Probably just me, but I have a sense of some sort of new connection happening to us. If we come to know for certain that there is life out there, it’s going to change us in very deep ways. I have no particular reason to think that this is about to happen, but my emotions seem suddenly primed for it. Why, I don’t know.

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  1. still Whitley, you do seem to
    still Whitley, you do seem to have some ability to sense things in advance. I was thinking about this the other day when listening to the John Hogue dreamland. Two of the greatest vsionaries of the present times. And of course no one in the corporate media ays any attention, at least not in public.

  2. Something is definitely up,
    Something is definitely up, but not sure if it is related to alien life or…something else. I had one day this week that I can only describe as an altered state of consciousness. Later in the evening, I had a mild migraine and went upstairs and put a cold compress on my head as I lay on my bed in the dark. I dozed off, only to be awakened by a female voice in my room. She had a lot of volume, and simply stated one word: “Hello!”

    Later I went downstairs and asked my boyfriend if he heard anything like what I heard. He said that he did not hear a voice saying hello, but he heard what he could only describe as some sort of scream coming from the backyard. It lasted briefly, and when he checked, saw nothing in the yard.

    Quite strange…

  3. I saw that Fox article, too,
    I saw that Fox article, too, about half an hour after I posted my comment. I think that the article was circulating by then and a lot of people were reading it, and perhaps I sort of picked up on that somehow. It is going to change the way we view the world profoundly, I suspect.

  4. A few nights ago I had a very
    A few nights ago I had a very cool dream: I was looking at myself in the mirror and I was distinctly a human/alien hybrid! I kinda sorta looked like myself, but had a sort of ivory colored and very smooth skin, much flatter nose and smaller mouth, and much larger, more almond shaped eyes, with large iris/pupils visible and the whites were more of a grayish color. I have to say, odd as it might sound, it was quite beautiful and I was very happy seeing myself like that. Don’t recall anything that happened before that, and I think I woke up shortly after. Interestingly, I very rarely dream about the visitors, and pretty much NEVER can see them in my dreams.

    I mention this all here because I’m wondering if any of the other UC folks have experienced something similar, and it also seems relevant to Whitley’s blog above with the sense that something’s changing. It also made me think of the dream that Whitley once recounted, where he found himself in the future talking to a deceased friend, who was excitedly telling him that they had moved some segment of humanity through some kind of rough time, and into the future using bodies they created for us (forgive me if I’m not remembering the story correctly.)

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