Ed Walters took some of the most remarkable UFO video ever made, and did it back before CGI effects were really possible. The videos are authentic, so much so that he was frantically debunked. The head of MUFON even sent a retired CIA executive to run the Gulf Breeze MUFON. He promptly told the Pensacola paper that the whole MUFON board had decided that the Walters videos were faked. This was not true, but the story was instantly picked up by the big media and spread around the world. As a result, the Gulf Breeze MUFON broke from the national organization, but it was too late for Ed Walters.


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  1. Its High time a new
    Its High time a new documentary was made on the Gulf Breeze sightings.
    Whatever happened to Ed Walters?

  2. The TheIronSkeptic take on Ed
    The TheIronSkeptic take on Ed Walters is absolute rubbish, IMO. “Revealed to be a hoax,” really should read “falsely debunked.”

  3. There is a lot of research
    There is a lot of research and hairs to split on this case. I for one find Dr. Macabee very credible. I have found him that way since he was professional optical consultant for the 90’s series “Sightings”. I doubt he had little if any financial gain on simply reporting his results in favor of Walter’s photos and videos being genuine.

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