As I write this, there is a phenomenal story on that discusses the terrible weather presently sweeping the whole western world, literally from California to Poland. This is the closest we have ever come to a superstorm, and it comes a few weeks after a disturbing event involving the Gulf Stream. (To read the story, click here.) Quite plainly, the world’s system of currents is changing, possibly collapsing, and it is possible that there is an as yet undocumented connection between the unusually harsh weather and current changes.

At the same time, the world is closer to nuclear war than it has been since the Cuban Missile Crisis. Israel must prevent Iran from producing U-235, and they could go online with this in a matter of months. If they do produce it, they will be able to export fissionable material to terrorist groups like Hamas, in order to enable them to create dirty bombs.

The fact that the detonation of such bombs in Israel will also destroy the Palestinian people is considered an acceptable loss. Their lives are not as important as the ruin of Israel, so the fact that they must die in order to kill the Jewish state is not thought by Iran, Syria, Hamas or other concerned entities to be too great a price. In effect, all the Palestinians are to be considered suicide bombers, if the result is that Israel is eradicated.

Because US intelligence has failed in Iran, there is no adequate intelligence about a single, crucial element that might have saved us from the use of nuclear weapons in the effort to prevent Iran from manufacturing U-235. Specifically, western intelligence does not possess information about the location of air intakes and vents that would enable highly accurate American ‘bunker busters’ to penetrate into buried Iranian nuclear facilities and destroy them.

This means that there is only one way to insure that the centrifuges that are essential to the production of U-235, and are buried deeper than US bunker busters can penetrate without going down airshafts, can be destroyed: neutron bombs will have to be used.

It is likely that the bombs will come from Israel, and also possible that nobody, not Iran, not the US, not Israel, will say that they have been used. A neutron bomb does not leave a radiation signature. It would be observed as a very large explosion. The sheet of devastatingly destructive neutrons that it emitted would kill every living thing for miles around, and would overload every electrical and electronic circuit it reached. But it would not persist. There would be no fallout. There would be no irradiated areas on the ground.

It is possible that such a bomb has already been detonated in the Iranian desert. There was a large explosion in the area a few days ago, reported on but entirely ignored by western media. It was briefly reported in the Iranian press, then it disappeared.

However, the greater possibility is that no attack has taken place yet, and that the explosion is somehow connected with what is now a literally fantastic amount of UFO activity unfolding over Iran.

Iran has always been a UFO hotspot. The September, 1976 UFO chase over Tehran remains one of the best documented UFO cases of all time, and the October 22, 2005 interview I did with General Parviz Jafari on Dreamland, who actually flew the chase plane, was one of the most fantastic experiences of my life.

Over the past few months, the number of UFO events in Iran has reached a completely unprecedented level. There have been a few UFO flaps as intense: the Scandinavian “Ghost Rocket” incidents in 1946, the great American UFO wave from the July 1947 Roswell Incident to the July, 1952 Washington overflights, the Belgian events of 1989-1990 are other equally intense flaps.

UFOs began to appear in numbers after the end of World War II, when atomic weapons came into use. It is possible that the danger of nulear war in Iran has attracted them to that area, as well.

I am long past questioning whether or not the visitors exist. They do exist, and the United States Government has been lying about them from the beginning, and still does–as the FAA did just this past November, when it claimed that a sighting at O’Hare Airport in Chicago by United pilots and other personnel was an unusual cloud.

But the United States Government is a failed institution. It has drowned its credibility beneath a torrent of lies on virtually every important issue that the world faces, over the past fifty catastrophic years. The American people support the Constitution and the institutions it created, not the parasites who have come to infect those institutions since secrecy became the center of state power with the passage of the catastrophic National Security Act of 1947.

This ruined the American republic, and it is going to take a generation of wise, firm and compassionate leadership to restore it. Hopefully, that will come from one day, but right now, I don’t see it.

It is time to face the fact that the US government as it is now constituted is worthless junk, and to abandon its obsessive, cancerous secrecy and its endless lies.

Although I am quite certain that the visitors are real, the many years I have spent in contact with them, thinking about them, talking to others in contact, reading their stories and examining my own life and feelings about them, I must state clearly and frankly that I do not know what they are.

However, I have been observing them for a long time, and I feel that they are concerned with our environment, it is my belief that they are making a record of human DNA against the possibility that the species may go extinct, and that they have attempted to hybridize human beings in some way, but my observation of this in my own life has not suggested that there has been success.

In fact, I think that they have had a lot of failure here that they do not fully understand, and that they think that people who enter into leadership in human society are motivated by a profound death wish, and that, for the most part, they work to impede the chances of the species to survive, and that our populations support them.

They do not understand what about us that we so hate, that we would be marching like this toward extinction.

When I was younger and in somewhat more direct communication with them at times, they indicated to me that they would make themselves known in the context of environmental collapse. As that is happening now, they could emerge now.

However, what happens may be very different. Let me tell you why.

I got the impression that they take a long view of history. They are interested in the state of mankind not only this year or in a hundred years, but in a million years and a billion years. The evolution of intelligence is important to them, and they are here to help it through a difficult time on earth, so that it can, in time, reach a state where it offers some sort of value to others.

I am pretty sure that intelligent life is extremely rare, and that there is a sort of choir of consciousness, and that there is a desire that our voices be joined to it, in the interest of the new.

I am trying to get used to thinking about the larger issues that face the thin web of conscious species that are spread across the cosmos, and I think people need to think about such things, too. When they do, the actions of the visitors will become more understandable.

The reason I say this is that they may be taking sides in the present conflict between the west and Islam, and it is not obvious to me, if they do, that they will take the side of the west. The reason is simple. They want the species to survive, and encouraging the west might be the least effective way to accomplish that objective.

The United States is by far the world’s largest polluter, followed by Europe, then China and India, who are catching up fast. The problem is that the United States has willfully ignored the problem, despite the overwhelming evidence that it needs to be addressed. At present, even such outrageous violators as the Exxon Corporation are beginning to realize the peril and respond, but it may well be too late, and the visitors may consider that we’ve waited too long.

If Islam should win the current world-historical conflict, the entire planet will be plunged into a period of economic stagnation and scientific decline that could last a very long time. The result of this would be that mankind will survive longer, and therefore have a greater chance to make the breakthroughs that it needs to join the choir of consciousness that so needs new voices.

I do not think that the combination of ominous environmental strains, the possibility of nuclear war, and the sudden appearance of the visitors all over the world, and especially at the nexus of the possible nuclear conflict is an accident.

They are part of our lives and part of our world, and my sense of it is that governments who pretend otherwise, at this point, do so at their peril.

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