I have been trying to figure out how to write about this year’s Dreamland Festival and having a hard time. Some things happened there that were beyond the extraordinary, and I just almost don’t know where to begin. One thing: this year, we recorded the parts of it that were not involved with people’s personal material, so it will be possible for those who could not make it to hear and see some of these presentations.

Here were the highlights for me:

William Henry is getting closer every day to understanding the secret of transformation and how to communicate. In his lecture, he offered a remarkably powerful analogy to what happens in the chrysalis when the caterpillar transforms into the butterfly–something we will need to do over these next few years, or, in my opinion, risk extinction.

What happens in the chrysalis is that new cells appear that will eventually become the butterfly–and immediately the old cells attack them, reacting to them as if they are intruders. But, in the end, the old always passes away, and the butterfly prevails.

I think that is happening in human society right now. As the planet dies, we are going into chrysalis mode. The old cells attacking the new are things like the crazed dubunking of the drones, UFO and close encounter denial, lies about the crop circles, and clinging to the foolish notion that our planet can continue to sustain us as we are–and the equally foolish one that tinkering with its balance will somehow save us.

Nothing will save mankind except a leap into a new state of being. This is the message of Dreamland, Revelations, Unknowncountry, and all the work that all of us are doing, and William expressed it with striking eloquence during his presentation.

Marla Frees: I am always skeptical of psychics and mediums, as I think most people are. Based on our upbringing, how could such things as mental telepathy and contact with the dead possibly be true?

Well, they are true and Marla proved it to me this weekend. First, as we drove to the airport together, we confronted a huge parking lot that was apparently entirely full. I had been driving around for about ten minutes when Marla suddenly started giving me instructions–‘take a left, go down that row, take a right,’ etc. She led us straight to a parking spot that was also convenient to the shuttle service. There was no way at all to see this from the car. She did it using her abilities.

As her session at the conference started, she said to me and Anne, ‘Marilyn says that Sadie is fine but Walter is a nightmare.’ (Names changed to protect privacy.) Marilyn is a friend who died a couple of years ago and Sadie is her daughter, still a dear friend. We had no idea who Walter was, but when we told Sadie about this, she did. It is the name of a young man who has been interested in her.

We did not know this name. Marla did not know it. She could have guessed, but of all the names in the world, what are the odds that she would pick one at random that is of importance to Sadie?

Once, I would have ignored something like this, but I do not ignore it now. Marla is the real deal, and Marilyn used her to communicate important information to her daughter in that session.

The gallery reading that Marla did involved some misses, of course, but more hits that were beyond coincidence, and she was careful not to draw answers and talk in broad generalizations.

To me, she provided ample proof of some very real abilities. Not only that, I experienced an immediate sense of my dead friend Marilyn that was quite startling. In fact, I came away from the conference much more open to the presence of the dead, just in general.

Jim Marrs rapid fired a group of so many different anomalies and hidden realities in our political world that I was left wondering if we might not be in the grip of a presence that is designing our world according to its own ends, that has a larger than human level of control over reality.

For example, he pointed out that four unnatural Kennedy deaths, starting with Joe, Jr., whose plane exploded during World War II to JFK, Jr., who crashed in 1999, all had something very extraordinary in common. Specifically, they all took place at the 16th hour of Sidereal time. Sidereal time is calculated according to the movement of constellations, not the sun, and is used by astronomers to determine where to point their telescopes.

Statistically, the likelihood of this being chance drops each time it happens again, and, with the last death, it becomes essentially impossible that chance is the cause. But what else is? As Jim put it so eloquently, “I don’t know.”

Neither do I, but he has certainly made me think.

And then we come to Anne Strieber. My wife has worked by my side from the beginning, helping me, challenging me and guiding me in what has been a very difficult journey. Many women would have thrown in the towel long since, but she continues right along, with her own ideas evolving and changing constantly as she absorbs new findings.

She answered questions from the audience about their close encounters, and did it in a way that is totally unlike what one normally gets from UFO investigators. The investigator community is very focused on creating a product, if you will, that is believable. Therefore, they habitually try to force the reports of witnesses to fit their theories, rather than evolving their theories to fit the reports of the witnesses.

With at least a couple of hundred thousand letters to draw from, Anne does not do this. Instead, she uses her encyclopedic memory to point out relationships between what people are experiencing now and what has been reported before.

Listening to her do this, one gradually builds a new vision of the experience as the genuine enigma that it is, and it becomes clear that there is a truth out there that we are really getting bad about ignoring. We’re creating a folklore about aliens visiting earth, but that might not be what’s happening at all.

And, in fact, as I sat there listening to her careful detailing of the reports she has received, for example, from people who see their dead friends and relatives with the visitors, I realized in a whole new way the true power of the shorthand that she and I have evolved between us: we actually have no idea what the visitors are–and not only that, we don’t know what WE are, either.

As she spoke, I recalled Charles Fort’s famous comment that earth is “a barnyard,” and I reflected that, with her clear and questioning mind, she has gone to the fence and looked out into the enigma of reality, and is reporting back to us the truth: it’s all different from what we thought.

Ah, and then there’s Linda Moulton Howe and her tour-de-force presentation on crop circles and drones. That’s right, the maligned, rejected and debunked drones. (Rejected by the UFO community not because there is any rationale to do so, but because they look too different and therefore don’t fit the established theoretical paradigm.)

While the drone phenomenon was unfolding, Linda had the energy and intelligence to follow up with people who were writing her and sending her pictures of the drones, and so she has ended up with the one thing that none of the debunkers care to mention: twenty-one eyewitness interviews from around the country spanning a twenty year period.

So the objects are real. And now, it would seem, the Carat document is, too. Why? Because there is an intricate connection between the imagery it portrays and some of the crop circles, and she explained this with convincing care and great brilliance, which was why she received a standing ovation.

But there’s more. Incredibly, just before or just after her presentation, one of the most extraordinary crop formations ever seen was laid down–and this formation contains imagery that may be related to what Linda was talking about. In addition, much of the imagery in the formation consists of small shapes punched in the wheat field from above, without the slightest sign of any disturbed crop around them. So the formation not only involves an apparent acknowledgment of Linda’s efforts, it is also virtually impossible to dismiss as a hoax, except by people who are officially inspired or, frankly, intellectually incompetent.

The next thing about the festival that amazed me was the degree to which Dreamlanders are coming into contact. At last year’s festival, only one or two people came up to me to report recent contact experiences. But this year was a very different experience. People were reporting complex, subtle and ongoing contact, including contact where there is teaching involved and contact that is intellectually very challenging.

This is of a piece with reports I have been receiving all year from scientists, some of them quite prominent in their fields, who are having interactions with the grays that are directly germane to their work.

So, in sum, I guess what I could say about this year’s festival is that mankind is still firmly locked in the chrysalis and still profoundly dependent on old ways of doing things. But the cells that will become the butterfly are growing more numerous, and it is with great happiness that I can report that, for a couple of days last weekend, a group of them clustered together on a pretty little campus in Nashville, Tennessee, and shared a taste of the future together.

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