Today I saw in Unknowncountry’s Out There section a witness report that suggests that on July 10, the military shot at UFOs that appeared over Fort Lewis, Washington.

That the US military has done so in the past is now a matter of public record, since the British Ministry of Defence released records indicating that the US Air Force attempted to shoot down a UFO over Surrey in May of 1956. The pilot involved, Dr. Milton Torres, now lives in Florida and has confirmed that he did indeed receive such an order, in fact, before he even took off, so eager was the Air Force to carry out this extraordinary act on behalf of the human species, but without our knowledge.

I don’t wish to discuss the details of why this might have been done, and why the Air Force sent up armed planes over Stephenville, Texas in 2008, or why the United States has pursued a clear and now publicly revealed policy of shooting at UFOs for more than fifty years.

Doing this may or may not be appropriate. Doing it in secret while lying to the public for over have a century is a lurid and fantastic sin, a permanent mark on the soul of everyone who has been complicit in it.

To understand why this has happened, it is necessary to understand that our world is controlled by people who are fallen. Nobody gains power on earth who is not fallen. Nobody, not ever.

So, what does ‘fallen’ mean? The answer to this could not be simpler: it means being soul-blind. In this state, a person quite literally cannot tell right from wrong, because they are unable to feel the effect their own actions have on their souls. The soul-blind are perfectly capable of carrying out any crime under orders, from murdering millions to denying an entire species the right to know and understand its true position in the universe.

This is why we are a society of isolated individuals, why dictators rise and gigantic corporations organize the devouring of the planet, and there seems no escape from the meatgrinder of diminished lives and the rule of the cruel and the venial and the greedy.

What might it be like if this was not the case? First, the illusion of death would no longer blind us. What we call death is a natural transition from one state to another, precisely paralleled by the transition of the caterpillar to the butterfly. But, unlike insects, we are able to understand this transition, and to know our destiny, and to interact with those who have entered the new state.

Not, however, when we are soul-blind. It’s a disease, or a sort of crippling. In a healthy species, beings in the two states engage in a complex and dynamic relationship that advances consciousness. That doesn’t happen here, but unless it does happen, there is little point in continuing to exist as we are, endlessly cycling back and forth between a forgetful death and an ignorant life.

Even the fact that we perceive the other state as death is wrong. It is not death, but part of the natural breathing of consciousness as it moves back and forth between the active state of physical life and the contemplative state of conscious energy.

What makes shooting at the visitors–the ones with our best interests at heart–so stupid is that they represent a rescue force that is attempting to reawaken us to who and what we really are. This is why people so often perceive them as evil. In our present state, it is easy to see their larger perspective as threatening. But as we awaken, we come to view them differently, and to understand things like the fact that so many people report seeing their own dead loved ones in the company of the visitors.

I want to add, here, that not all of our visitors are the same. There are apparently those who have some sort of connection with our clandestine agencies, and there is evidence that they may have evolved technologies that are truly and spectacularly evil, that involve mind control and the profane manipulation of souls. You can be sure that these will not be shot at, because they will be considered friends by the fallen, and will have offered them a Fata Morgana of promised technology that never really evolves, in return for the right to indulge whatever sinful desires they may wish to fulfill here.

We have reached a point of no return. Our species is going to experience the total collapse of its planetary environment. There isn’t any question anymore about whether or not this will happen. It will happen.

And as long as we remain in a state of denial about our true nature, and keep shooting at those who are trying to help us, we are going to stay ignorant and stay enslaved by our soul-blindness.

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