This video is really very scary. I have no evidence that Michael Hastings was assassinated. But because of the fact that the government has claimed the extra-judicial right to kill American citizens on US soil without trial, we simply cannot know if this man was the target of something like the type of car hacking that this DARPA executive is describing.

Michael Hastings’ car shot down Highland Boulevard in Los Angeles, slammed into a tree and exploded. Hastings’ body was burned so badly that as yet there has been no definite identification that he was even the driver, let alone what condition he was in when he was killed.

He had told friends that he was being investigated by the FBI and that he was frightened. He also said that he was about to make further revelations about the National Security Agency that would be explosive. It is conceivable that this could have made him a "legal" target in the eyes of a government that has assumed the power to kill its own citizens without trial.

There was quite a controversy on this story about Hastings when it was published on Unknowncountry, with some posters hotly maintaining that the Obama Administration has never claimed such a power. This is incorrect. The only thing that Attorney General Holder has said is that the government would not kill American citizens on US soil with drones. He has very specifically avoided saying that it did not have the power to assassinate citizens in other ways without trial.

Nobody wants to believe the the US government might have gone into the business of killing citizens extra-judicially, but their continued refusal to say that they do not claim this power is, frankly, terrifying.

The administration needs to make an unequivocal statement: we do not believe that we have the power to assassinate American citizens on American soil without trial. So far, it has not done that.

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  1. The Roman Emperors had almost
    The Roman Emperors had almost absolute authority to kill anyone they wished. The people who OWN our government are no different.

  2. …And just today in the
    …And just today in the news, it turns out that the U.S. Postal Service is also heavily into the spy game on behalf of the government.

    Where I work, all employees in the county are being basically bullied into a private enterprise called ‘The Prevention Plan’ by U.S. Preventive Medicine. In return for ‘discounts’ on employees’ insurance, you allow this private corporation access to your personal health data via health screenings. They weigh you, measure you, take your blood pressure—and your blood. In other words, they have lots of personal health information about you, and supposedly our employer and insurance company will not be privy to it. I have researched The Prevention Plan extensively and discovered that they kind of came out of nowhere in the last 4 years or so. The Prevention Plan also offers ‘coaching’ to improve your health, and a dandy little app called ‘Macaw’ that is supposed to help you as well, but it really is is another system that tracks where you go and what you do. Ain’t that convenient? U.S. Preventive Medicine also:

    1. Signed an agreement with dCode Genetics
    2. Their business investment team includes Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, and Merrill Lynch

    How much more evil can it get?

    Last year our county allowed employees to at least opt out of The Prevention Plan and get a discount if they got the continine urine test (test for tobacco use only). This year if you want a discount for being a non-smoker, you are only allowed the testing through The Prevention Plan. They won’t even allow testing from one’s own physician—only testing by The Prevention Plan to get discounts on our health insurance.

    I am not a smoker or a drinker. I exercise regularly, eat well, and have never been overweight, nor have I ever had to file a claim on my health insurance in the 6 1/2 years that I have worked for the county, except for well-checks (And I am no spring chicken either).

    …And yet I have been paying and will continue paying much higher premiums on my health coverage than just about anyone working for the county, including those that are morbidly obese, diabetic, and the closet smokers. Why? Because as far as I know, I am the only employee that refuses to give my personal health information over to anyone other than my actual health care provider.

    I don’t think that U.S. Preventive Medicine chose their moniker on a whim, and it does give the impression that it is vaguely tied to federal government (Not unlike the U.S. Postal Service or The Federal Reserve).

    It’s the 4th of July. Independence Day. I don’t think that the special group of enlightened thinkers that drafted the Declaration of Independence or the U.S. Constitution had any of this in mind, whether it be hijacked car computer systems, the NSA, USPS, or my personal medical history.

    As I took my walk this morning, small U.S flags decorated the side of the street all the way to our neighborhood park where a 4th of July celebration and festivities were getting under way. Seeing all those flags affected me in a way that almost left me feeling hollow inside. This has never happened to me in the past. Perhaps the words that came into my head for a few fleeting moments expressed it the best: “We did not die for this!”

  3. Hey Whit, how goes it? I’ve
    Hey Whit, how goes it? I’ve read almost all of your non-fiction and it has really opened my eyes. I’m very sorry for the trials you have had to go through and I pray for you and yours. I have a question if you don’t mind, there was a place in southeast Asia you have written about. This place was very strange, if a person was to wear colored garments when they went into the jungle, they would vanish and not come back for days, if at all. If you could, can you tell that location? Or, if not just tell me which book it is in and I will find myself. Thank you sir for all that you’ve done and continue to do. Many blessings to you and yours sir. regards, Chris Parsons

  4. Even if the US government did
    Even if the US government did publicly admit that it has no right to kill its citizens without due process, would you believe them? People have been assassinated by their government before, and probably will be again. And if the government doesn’t murder them, the military will. The only credible reassurance will be the cessation of the industrial-military complex and a total purge of government….very difficult to achieve. The best we can do now, in my opinion, is to be very wary of officialdom, and courageously (if we can muster that kind of courage) make whatever truth we know very public to expose some of the dark forces at work in the US and its cronies in other governments, including mine here in Australia. The veils WILL fall, but not without casualties.

  5. I searched for Unknowncountry
    I searched for Unknowncountry posts on Michael Hastings after recently listening to a “Coast” interview with him. I think that Whitley’s observation is spot-on. Shortly before Hastings died, he had suspicions that he was being targeted, and he believed–ominously–that his car had been tampered with. What’s less clear was who did the targeting, and why. My gut hunch is that it wasn’t the CIA or any other alphabet agency, but something more sinister. This story dropped from the public radar very quickly, and almost everyone has forgotten about it. It might be worth discovering what Hastings might have known.

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