Everybody who posted links to the fake "Osama Death" video on my FaceBook page has been unfriended, because they were willing to post a link that contained a virus without thinking. Anyone with even a little web savvy could have seen that something was fishy with that link. It openly warned warned that it would automatically post to all of your FaceBook friends if you clicked on it. Now, here’s the skinny on the photo. A fake, of course: http://www.cnn.com/2011/WORLD/asiapcf/05/03/bin.laden.fake.photo/index.html?hpt=T1

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  1. The vast majority of people
    The vast majority of people using the internet have no clue…Of course, we are all advised to only open emails from “trusted” sources (i.e. friends, family, co-workers). We are also warned about websites. Unfortunately the word “trust” takes on a whole new meaning in regards to emails, Facebook, etc.

    I work for a local health department, and we rely heavily on email and the internet to get our work done. I decided several years ago not to send any personal emails at work, nor do I give out my work email to friends and family . There has been a rash of spam at our offices, but, guess what? I have yet to receive spam at work. Administration told me that I must be the only person who has missed out on this nuisance in the workplace. I am not anti-social, but when I am at work, I feel obligated to protect our work resources. I would hate for things to be shut down in the event of a public health crisis due to opening a link or email from a well-intentioned co-worker sending me the “joke of the day.”

    P.S. I am especially wary of co-workers who feel they MUST send me photos of their kids, grandkids, and pets.

  2. And when the Osama dust
    And when the Osama dust settles all they will have to talk about will be our bankrupt government, unwinnable wars, unemployment, floods, and crop failures. How boring.

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