There are three possible answers to the question of what happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. The first is that, either due to criminal activity or some sort of catastrophe, it has crashed into the Indian Ocean. The second is that it is in the hands of terrorists. The third is that an anomalous event has taken place–that would be the single most extraordinary such event ever known.

Whitley Strieber examines the evidence for all three of these possibilities. He does this in an objective and straightforward manner, without advocating a belief in any answer to the question, but also not ignoring the possibilities that the media would prefer to ignore, which are that the plane is in the hands of terrorists or that it has become the victim of the most terrible high strangeness event ever known.

You will not hear this subject discussed with this level of objectivity and attention to detail, let alone objectivity, anywhere else in the world.


  1. Whitley, I feel this event
    Whitley, I feel this event was something extraordinary that may have started out with the plane somehow being controlled remotely, and then some surprising strangeness occurred. It could be at the bottom of the Indian Ocean NOW, but for a while the plane and its passengers and crew may have been somewhere (or nowhere) else.

    Please keep talking about this.

  2. Something is very wrong with
    Something is very wrong with every picture so far presented, and I think you may well be correct. Could the plane have been taken over remotely? We know that this can be done to cars. I posted this in Whitley’s Space last year: Be sure and click on the video at the top of the page. If DARPA can take over a car remotely, and in that video they are bragging that they can, somebody could do it to a plane. But why are the ATC recordings and even the ground security tapes being withheld? Is it because something anomalous was seen and/or reported? But I think you’re right: finding the remains of the plane will end the worry that it might still be out there, but it won’t solve the mystery by any means.(BTW, I used TinyURL for convenience. It doesn’t track you if you click on it, unlike some URL compressors.)

  3. Any remote viewers out there?
    Any remote viewers out there? We could really use your insights at this time. Question, where there any high ranking Communist political persons on board? Perhaps I have seen too many spy movies, but I really believe there was something that could not reached China mainland at all cost and this was their last opportunity to take out the target.

    1. I suspect something along the
      I suspect something along the lines of what TenaciousD said in an earlier post about this plane being destroyed in a sudden decision to prevent it from reaching its destination. Something(s) or someone(s) that were not to be allowed to reach their destination, so the plane had to be destroyed in haste, and all this is buying time to concoct a cover story so as not to point anyone in the true direction. Who knows – perhaps they will drop a dummy plane in the ocean sometime soon and say they found it or whatever else they may come up with. If this theory is the case, then surely they have learned from the flight 800 scenario and will create something more believable this time.

  4. Several of my posts on
    Several of my posts on various stories about the flight document my thoughts about remote control of the plane. I remember watching the DARPA material last year.

    And just an aside here, I had some very odd things happen to me back in February involving JAL Flight 123 from back in 1985, and those synchronicities tie into this event as well as Fukushima. Since February 14th I have been trying to put all the pieces together, and the good news is that I documented what happened and others knew about it too. When the Malaysian event occurred, I knew why I had a sense of urgency about the synchronities from February. I still feel that way.

    Regarding remote viewing: I am pretty sure that’s what I was doing on the morning of March 8th when I attempted to contact the people on the plane. My assumption at that time was that they were all dead. I was surprised to find that they were somewhere else. I have mentioned this in several threads, but what I saw was everyone on that plane trapped in a gray room and pounding on the walls attempting to get out. They were frightened beyond all reason, and they did not act they way that the dead react to me. To be clear, in that vision they were not dead people who did not realize they were dead…It was something else. It was like I was on the outside looking in, but they had no awareness of me at all. I also felt strongly from the beginning that the pilots were innocent of wrong-doing.

  5. There is a forth option that
    There is a forth option that may bear consideration. Could there have been an intervention by the visitors to stop another 9 11 type event from happening? We seem to be teetering on the edge of a cliff with the potential for a third world war becoming a very real possibility. One false flag is all it would take to tip us over the edge. Could there have been a decision to stop this from taking place?

  6. Whitley, have you ever shared
    Whitley, have you ever shared the information regarding Von Neumann’s concerns with one of the “disclosure now” advocates? I wonder what their response would be, or would they choose to ignore it?

    Is a larger discussion possible? I’d be very interested to hear it.

