Anne and I have had quite an interesting time recently, with regard to anomalous experiences. She is becoming a sort of communicator. Not exactly a psychic, but rather somebody who initiates needed action at the right moment.

It started a few weeks ago when we had an apparent missing time experience while out walking. I believe that I’ve reported it before, but I’ll recap it briefly: it was quite simple–we were living at the time in Los Angeles (we have a small flat there but stay here in Mexico most of the time), and walking across town when suddenly one of the streets simply didn’t happen. We were at one streetcorner one second, at another the next.

We weren’t expecting this, so there’s no real way to document it, or even to say that we simply didn’t notice ourselves walking the missing block. Who knows?

Yesterday, however, is a different story, and is part of an absolutely fascinating sequence of events that I shall relate.

Night before last, Anne was awakened at 3:33 AM by a loud thump. This is most unusual in this apartment; it’s very quiet. I have been awakened here in this way before, and when it happened to me, it reminded me very much of the thuds on the roof that would occur just before the visitors entered our old cabin in upstate New York.

She had a sense that there was something she needed to pay attention to. She got up and walked around the dark apartment and then got the feeling that she could ask for something. So she asked for her brain to be completely healed as well as it was before her stroke. Of course, she IS completely healed, so that probably wasn’t the point. Unless there is some deep thing that, in normal life, she isn’t aware of. Certainly, she’s as sharp and as functional as ever.

The next morning, though, she was filled with ideas about the delicate process of shepherding the Grays through to being made into a film. These were important, effective ideas–interestingly enough, that concerned issues that I was addressing, but had not really mentioned to her in anything like the detail she was giving me.

Then she wrote an email to somebody she has recently reached out to and who has become a friend, psychic Marla Frees. This email was social, and did not mention the Grays.

Shortly, Marla telephoned me saying she had a ‘download’ about the Grays, and proceeded to give me a long and detailed explanation of what she’d just sensed. These weren’t story ideas, but warnings about direction, and very relevant ones.

Marla knows nothing whatsoever about the film, and has not read the book.

The next day, Anne and I went shopping. Because we’re not here except when we have meetings in Los Angeles, the place is often pretty empty. We left about a quarter to one, did our chores, and came back, and found ourselves eating lunch at ten minutes to four.

I mentioned to her that the day seemed to have gone by very quickly. She agreed. In fact, I couldn’t really account for the day at all. However, I did have certain things that could help me do that. Specifically, the store receipts from the stores where we’d shopped, which are all time stamped.

The last of these was from Whole Foods, time stamped at 2:09 PM. The next time stamp in my life is a call to my son, registered by both of our phones at 3:25. I called him within ten minutes of arriving home, so we got back at approximately 3:15.

The problem with this is pretty simple: it takes only ten minutes to drive from the store to our house. So we cannot account for about forty-five minutes. At all. We have no memories of it, no sense that it even passed.

Here is the oddest part, across the previous two days, I have been working on ideas for the Grays that involve both the hour 3:33AM and missing time happening in broad daylight. (I am not writing the script, but as an executive producer, I am thinking about creative aspects very hard, and communicating my ideas to the writer.)

Anne had no way of knowing that I?d been working on 3:33 just prior to her 3:33 experience, or on daylight missing time just prior to it happening to us. In fact, she won?t know those things until she reads this.

So, what?s happening? In part, the presence of Starfire Tor in our lives, who I interviewed on Dreamland recently, might have something to do with it, because she is full of stories about her own time slips and interdimensional movements, and we had been with her recently. In fact, when we were with her and magician Brandon Scott at the Magic Castle in Hollywood two nights ago, Anne had a very odd experience. She and Starfire went into the ladies? room, which has two stalls. They each entered a stall. A few moments later, Anne left?only to be bumped by somebody coming out just behind her, who was NOT Starfire! We found this person, who had noticed nothing unusual. She?s simply gone to the ladies? room. The tiny room had only the two stalls and no other entrance, no closets, nothing.

That said, the Magic Castle is full of odd nooks and crannies–and, let’s face it–magicians. So the jury is still out on that one, but I have given the room involved enough of an investigation to be able to say that there is no obvious secret entrance. Still, the open questions about this event does not change the fact that the others did indeed happen.

