These are poems from the life and love that Anne and I shared together. I very, very rarely read my poems and have never published them, but I want to read them now.

As the file is only 10 minutes long, there is no low-bandwidth version.


  1. Whtley, so honest, touching.
    Whtley, so honest, touching. It feel you have opened your deepest, hidden heart to us. It is an honor to have heard you read these.

  2. Wow Whitley, so beautiful, so
    Wow Whitley, so beautiful, so touching, so intimate. An excellent tribute to Anne and your connection to each other

  3. Thinking back over all the
    Thinking back over all the years as you were reading your poems, and feeling the love you have for Anne, I was on the verge of tears. I intimately feel your loss, as anyone in a decades long love affair with a special person would. May your relationship continue until you meet again…

  4. Whitley I just wanted to say
    Whitley I just wanted to say how very very sorry I am for your physical loss of Anne. I know how difficult it is and the mourning that came with my own loss of my husband of 44 years on Feb 28 this year. I don’t know if I can read your poems as my grief is still so great. But I will try. I loved listening to Anne and reading her information. Bless you. Francie

  5. Beautiful, beautiful,
    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful… Thank you for sharing these.

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