On the night of February 17-18, 2019 and again in the late evening of the 18th, I had a dramatic series of close encounters that reinforced an urgent message about the book I am now writing: the manuscript must be finished by the end of March, 2019. When this happened, I was in a country house in Texas in which I have had many such experiences, beginning in childhood. (The childhood events that I remember are described in my book the Secret School.)

Others have had experiences at this house, most recently a relative who was lying in bed in a room with a sleeping porch outside when she heard shuffling footsteps and then a low, gravelly voice say, “why aren’t you asleep?” I was downstairs at the time and she called to me, asking if it was me. It was not. Nothing else happened and she went to sleep without incident. I retired about an hour later, and remember nothing unusual from the rest of the night. The two of us were the only people in the house. 
Knowing as I do how these experiences can be entirely hidden from memory, and also very traumatic, I watched her carefully the next day to be sure she was not going to have a reaction. But at about four in the afternoon she began to have heart symptoms. I called a doctor and she was rushed to the hospital. By seven she had a pacemaker. 
I still have no idea what else may have happened that night, or if anything did, but her stress certainly suggests it.
This is not true of what happened on the 17th and 18th. These events I remember quite well. I was alone at the house, sleeping in a back bedroom that I have used for years. It has a separate entrance and it’s somewhat isolated from the rest of the house, so anything that might happen there would presumably leave anyone sleeping in the front undisturbed. (It’s a large house.)
I did my 11PM sensing exercise and meditation without incident, then turned in at about 11:45. I woke up again at 3:30 and repeated the process until about 4, when I noticed lights flickering in the back yard. It was obvious that somebody was approaching the house from the back. As I stood up, I heard footsteps on an outside stairway that leads to area of the front bedrooms. As I hurried to that door, I saw three flashlights in the back yard. The people carrying them were in a line, and I could see two of them. They were wearing black clothes, but not uniforms. My impression was that they were male, but I have no way to be certain. They looked human. 
Now I was afraid that these were prowlers, although it has been over 80 years since there was any intrusion at the house. When I reached the doorway onto the back porch that leads to the front bedrooms, I opened the wooden door and there stood a man on the other side of the screen. He wore a vertically striped shirt and might have had light brown hair. His eyes were sharp with fear. As I tried to lock the screen, I told him that my wife was in the next room and she had a gun. (Not true.) But I felt Anne’s presence very strongly and I felt that she was protecting me or watching over me. 
The man began trying to whistle. I could see that from the way he was puckering his lips. Clearly, he was getting more frightened as I continued to stare at him.
Then the next thing I knew, it was morning and I was waking up in bed. As I woke up, I saw in my mind’s eye a clear image of a man wearing a bright, broadly-striped orange and white t-shirt. He looked at me quite frankly and calmly. In that moment, I remembered the incident that had taken place a few hours before, but not anything that might have happened after I apparently had a missing time experience due to the tone the man was generating with his mouth. Since it was demonstrated to me by two individuals in France in 1995 (See  my book Super Natural), I have known that it is done with a tone.
I was left with a more urgent feeling than ever about this book. I have recently been threatened very seriously about what will happen to me if I don’t write it. But now there was a deadline, and a fast one. The manuscript to be finished, which is March 31 of this year. 
So I worked furiously all day, but it is a hard book to write and a real sense of desperation overcame me. To be frank, the sense of jeopardy I feel is terrifying. I know that communication with the visitors is going to be extremely challenging and most of us will not be able to do it. I am rather sure that they are going to come upon us unaware, and that this is going to happen in the context of some sort of earth shattering catastrophe. So I’m afraid and I’m frantic. If I had my way, every single human being would be able to join the new communion that is coming, but I don’t see how this can happen. I cannot forget for a moment that everybody else is just like me: each of us is all we have, and I want every single one of us to thrive in what I think it going to be a very new context, essentially a new reality. 
On Monday afternoon I went into San Antonio to see relatives and friends and drove back after dinner, arrivingg at the house at about 10PM. The instant I walked in, I felt that it was full of people. I couldn’t see anybody, but the sense of presence was just overwhelming. As I passed through the dining room and into the living room, somebody on the porch outside gave a low whistle. I looked at my watch immediately, and no unusual amount of time had passed since I got out of the car. 
I proceeded into the living room and sat down in the chair where I usually work. It was in this living room back in the 1950s that I used to witness my great-grandmother make the table in the center of the room crack and snap and rise off the floor, sometimes with its legs shaking. She used to say that anybody could do it, and that it was done with “body electricity.” As a boy, I would sit under it and watch for tricks, but there were none. She could lift the table right off the floor by the tips of her fingers pressed against its surface. She also taught a cousin to do it, who can to this day describe the sensation that she felt on the one time that she succeeded.
I mention this to say that the room has a history of “spirit knocks.” 
I sat in the chair and opened my laptop. I thought to myself, ‘it’s late and I’d really rather work on the novel I’ve been writing, not this bear of a book.’ But when I opened the novel’s file instead of this one, a great crack sounded through the house, so loud that it seemed as if the whole place was going to fall down. In that sound I heard a commanding word: “NO!”
So I closed the file of the novel and opened this one. Ever since, I have been working on this book furiously, grabbing research information and needed facts through my implant and just racing along. 
On Sunday, February 24, I returned from Texas to Los Angeles. When I entered my apartment, I at once noticed that a smoke detector was beeping, indicating that it needed a new battery. I had some in a drawer, but when I put one in, it was also dead. So I decided to drive out to a store and get some fresh ones. But when I attempted to start my car, it’s battery was also dead. I returned to the apartment and called Triple-A for a charge truck. While I waited, I attempted to turn on my desktop computer. It was dead, too. 
No clocks were off, meaning that nothing had happened to the power during the time I was gone. The car has a fairly new battery and the computer was working normally before I left.
So, instead of immediately starting back on the book, I was forced to get the car fixed, replace batteries and get the computer repaired. Could it be that somebody wants me to fail to meet the deadline on the book as badly as somebody else wants me to meet it? I have to say that so many dead batteries and a blown computer power supply don’t really add up for me. I very much doubt that it was a coincidence. I think that it was intentional interference. But why, and on who’s part? 
Perhaps there are hidden forces at war with one another. I have sometimes gotten that impression. Traditionally, of course, there is the battle between good and evil, angels and demons, God and Satan. Within the UFO community there are many researchers who believe that there are hostile and benevolent species visiting us. If there are presences antagonistic to one another here, then I would think that such a thing would be possible. However, it is also possible that “a new world if you can take it applies,” and my strength and determination are being tested. I am also aware of the fact that there are elements in the US government that fear and dislike me, so maybe they were somehow involved.
As I can’t change any of it, I don’t really care. My only interest is in continuing to focus on the book and getting it finished by the deadline, which I intend to succeed in doing. 


