Whitley Strieber tells the story of his personal connection to the assassination of John F. Kennedy and offers some uniquely powerful insights into the meaning of this tragic event, which has had a truly enormous impact on our history. This candid talk is full of surprising information as well as the kind of insight that characterizes Whitley’s work.


  1. i am looking forward to
    i am looking forward to listening to whitleys memories about this global tragedy. i was 5 years old and it changed my entire outlook. the early 60s really were a different time at least in america. we were wrapped in innocence for a time and then the horror struck. by 1968 we knew that the long nightmare would not end. i still believe that it can end once and for all. if we “all come together right now.” we are all and all is one.

  2. Your memoir of the
    Your memoir of the assassination’s impact on you and your family made for fascinating listening, Whitley, particularly the very sad effect it had on your father. Political life is highly “magnetised” for many people, drawing them in even against their better natures. Doing something for a political reason dilutes personal culpability in an act or event or policy- framing that one would not countenance on one’s own. There is always someone higher up the totem pole whose knowledge of the “inside story” might justify otherwise unacceptable actions. Or so people hope when they get involved in party politics. Betrayal of that hope is at the heart of most human tragedies, I think. I am convinced that Oswald shot no one; that Kennedy was killed in triangulated gunfire in a “false flag” attack; that there was a coup d’etat on 22 Nov 1963 from which we have never recovered; that the Mafia were only peripherally involved because their power and influence did not extend to control over the evidence post mortem, the record-keeping at the National Archives, the eye-witnesses who maintained until their dying day that the shots came from the Knoll- the doctors like Crenshaw who finally revealed what he experienced, etc. Only a government black ops group has that kind of power; the same power that makes Obama justify the killing of a Taliban leader on the eve of peace talks (not that the Taliban should be trusted!), or any of the other bizarre positions Obama has assumed that run counter to everything he campaigned for. Only a very secure and secret source of power can do that for 50 years and continue to get away with it – like the family Bush and their cabal. What better way to turn America into a Right-wing fortress state than to do right out in the open via the ballot box?

    1. Lucifer’s Illuminati was
      Lucifer’s Illuminati was always controlling thru money strings, secret society allegiances, threatening midnite phone calls, but this was a takeover coup – a satanic blood-sacrifice where every agency had to have a hand in it! They’ve always had their hellbent desire for power, but this Presidential assassination was a takeover of all America, making the military bow. Army Intelligence was there on grounds taking pictures, the Air Force had flown in a cadaver to swap out bodies, & the Navy was phony-upping the autopsy. The The FBI ran cover, while the CIA orchestrated, but the Secret Service needed to explain their 19 protocol violations that endanger a president. Kennedy, in spite of his family’s bootlegging-elitist roots, felt as a part of the times that mankind was on the brink of a great developmental step upward and his part in that awakening was to take the most powerful nation on Earth and turn us toward leading with Peace, not War and Fraud! Leading with the Peace Corp as he was would have endered us forever to the world and develops our kids so much. This was a pivotal moment for mankind that Lucifer had to stop, so he had to call in his allegiances for his takeover. It is almost complete. We’ve become a destroyer nation that bullies economically , politically, or militarily. Kennedy had a dream for America to be that idealistic Camelot America, to be that Beacon of light, that symbol of Freedom for all mankind, to gloriously express ourselves in an individualistic way. He loved America and cherished the Constitution as the greatest writ of freedom for any nation, and was going to honor it, in all of it’s simplicity! Lucifer wants us to poison ourselves and the world with petrochemicals, nuclear radiation, toxic chemicals in the air, water, and soil, and to destroy God’s DNAd food with monSatan’s GMOs until we and much of the wildlife are sick and dying, all the while liquidating any wealth into the Rothschilds. Lucifer is the only terrorist there is! If we’d all just join together and drive out his influence until he was powerless, we could have our awakening with life in abundance for all.

      1. Terry L Edwards – I wonder
        Terry L Edwards – I wonder whether you could take a few minutes and list for us your sources for some of the above information, i.e., Army Intelligence was there on grounds taking pictures; the Air Force had flown in a cadaver to swap out bodies. I’ve read some books in this area, but clearly there is more that I still need to read – but of course can’t possibly read everything that’s out there – so I am asking what published materials I can read that report on these above-mentioned events.
        Thank you!!!!!

  3. Whitley: I had duty at the
    Whitley: I had duty at the Texas White House, when LBJ was at the ranch…We need to communicate sometime….There is more to this than you might be aware of, UFO’s and some other interesting things are connected to this story.


    1. I submitted a photo recently
      I submitted a photo recently here…the famous LBJ swearing in on Air Force One has a “visitor” in the doorway during the swearing in. The photo was on the cover featuring JFK’s 50 year anniversary of his assassination and found in archives, from the original film. I have sent to several media but no one has responded…perhaps even the ufologists are having a difficult time wrapping their head around it. The photo is film, on the most secure plane in the world, during one of the most important days in the 20th Century. Michele Bigness

  4. Awesome! Thank you Whitley!
    Awesome! Thank you Whitley!

  5. I was a novice monk at the
    I was a novice monk at the Camaldolese Hermitage in Big Sur, gathering wood to heat my cell. It was a dreary day, an early afternoon without sun. Father Clement came up to me, and said that the lay workers (they had the only radio on the property) had heard that the president had been assassinated. “Oh my Lord!” I said. (Later, with a novice’s typical scruples, I worried that I had said “Lord” in vain — but what else could I say?) I did not associate the assassination with conspiracy to cover up the facts about extraterrestrial (or extra-dimensional) visitations. Today, I find this conspiracy about as likely as the implausible “lone, crazy gunman” theory.
    There was something indeed “apocalyptic” (catastrophic, but also revelatory) about the Kennedy assassination. But I am not a dualist. There is not only Lying Lucifer involved, but also Mighty Michael and Gentle Gabriel. Whitley, I think you should ask your question about “real leadership” in our country, in the light what President Obama announced last Saturday at midnight Eastern Time, and what Rachel Maddow said a couple of evenings later: the positive chain reaction that can come from this agreement with Iran.

  6. Whitley, I must be one of the
    Whitley, I must be one of the six people who bought “Critical Mass.” I thought it was pretty good.

    I wonder who the other five people are?

  7. I was one of the 6 too
    I was one of the 6 too

  8. Poor Lucifer, always getting
    Poor Lucifer, always getting the blame for this or that.

    Such a misunderstood principle.

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