement. He’s also not shy about charging $2,500+ for advanced training for people to become “Ambassadors to the Universe”, and I ran into one article that said he was charging $15,000 per head for corporate-level training.Oh yeah, and he contends that abductions are military-perpetrated hoaxes, designed to make people afraid of aliens.
    Don’t get any ideas, Whit. I hear snake oil stains are hard to get out. 😉

  4. Google news links:
    Google news links:
    Direct link to an Open Minds article:
    Basically, Greer has been charged “in connection with allegedly operating a commercial venture on a national wildlife refuge”, in regards to one of his “ambassador” training seminars at Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge. Apparently, a US Fish and Wildlife Service spokesperson also says that any non-wildlife activities on the Refuge wouldn’t be issued a permit to begin with, so even if he manages to convince the courts that it was a non-profit venture, there’d still be fines associated with that.
    Even if Greer is being earnest about the values he’s promoting, he’s certainly going about facilitating contact in the wrong way: He’s making it look like an exclusive club that needs special training to call in UFOs (special “CSETI CE-5 protocols”), whereas these methods have been available publicly for years (inducing group sightings and potential interaction with the craft). Whitley, on the other hand, has what seems to be similar meditation methods on offer on Unknown Country, for peanuts. At least, I think you can still buy a bag of peanuts for what the subscription here costs. 😉

  5. Thanks for the summary, Matt,
    Thanks for the summary, Matt, and for the links, too. 🙂

  6. That new Federal Law about
    That new Federal Law about shining lasers into plane cockpits was probably geared towards Dr. Greer as he shines his 250+range green laser into the sky at certain ‘stars’ which then come out of the Ether & dance around &/or take shape of what patterns he draws & interact with groups at times. The ships have to limit their time or they will be targeted by Fred Bell created Scalar Weapon seen on Space Shuttle Mission STS 48 within a minute by Satellite Shield, which almost killed him & his group. A retired former Pea Island Administrator joined latest excursion & supposedly got the permits to do so, but when Park Ranger came everybody was cited except her. Because every one of his trips result in a close encounter, the powers that be want them to stop & will use any means to stop & discredit him. BTW it’s ONLY $875 for 3 day beginners Ambassador Training & putting your life in jeopardy.

  7. i have always found greer to
    i have always found greer to be a bit dodgy. Only a fool would make such blanket statements about all aliens being good when he himself does not know and cannot know. It is impossible.

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