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  1. Whitley:

    Its good to see that you are still writing. Is this latest book due to be published soon? I have read and own several of your books on the UFO topic but not all…

    It must be hard for you to continue on with the loss of Anne (who I remember passed away a few years ago now)?

    The references to influence by sound and the affect on electronic devices in your article here are of course fairly common in instances of psychic events/abilities so I wonder if that is more what you are witnessing here than the UFO phenomenon perse…?

  2. Your more patient then I am, I can’t say as I would let the visitor’s talk to me like that, if a disembodied voice commanded ‘NO’ like that I would probably do the opposite out of spite. I mean if they go to all the trouble of putting on a show of flickering lights, making noise, and what-not the least they could do is ask nicely. But of course my penchant to challenge authority and lack of patience is probably why I haven’t had any sort of encounter in the past couple years.

  3. In my opinion, your greatest book, beyond even the ones that brought the aliens to the forefront is The Key. Full of insight, it’s depth beckoned multiple re-readings since I bought it. I have made it the perfect gift for people I know needed something deeper and is a source of wisdom to understanding human life and “death” … so, what book is this one? I need to check, because it must be finished by now. I often wonder what is this whole thing about living, if we finally “die” to this life not knowing , while here, if there is more beyond and what was the purpose of all that we call life. We are so ignorant of ourselves and the surrounding world, the universe, the forces that interact with us and push everything this way or the other… we are such ignorant beings, yet we have these delusions of being the center of the universe and what not… I hope this brew book brings some more in-depth discussion forward into the light of our small brains. LETS HOPE for the best to happen.

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