I don?t know if Starfire causes this stuff, but when you?re around her, you certainly notice more of it. The incident crossing the street that I mentioned earlier happened a few days after I interviewed her. I find it very appropriate that it?s all bound up with illusions and magic?that an actual magical event would happen in a place that?s practically the national capital of stage magic. (We were just going in to Brandon?s show when it took place; moments before, he?d been showing us card tricks.) But the problem with THIS magic experience is that it couldn?t have happened.

Unless…I knew a man, years ago, in the Gurdjieff Foundation, who could appear and disappear at will. He and his wife did this quite spectacularly at our wedding, in fact. Another time, I was waiting for him on a path with at least ten other people, and we were all watching him come down the path. Suddenly, he just plain disappeared. A moment later, he walked up BEHIND us.

He could control this. Could the lady in the Magic Castle? Was she only what she seemed?

I have no idea. But if a trick was played on Anne there, it was a very sophisticated one.

The missing time we experienced yesterday?in fact, the day after brushing up against Starfire and Brandon?was no trick. As far as I?m concerned, it?s documented. There are at least 40 minutes that are simply gone.

I?ll also mention another thing here, just to get it documented. I have had some future journeys recently. I recorded the most elaborate one verbally and posted it in my space in subscriber section. Since then, I?ve had another, simpler one, but it?s so specific that I can describe a piece of future technology that I saw and used during the event, and I want to document that.

I was given a sheet of paper that felt more like plastic than paper. It could be folded, and would stay folded, but when it was unfolded, it would stay unfolded and stiff in your hand! It was really very odd in this way. It could be written on, and the handwriting?even MINE!!?turned into neatly printed letters. You could also talk to it, and I did, and brought up Google. So this cannot have been very far in the future. The interesting thing was that I could also talk to Google. I thought to myself, what will I say? What to ask?

I thought, damnit, this keeps happening to me, so I?ll try the markets. I usually get up early and trade futures in the morning or read physics, or the mathematical side of my mind goes slowly crazy. The last time I was in the future, I wanted a glimpse of the markets, but it didn?t work.

This time, I think it did. I say ?think? because I can?t be sure. I know I asked to see markets, and I remember seeing something quite interesting?that this piece of paper ALSO could be viewed in 3-D, and if you moved it when it was in this state, it was capable of Googling the present and the past, AND the future, and there was a color involved with the future?a shading?that got darker and darker, the farther out you looked.

One thing I DO know, sometime soon, we crack time travel, and Google is REALLY goin? places!

Now, back to those markets. I didn?t remember a single thing about them. Nothing. BUT over the past couple of weeks, I have known a number of markets so well that I?ve been making a bit of money in them (I only do this for mental exercise, I?m not interested in getting rich) largely based on an odd sense of certainty about where they?re going.

I mostly trade S&P futures because the challenge is really dynamic. Rarely do I do, for example, agricultural commodities. However, I came out of this with odd, certain knowledge about Soybeans. A couple of days ago, I suddenly knew for certain that this market would fall. Of course, there were signs that it would?it does so at this time of year quite frequently, anyway. But I didn?t just suspect it, I knew.

So I shorted a couple of Soybean contracts yesterday at 8:10AM Pacific Time, I sold 2 August Soybean contracts at 589. This morning, I covered my short at 8:39AM at 583.50. My profit was the difference, or two times 5.50 points. They will go down further over the next few days, too, I think, so we?ll watch and see if I?m right.

I just did this as a experiment, to see if the time journey might be involved in this strong intuition. Because I know I looked at the commodity markets on that sheet of ?paper.? (PLEASE don?t rush out and start trying to play beans on the basis of this. That would be extraordinarily stupid and a very fast way to lose a whole lot of money. It?s a jungle out there in the commodity markets, for sure. It takes YEARS AND YEARS of trading experience to be successful, even if you have the very occasional help of a time machine! Take it from an old trader. If a bunch of you rush out and short beans, this will force the floor to put on long positions to offset your shorts, and guess what?there?ll be a bounce in the price. You?ll get scared and cover your shorts, meaning that the floor will sell the contracts it bought to offset, and the price will plunge?with YOUR money in THEIR pockets. So stay away from it. There is no trade for you in soybeans based on this, believe me.)