  7. I stated this on the website
    I stated this on the website elsewhere, that I only know what I know of this via CNN(and on line news sources). But we do know that, sadly, planes do rarely crash. They usually crash because of either human error or mechanical malfunction, and it still seems to me that it will ultimately be one of those two that caused this crash. As far as the secrecy involved in the recordings, we have an entity(Malaysian authorities) who have little experience dealing with such crashes, we have nations that are inherently suspicious of each other in the region, and a history in the past 15 years of devastating terror attacks, some of which involve hijacked planes. So, the turmoil is entirely understandable. My inclination is still that of either pilot error and/or mechanical malfunction. Those other theories may eventually be shown to be correct, but I doubt it. Nevertheless, CNN is going to be covering the “remotely piloted” theory later on tonight, so it’s not way out there at all. As far as a Vistor affected event, once a person has seen the impossible, experienced the untrue, then I can understand how it is not so impossible.


  8. We still have no clear
    We still have no clear evidence of a crash, but we have ‘debris’ from an unknown source that no one can get their hands on despite the technology currently available to us. All we really know for sure is that:

    1. Radio contact was lost
    2. The plane’s transponder was disabled in some way
    3. The plane disappeared off of the radar

    Anything after those occurrences could be subject to ‘spin’, and I think that we have seen plenty of that! I do understand the ‘spin’ and the authorities vainly attempting to get to the bottom of the mystery and bring closure to so many people in pain. This is a tragedy of the highest order, because of so many lives being affected, and a mystery that MUST be solved, but only if it is the real truth. I do feel that this is some sort of cosmic, wake-up alarm. Will we hit the snooze button and go back to sleep, or get up and get moving and seize the day?

  9. I don’t think the theory that
    I don’t think the theory that it could be part of an effort to open a dimensional door makes any sense whatsoever. Obviously, what seem to hold up as legitimate UFOs are spotted all the time, and I’ve even seen one myself moving slowly in the environs of NYC (with seven white perimeter lights in a sort of shield configuration). So why not just make a more public exhibition of it, like at a stadium, if you want to get people to believe en masse? Stealing a jet liner seems ridiculously convoluted if that’s the objective, but it makes for a good chiller-thriller, something I respectfully think Whitley finds irresistible.

    For various reasons, I also think the remote control theory is without much merit, although if a conspirator had access to the plane beforehand and was part of an extraordinarily sophisticated group, it might be technically possible but to no logical ends.

    The terrorism theory is still one very much worth taking seriously. Until we know for sure this jet didn’t land somewhere and really ended in the ocean, we should be on high alert.

    But based on the reported evidence so far, I do think we’ll eventually find it somewhere in the Indian ocean. My first speculation on UC was that this plane was deliberately meant to disappear permanently, and that would place pilot suicide at the top of the theory list for me. It does seem like the plane was flown under control for several hours to be crashed into the most remote part of the world that could be reached, where there was almost no chance of being observed falling from the sky, with underwater canyons as deep as 4 miles that can hide a pinger signal, generally bad weather, wicked currents, and far from land. But until we have the evidence, we can’t assume anything. Given the location, we may never have enough to figure out “why”, only that it happened.

  10. Wish I could remember where I
    Wish I could remember where I read this but it is plausible. The info about the pilot’s wife and kids moving out the day before the flight. The pilot commtted suicide with the plane and passengers because he was having an affair and his wife left him.

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  13. Due to synchronicities
    Due to synchronicities surrounding Flight 370 that began for me on February 14th, I feel that Time is involved. Why do I think this? After my strange experiences during the afternoon and early evening of that day (involving the crash of JAL Flight in 1985), I sat down and listened to Whitley’s interview with Starfire Tor. In that interview, she specifically mentioned her childhood, her relationship with Clayton Moore, and oddly enough, her connection to airplanes. I just about fell out of my chair that evening when I heard her mention airplanes! I also wrote to Starfire to let her know about the things that I experienced just before listening to the interview, however I never had a response from her. Fast forward to March 8th and the highly strange circumstances of Flight 370 less than a month later. All of these things are somehow connected, but how and why?

