From October of 1985 to October of 1997, I was in almost constant contact with people who did not appear to be human. In Transformation and Breakthrough, I wrote about the period of relatively formal encounters that ended in 1990. But I have never written about what happened after that. There are two reasons for this. The first is that I couldn’t figure out how to do it most usefully. The second is that I didn’t feel that I could gain a receptive audience beyond the community of people who have had close encounters, of which there appear to be about a million in the United States.

However, what happened to me stands as a most unusual human experience, and what has happened to all of us as a most valuable one. I got the feeling that there was marvelous knowledge being squandered by arrogant scientists, a frightened and secretive government, clownish media and a public led by all of the snickering and denial into a state of indifference.

How to get past these barriers, and at the same time communicate my new experiences to those of us who are coming face-to-face with the visitors?

A huge challenge, as it turned out, which took me from 1997 until about three years ago to work out. It was at that time, In the autum of 2003, that I began experimenting with various ways of doing this. I tried various approaches, and finally decided that the best one was to repeat what I had done with Majestic, and write fact-based fiction. But in this case, of course, the facts are even more fantastic than they were with the Roswell Incident.

They are so incredible that I just don’t believe that any amount of convincing will help people who haven’t had the experience deal with them. More than that, I have a storytelling ability that enables me to communicate subtle, hidden things in fiction.

So I wrote the first few sentences of what became The Grays, about a little boy riding his bicycle on an innocent summer evening, and later coming face-to-face with a totally fantastic unknown.

I’ve learned a lot about the way the contact experience works, and how it works in the human mind, including how and why we hide it from ourselves. So when people who have had experiences and don’t remember it read these chapters, their memories will be triggered by the associations that I have embedded in them. I know quite certainly that this will work, and that it will happen. And it fits one of the central objectives of the mission I have undertaken in my life, which is to help people come into contact with memories from their own lives that are so strange that their minds have buried them.

This will work for close encounter witnesses, too. The book is designed to reconstruct associations that have been broken by fear and by the action of the visitors. While reading and living the emotional journey of the characters, it is my hope that you will discover hidden parts of your own journey that have the same flavor.

Now, I’d like to discuss some of the different types of visitor who appear in the book, and why they are there. I have written about the kinds that I know and the experiences involving them that I’ve had. I have not written about any forms that I have not personally encountered and–this will surprise you when you read the book–I have not invented any of the different types of communication that are part of the story, or the way the mind changes as contact deepens.

My initial contacts were with the Grays. These people were not androids or robots. They were complex, richly alive beings who were obviously incredibly and totally different from us. As you will see in the book, I learned from observation that they function in groups of three, which I call triads. In fact, I think they come in a number of different forms, one of which is the single individual such as the gray you will meet in the story, Adam, and another is in triads. The triad portrayed in the book, who I call the Three Thieves, is a portrait of a group of three grays that I came to know well in the early years of my experience. But it took many more years of thought and memory to understand that they were a triad–in effect, three bodies that, taken together, make one whole creature.

Another group who play an extensive role in the story are the blondes. I had a great deal of interaction with them, including a long conversation with one of them–physical conversation, which they can carry out easily, unlike the grays–during which he described his reasons for distrusting and disliking the grays in the most vivid terms possible.

He also said that we must not make the mistake of trying to fight them, or we’d end up in the state his people are in, locked in an eternal war that they can neither win nor end. He explained–and my life with the grays certainly confirmed this–that you have one chance with them, and one only. If you miss the mark, that’s it: mistake made, end of story.

In the story, the way that the blondes move between here and their home is depicted as accurately as I am able. They do not use or need vehicles at all. They use them for local travel only–say, within our solar system. For movement back and forth to their home, they use another method that will surprise you very much.

And will cast the whole DNA-theft thing in a completely different light as well. The grays do take DNA, and for a lot of reasons, one of which involves making bodies that are exactly like the bodies of those from whom it has been taken. I found out how the blondes use their own DNA in a manner that involves ultra long-distance travel in an astonishingly short time, and I depict how this works.

I will also say that there are people alive who have been granted the right to do this. The grant of such a right is so sacred, and comes from such a height of being and consciousness, that it is never given casually, but it is my hope that many, many more of us will be given it, if we can just find a way to accept that this new world that awaits our participation actually exists, and begin to face its reality with the kind of care, intelligence and confidence that is essential to successful interaction.

In the next edition of my journal, I will talk more about the various official interfaces that are depicted in the book, and the degree to which I think that they reflect reality. Another surprise, incidentally. Down the road, also, humans from other worlds.

And by ‘worlds,’ never assume that I mean planets orbiting other stars. Not only that. The universe is big, my friends. REALLY big…

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