Anne and I are living at extremes just now. She has reached the two year mark with no tumor growth. To give you an idea of how extraordinary this is, google gliosarcoma. That’s the worst part of her tumor. The number of people who get this tumor and survive more than a few months is not large. Glioblastoma, which she also has, is bad enough. But she is still mentally competent and in the process of overcoming her stroke, inch by inch. My girl is no quitter. Despair is not in her vocabulary. What she does have is a great sense of humor.

That’s the good part. The bad part is just weird. Yesterday, I was getting out of the car when some unseen thing nicked my right hand just above the knuckle. It drew blood–not a lot. It was no big deal. When I got home I washed my hands and that was it–until this morning when I woke up with a badly infected hand. Now I’m under treatment, but what the hell happened? What did this? It wasn’t a sting, the doctor said, but an injury. Problem is, whatever injured me was damn well invisible.

Then, this afternoon, I went to set up Dreamland and my studio is fried. I have to get a new mixer. But why? What kind of energy could blow out an old fashioned analog mixer and not affect the computer right beside it. I haven’t touched the mixer since last week. So what the hell happened?

We are real broke and I recently got 20 grand from a book sale. Thank God. The next day, I get a demand from one of my publishers for 20 grand. Totally, completely fallacious and out of a clear blue sky. So I get my lawyer to take care of it, which he does in about 10 minutes. Then the next day, our healthcare agency calls up demanding 20 grand, which we also do not owe. That gets taken care of. But why did these things happen? It’s like these people were under some sort of crazy mind control, suddenly making demands for all the money I have in the world within a few hours of my getting it.

We are both real tired, but determined to keep our wits about us and keep forging on. At least I have a wife who sees the funny side of it all. That helps. Boy, do I love my woman!

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  1. But what you do have in
    But what you do have in family and what you have given this community is priceless….

  2. It’s a pattern I’ve noticed
    It’s a pattern I’ve noticed over the past few weeks: people complaining about interrupted sleep, trouble communicating, etc… Something’s up…

  3. Whitley, I often wonder why
    Whitley, I often wonder why some people that have sooo much to share/give with humanity are the very people that suffer so much in this earth life.

    One example, Nikola Tesla was a genius. He was truly out of his time.

    Is anyone else having trouble meditating lately? Having problems with electrical things or having electrical things go out altogether? Anything out of the ordinary? Only curious…..

    I am thinking Madd Matt might be right.

  4. Something might be up, but it
    Something might be up, but it will pass. Whitley has given us the priceless gift of converging outside “the matrix” and his reward is priceless- he will have nothing to worry about except an excess of joy and peace! . long live Whitley and Anne! NOW!

  5. I’ll be praying for you!
    I’ll be praying for you!

  6. It’s now Saturday the 18th of
    It’s now Saturday the 18th of July. Things are better. The infection in my hand is resolving, and no apparent after-effects. My audio studio is working better than ever, thanks to a nice new mixer. What actually happened, though, was not due to the mixer. The sound card in the Mac had ceased to function. All the settings were normal, so that didn’t look like the problem. When I got the new mixer installed, though, I still had no ability to record anything. Experimentally, I toggled the Apple’s sound up and down and presto, everything was working again. So far, I have been unable to determine why the sound system in the Mac would just stop even though its settings were unchanged. A glitch, perhaps, or the result of some kind of hacking, I just don’t know.

    Thanks for all the good thoughts and prayers! We love you guys and are so grateful for our subscribers!

    1. Hi Whitley, Are you doing
      Hi Whitley, Are you doing ok? Art was asking for you as was his producers Heather Wade and Dr. J Andy Ilias. Dr. J was actually wondering if you would like to be a guest on his show Dr. J Radio Live.

  7. Good to hear things are
    Good to hear things are resolving. Why does all the weird stuff happen to you?

  8. Well Whitley, if I win the
    Well Whitley, if I win the lottery, you will be one of the first on my list to help to support your work. I almost said “ministry” which is sort of what it is.

