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  1. Your statement Whitley, makes
    Your statement Whitley, makes me think of the Master of the Key, and how many great breathings of the universe were required to bring life, as a technology, to its current state of sophistication.

  2. There is nothing very magic
    There is nothing very magic about physical life except for perhaps the utter incomprehensibility of its sophistication and efficicacy. What seems most magic is what science is still missing, novel use of non-locality in its design. Regardless, the biomass entire is but a small thing compared to the fundamenal wonder of the multi-verse, consciousness.

  3. So true…We ARE intelligent
    So true…We ARE intelligent machines with our own built-in programming code known a genetics. That code has been tweaked over a vast period of time. So, who is doing the programming? Take yourself outside of the box every now and then, and you will be surprised that you are part of the creation of the programming of reality.

    Very cool, if you can wrap your mind around it, but also it is best to feel it through your heart. The knowing is right there.

  4. Such a true statement….
    Such a true statement…. while I love technology (indeed I have spend my career working on computers), I fear that technology has caused us to almost lose what being HUMAN is all about. If you study history and anthropology, you will see that at our heart, all humans are happiest in clans and villages helping and looking out for each other. We have totally lost that due to many factors, but mainly due to technology. Without technology and its new transportation methods, you could not have national and global supply chains that forced people to move all of the time for job promotions. Because of this, families are spread all over and honestly our extended families (aunts, uncles, cousins) are gone. While technology has cured many diseases and helped us walk on the Moon, I just feel like we lost something along the way.

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