I go through periods when I’m having experiences, and this is one of them. Last Tuesday night I was meditating and suddenly shot out of my body, up through the ceiling and into the sky. I was really racing, going higher and higher, and fast. It was wonderfully energetic, delicious and marvelous. I was literally racing out into the stars when a wise, gentle presence came close to me and told me to go home. I recognized this being immediately: it was my dad. The last time I made a clean break with my body like that was in late 1986, and at that time I tried to get back in but couldn’t–not until my dad came and helped me. Same deal this time. The difference? Last time I wanted to. This time, I could have just kept going. I have a destination out there somewhere, and one day, I will go. But first I’ve still got things to do here and more life to live with my wife and family. So dad’s right. Here I am, back again.

The second thing happened last Thursday night when our virtual meditation group meets. I was sitting in a chair dozing, trying to get up the energy to do the meditation. The next thing I knew, a book literally shot out of the bookcase across the room and landed at my feet. And, believe me, I woke right up, got into my meditation posture and started meditating!

This morning at about 5:30, the third thing happened. I sleep under a window, and as I woke up I saw a vast flotilla of dots of light moving northward in a graceful formation, all at exactly the same speed. I thought I was dreaming, but it quickly became apparent that this was not the case. In that moment, I sensed that they were souls on a journey of great holiness and mystery, perhaps the dead of the night going home.

I got up and felt the sweet of predawn around me, and sat for a time by myself with the beauty of what I had seen. I don’t think that moment will ever leave me.


  1. Glad you were led back home
    Glad you were led back home Whitley. I am sure you don’t want to miss the Grand Finale that surely is just around the corner. I am familiar from my own experiences of that exhilarating feeling of freedom that comes with out-of-body travel. Here’s what happened during my last major OOBE years ago.

    I heard the rushing sounds and tingling that accompanied the physical separation and I remember thinking “Great, now’s my chance to escape!” I don’t know why but suddenly I couldn’t resist the urge to get as far away as fast as I could and never come back!

    Well, to this day I feel I must have broken some rule and immediately I felt a LOT of hands grappling with me. Needless to say I didn’t get far .I was brought back and pushed down into my body and held there. I remember waking up to the distinct sensation of a hand pressing hard onto the back of my neck, just holding me down.

    This was the last of my OOBEs years ago but I still have short ones from time to time.

  2. What was the book that got
    What was the book that got thrown at you? We gotta ask.
    I guess its not wise to be drowsy at all in meditation!

  3. Great! I love this. Once I
    Great! I love this. Once I was surrounded by thousands of tiny sparks of light that were all conscious. I felt so much love and I loved them too. I giggled and giggled because I ‘knew’ they were all my children! – A home security camera caught many orbs and one came right up to the camera and danced! I watched it, it was very cool.Someone who was unaccustomed to these things is now wondering, however I didn’t say much to them because each person needs their own time to awaken.

  4. I have seen a white orb
    I have seen a white orb before. A single one, pale and moving slowing, floating in the sky in my neighborhood when I was driving back home one summer night. I only saw it for a few seconds when it faded away…

  5. Wonderful … thanks for
    Wonderful … thanks for sharing!

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