The analysis of Clinton’s recent interview on UFOs with Jimmy Kimmel discussed in this story seems quite accurate to me. The author points out quite a few reasons to think that Clinton found the interview stressful. I thought when I was watching it that he was uncomfortable. I had the sense that he was lying, very frankly, and Ben Hansen, host of the show Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files offers a number of convincing reasons to suggest that he was, at the least, very stressed and perhaps even trying to telegraph–perhaps unconsciously–a truth very different from the words that were coming out of his mouth.

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  1. Clinton gave out the facial
    Clinton gave out the facial equivalent of: ”I did not have sexual relations with that woman.” Tar baby anyone?

    1. Tar baby indeed. I had a
      Tar baby indeed. I had a revelation lately regarding that particular tar baby and Whitley’s meeting years ago with that Nordic/Blond in Colorado, namely that the Nordic and Clinton were saying the exact same thing regarding the Visitors, though in different idioms, in Clinton’s case using the language of the Br’er Rabbit stories. For how does Br’er Rabbit get entrapped in the Tar Baby? By punching it and kicking it after thinking it was being rude to him by not returning his salutation. And what did the Colorado Nordic say to Whitley? That if you go to war with the Grays, such a war will never end; you will be fighting them forever. What Clinton and the Nordic were both saying is that if you engage with the Visitors with violence and aggression, you can never disengage from them. For Clinton’s words (albeit using a Southern folklore reference) to agree so closely with that Nordic, Clinton would have to know far more than he is letting on.

  2. Clinton knows something a bit
    Clinton knows something a bit disturbing. Something to the effect that under the right circumstances our collective fear can manifest into our reality. Example: Roswell UFO. The best of the best at the 509th Atomic bomber unit. Their worst nightmare would be a advanced civilization coming to challenge them with their newest weapon. Recall that Arnold reported his sighting in Washington State just weeks before. And some of the men at the 509th heard of Foo fighters during WWII, add the Arnold sighting and you can imagine they might have had some nightmares about fighting someone with a higher degree of technology. There was also plenty of movies, books, and short stories dealing with advanced aliens. This fits with C. Jung thinking. I believe J. Vallee did not think it was a literal UFO crash, but something more complex that changes the status quo with humanity.

  3. Yes, Dr. Vallee has seemed to
    Yes, Dr. Vallee has seemed to be more interested in the effects of UFOs on human society, rather than what is actually claimed to have happened at the time.

  4. TenaciousD,
    I agree.
    We are


    I agree.

    We are shaping our reality, and not the other way around. I’ve been studying UFOs since I was 12 years old—without revealing too much, suffice to say I have been on this path for a considerable amount of time, and I also have my own share of high strangeness in my life, and not just UFOs. Of all of the major researchers in the field of UFOs, I feel that Vallee’s ideas may be the closest to the truth about the various phenomena associated with this mystery.

    For people that live in the tight little bubble of the mundane world of distractions, emotional drama, and The Next Big Thing, the day that bubble bursts may drive them out of their minds. For seekers, it ain’t easy either, but they have allowed themselves to acclimate over time to the idea that there is something much more, and that they have a part in creating reality and affecting their own evolution as a species. That’s a pretty powerful notion and not for the weak of heart.

    Did I mention that it ain’t easy? 🙂

  5. Brilliant adumbration,
    Brilliant adumbration, BrotherMark, and gracefully put.

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