  9. We all go through cycles of
    We all go through cycles of good and bad luck. When it’s good, it is often taken for granted.When it’s bad it seems incredibly bad. My feeling is that dark forces are chipping away at many of us right now, but we must stay the course. Keep the faith and the power of love in focus, ,because the end-game for the dark forces is to make faith and love disappear completely for this world. Whitley and Anne are ahead of the game, despite it all. We should be too. Find something beautiful in your life each day, even if it is only a dandelion forcing its way up through a crack in the sidewalk.

    Peace and love to Anne and Whitley!

  10. July 19, 2015: Whitley, on
    July 19, 2015: Whitley, on the problem you are having with the sound system in your Mac computer: The software driver files for hardware occasionally fail or get corrupted, sometimes for no obvious reason. See if downloading new driver(s) for your sound system makes a difference. It just might do the trick. Otherwise, take it to the “Genius Bar” at the Apple store … that’s what they’re there for.

  11. Unfortunately, it seems true
    Unfortunately, it seems true that the brightest of lights are prime targets of the dark. Peace and tenacity to you, Whitley and Anne.

  12. We must not fail to
    We must not fail to acknowledge that the US government /military are saturating the atmosphere with nano-particulates of heavy metals such as aluminum, barium and strontium. As in GEOENGINEERING, folks. That this website and those who post here seem to so seldom even mention this colossal fact is beyond my comprehension. This is NOT A TABOO TOPIC!!! These aerosolized particulates are being absorbed into the tissues, organs and brains of every single one of us on a daily basis. Symptoms such as inexplicable muscle and joint pain, heart arrhythmias, sleep difficulties and sinus problems are just a few of the effects of this exposure. We can only imagine what the longer term effects may prove to be. But it won’t be pretty. Add to this the widespread use of HAARP arrays, ELF, and other forms of radiation, not to mention hello? FUKUSHIMA RADIATION, and we quickly see that we are all living in a soup of unimaginable complexity and toxicity. May our souls remain pure and unaffected in the greater REALITY.

  13. Except for your hand (which
    Except for your hand (which really sounds like a stray bullet) it sounds like someone got hold of your personal info and is having fun at your expense.
    Are you going to be on Art’s new show? I hope so and I asked for your appearance on his facebook page. I hope things pick up for you soon.

  14. Thanks for your updates
    Thanks for your updates Whitley…It is AWESOME you and Anne are hanging in there….I havent watched much on SYFY channel since they changed their name from SCIFI and got even sillier and stupider….SHARKNADO anyone? I hope not…
    As for us….we cant wait for whitleys Alien Hunter Books to become a tv series…heres hoping the network funds it well enough to be good and that the writers, producers directors and cast are exceptional!!!

    the last GOOD show SYFY made was Sanctuary….Keep our fingers and toes and everything else crossed!

    Do you have any updates on Starfire Tor and her conditions? Ive made a couple of contributions so far and told her I will keep sending what I can….she seems very nice and I wouldnt even know about her if not for Whitley and Anne and their encounters with her…Will keep praying for her and You guys! Luv ya All

  15. I would love to see a whole
    I would love to see a whole article updatew on Starfire Tor and interview and recap of her fantastic experiences!

  16. Whitley and Anne,
    I had a

    Whitley and Anne,
    I had a stroke about the same time as Anne. I’m a cancer survivor and a survivor of many near miss auto accidents and follow Starfire’s page too. I pray for you daily and love to you both. There is a God and He saved me from Satan and near death many times. Peace be with you in your most difficult journey.

  17. Hi Whitley,

    Hi Whitley,

    When you are feeling better would you be interested in being a guest on Dr. J Radio Live? Dr. J Andy Ilias would be honored to have you on his show sir on Tuesday and Thursday nights on the Dark Matter Digital Network sometime in late September/early October. Dr J Radio Live is right on before Art Bell’s Midnight in the Desert. Dr. J is the associate producer for Art Bell. My email is Have a blessed night.

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