Question is, will using a time machine to trade the markets in the future be illegal? The answer is no, because the mere use of it will, itself, affect its own predictive abilities. In effect, the more such a machine is used to see the future, the more inaccurate it will become.

No, this isn?t about the future changing its own future, it?s about the future changing it?s past. It?s generally accepted in physics now that time travel into the past is possible, and theoretically that movement entirely outside of time would make movement into the future possible as well.

I had a few interactions with the visitors regarding time travel, and probably the most useful of their very efficient lessons came after I asked about changing the past and the future. They portrayed the past as a block of ice, the future as a pool of water. What the present does is make choices that transform the unsure future into the fixed past.

So what use would travel into the past have, if it?s fixed and can?t be changed?

Probably because it isn?t fixed at all, and what the future is doing, and probably has been across many centuries, is rewiring its own past?in effect, altering the prime reality that they are passing through.

This might be why my brief visits to the future have seemed to wonderful, and have reconstructed my deepest emotions around joy and hope: I see not just a good future, but a really, really fabulous one.

I think that there are time travelers here, probably a lot of them. I DO NOT think that they know who they are, or have any clear idea of the futures they come from. If they are to be effective, this would have to be impossible. The only way they could make changes would be if they did not know they were doing that.

The reason is straightforward enough, the principle of least action, which governs the way nature uses energy (it?s why water, for example, never takes a detour on its way to the lowest point it can reach), will not allow freedom of action in the past?and, in fact, the more knowledgeable a time traveler is about where he has come from, the less freedom he will have to do?or even see?anything.

So the skill of any time travel scientists would be just how to prime their time travelers with just enough knowledge?or otherwise implanted information?to get them to act as they need to act, but not so much that they automatically forget what they?re supposed to do.

I don?t think that the ?time travelers? actually move back from the future in machines. What I suspect is that the future is touching people in its past?our present?and causing them to act in ways that help mankind to survive what I am certain is going to be a very difficult 21st Century.

Maybe people like Anne and Starfire and Brandon, and even me, are such journeyers. And when Anne and I had missing time yesterday, my guess is that we were directly contacted by our support team in the future. Perhaps that?s why I have a vague memory of hearing somebody talking, and seeing handwriting in red ink.

We were imprinted with information yesterday, set on another journey that is designed to help the future. But how? In what way?

If we live long enough, no doubt we?ll find out.

All the years I had with the visitors have fairly well convinced me that they actually LIVE across time and outside of time. I think that they arrived here, in a synchronous present, about sixty years ago. My guess is that they found a very different earth from the one we know.

The instant they arrived, they spread across our entire timeline, probably creating the entire array of life on earth, even going back into the past to actually set up this solar system as a life-sustaining machine. If Jupiter wasn?t out there absorbing blows like the recent Shoemaker-Levy comet, the inner solar system would be a ravaged mess, and if the moon wasn?t rotating at just the right point, and the earth just the right distance from the sun, there would be no life here. Statistically, it?s really all but impossible that this particular set of circumstances would occur by accident. So, lets assume that it didn?t.

What I suspect that the visitors found here was a planet something like Mars, without a moon. They saw what Jupiter was doing and realized that with the fairly minimal effort?for them?of moving back a few billion years and setting up the moon, they could re-create the earth moon system as a life-making machine.

So our entire half a billion year history of evolutionary change is, in their objective time, only a few decades old! But for us, it?s all taken the millions of years that we see in the fossil record!

A fun idea, right? And now the visitors?with our help?are rebalancing us so that the 21st Century brings not extinction but a soaring human triumph, which, quite frankly, is what I see ahead. An impossible triumph.

And what are they after? I can tell you exactly: the first force in a triad. They are the passive, mothering force, penetrated into time in the same way that a mother?s womb encloses the future child. We are that child, destined to become the active force, penetrated into time so that we can engineer change…and can, when we come into balance with second force?the Grays?create something truly new: third force, a being that straddles time and eternity, is alpha and omega, the first and the last, is all of our souls, our hopes and dreams, the joy of the morning and the glory of tomorrow, all wrapped into one.

Are ready to fly, folks, because we?re not too far from taking wing.

And as far as that missing time experience is concerned?remember the message I saw?

You just read it.

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