  14. The Southern Ocean is
    The Southern Ocean is enormous, the wreckage floating in high winds in an area larger than Ireland, and the black box unlikely to be found – but one thing i do know is that whenever there is an accident in the air with no immediate cause identified, the pilots are immediately and quite safely blamed. Who can contradict this? It takes the heat off the airlines, the maker. the country etc etc. And that is happening here, once again. I am curious that some weeks ago i heard an expert on Australian television mention that several airplanes of the same type had been grounded not a long time prior to this accident (?) due to splits appearing in their outer shell. I don’t hear much about that now – just how the pilot must have used this as a way to commit suicide. Circumstantial evidence at best.
    These men are highly trained professionals and i also believe, deeply responsible human beings, and i find that one of them taking 238 others out with them just because his wife walked out is a bit hard to come at. After all, to be really successful all they have to do is put a pipe from their exhaust into their car – suicide is pretty simple stuff for someone so technically gifted. Why on earth would they destroy so many lives along with their own ? Just doesn’t add up to me. It would go against all of their instincts. Almost easier to believe a UFO shot them down or any wild scenario….but i truly believe that sadly we will never know now.

  15. John Hogue sees it in the
    John Hogue sees it in the jungle. I have a psychic friend who also sees it there.

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  17. This interview with Sarah
    This interview with Sarah Bajc—Dovetails with what I saw and have sensed since the beginning, about seeing crew and passengers being trapped. Maybe a military experiment gone wrong? What is being hidden, besides the people on the plane?

  18. Here’s how I would’ve
    Here’s how I would’ve snatched the plane:

    1: Seize control of the flight controls via remote control (a standard facility on Boeings since 911 (Lufthansa disabled this facility)).

    2: Fly the aircraft to 45,000ft, killing everyone or at least incapacitating them.

    3: Fly, below radar, to Diego Garcia and offload the passengers and begin interrogating the patent holders (asking in particular what were the Chinese buying).

    4: ‘Deal with the majority of passengers’ then begin planting ‘crash evidence’ somewhere miles from anywhere.

    5: Release a narrative of ‘the crash’.

    This whole thing stinks.

    I feel so sorry for everyone concerned, on both sides. What depths some are sinking to. Spying on everyone is a classic sign of a desperate, dying creature.

  19. I watched an interview with
    I watched an interview with Richard Dolan tonight on Gaiam TV. He believes it is no coincidence that there were 20 experts in “E.W.”, or electronic warfare who were on that ill-fated flight. Dolan thinks that it’s possible that electronic message scrambling and even cloaking technology were on this flight.
    I haven’t heard any more details about the citizenship of those 20 experts involved in EW.

    Well, how sickening this is. I felt really shocked to discover this information.

    Personally, it’s my opinion that if more people could begin understanding how much more powerful our collective thoughts combined with heart intelligence & communication with Ancestors is, than our dysfunctional obsession with the abuses of mechanical technologies, we’d be gathering together to focus a greater power that has the ability to turn things around. It’s called “indigenous technology”; recognizing and using the inherent design encoded into all of creation, called the Intelligence of Heart. It’s Communication at its absolute Best.

  20. Edited out, because it was
    Edited out, because it was duplicated.

  21. I found these two videos on
    I found these two videos on YouTube:

    UFOs seem to snatch an entire airliner and all it passengers from the sky in a flash of light! Is this Malaysia Airlines flight MH 370 which suddenly disappeared on Saturday, 8 March 2014? It would explain why absolutely no physical evidence of a crash was ever found.

    This is the (military?) satellite view.

    This is the (Predator drone?) view.
    Both views seem to match up in every way that I can tell.

    I really must commend the person or persons who were responsible for leaking these videos onto the Internet. You’ve done humanity a great service. You should never doubt that you’ve done what’s right and noble.

    Doing a bit more online research, I find that things seem to get even more bizarre:

  22. I’m an airline pilot and I
    I’m an airline pilot and I get asked about MH370 a lot. The fundamental problem with the general discourse regarding MH370 is the acceptance that no one knows what happened. There is a video somewhere of USAF Col. Fletcher Prouty discussing that domestic US radar network. He stated that by the mid 1960’s the USAF could track anything from tree top level to space anywhere over the continental US and by the 1980s the USN was tracking every ocean surface vessel in the world in real time. So, why does anyone accept this idea that the USAF, in the 21st century, is somehow not tracking every flying object in the world in real time? The USAF must know exactly what happened to MH370, along with the Russians, the Chinese, and every other major military power in the world.

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