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  1. arrgh…a lot of UC links are
    arrgh…a lot of UC links are not being posted correctly.

  2. I have been detoxing from
    I have been detoxing from fluoride for about a week now and already I have had some very good results. I am doing it for metaphysical reasons, and using boron chelate supplements to do so. I can tell it’s working because my meditations have become more vivid, I remember my dreams every night, and I feel more upbeat. Fluoride calcifies the pineal gland which as we know is important for spiritual and physical health reasons, so I highly recommend boron to detox from it. I have been taking between 6 and 9 mg a day and it seems to be sufficient. It also neutralises any fluoride (in food etc it’s everywhere) that I may take which is good too. Good luck all.

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