Last summer, the so called “drones” appeared. Linda Moulton Howe and I soon confirmed that the photographs were real, both by what photo analysis could done, and by numerous interviews with witnesses, many of whom were willing to go on the record with their names.

There followed a barrage of drone videos on the internet, all except one of them fakes, and a website appeared that contained the claim that the photographs had been created by its author. But he refused to be interviewed, or to provide any indication of how he had done it. Largely, one would think, because he hadn’t.

There were further claims that the drones were viral marketing for the Transformers film. As I am making a movie with the filmmakers, I asked them if this was true. They said not, and, in the end, the images were in no way related to the film.

Subsequently, Linda Howe has continued to gather interviews, the most recent of which appears in the Dreamland of 06/07/08.

Then there were the Carat documents. These were furiously rebutted on the internet, but when I suggested that somebody create similar images, nobody responded. The reason that they did not respond is contained in a comment made by an engineer, Michael A. Reed of Reed Development Associates, who recently looked at them at Linda Howe’s request. He commented, “the things are so complex, they are a little mind boggling!”

This is why none of the people claiming both expertise as draftsmen and that the Carat images were frauds came forward to produce similar but differently constructed images. There were a few knockoffs of the Carat images, but that proves nothing. Anybody can recopy images and make a few changes with a simple drafting program.

I am leading in with all this because the purpose of these lies, and of the process now going on in England, where people are entering crop circles and secretly damaging them to make them appear manmade, have a purpose. It is the opposite of what I am going to be talking about here today.

The purpose is to deny you empowerment by making sure that you remain neutral about the circles, and thus do not embrace the gifts that they offer. My purpose is the opposite. It is possible to work with this imagery and with the circlemakers to gain the very power that government, which is allied with the negative side of the presence that is here, wants to deny you.

What is this power? Well, we don’t know yet. But the school has been opened, and our teachers are ready to go to work, and so are we.

Last summer, when I read in the Carat documents the amazing concept of “self-activating software,” I knew immediately that this is exactly what the crop circles are. They are activating something in our earth, and, fortunately, there is nothing that the forces of evil, largely embodied in government, its lying shills in the media, and farmers who destroy the circles as fast as possible, can do about this. This is because the effect is instantaneous, and by the time the destroyers reach a given circle, it’s already too late.

What are the circles doing to our planet, and therefore also to us? Again, we must wait and see, but I can assure you of this: the energy of this is as positive and life-affirming as government actions to suppress it are negative and death-dealing.

Why do I know this? Because, in the eleven years that I had ongoing contact with the enormously complex presence that I call “the visitors,” I learned a lot about triads, and how balancing of negative and positive forces leads to harmony.

I also learned that they are arrayed in three formats. Unlike a human being, who has a triune brain–a lower, reptilian brain in the R-complex, a higher emotional brain in the limbic system, and a third, reconciling brain in the neocortex, the grays, as we call them, are a much different form. Their evolutionary structure, indeed, is so old, that it belongs to an expression of life that was completed before anything was alive on earth at all.

The grays exist in three separate forms, a negative form, a positive form, and a reconciling form. A “gray” actually consists of three separate individuals, and you can see how these triads operate by reading my novel “The Grays.”

As a society, the grays are holographic, in the sense that this open triad is reflected at every level of social organization. This is why we sometimes encounter horribly negative grays, sometimes strikingly positive ones, and, at times, grays who seem more like us in the way they approach the world.

To add to this, they have also manipulated themselves biologically, so that there are grays who are, in varying degrees, brilliant machines rather than biological entities.

To say the least, a complex social organism, in a sense much more primitive than ours, and yet also, because of the time they have spent evolving, more experienced.

As a new biological form, we represent a gigantic, extraordinary new potential. Out of fear, the dark side of the grays will do anything to prevent this potential from usurping them–which, of course, it can never do. But it is the nature of the dark side to fear the unknown. The positive side is fascinated with the potential for innovation that we represent, and wants to help us, and is trying many different ways of engaging with us, among them and most importantly, the crop circle phenomenon. At present, the reconciling side is in a neutral stance, waiting to see, basically, if we let the dark side destroy us or embrace the positive side and go on to a new level of being.

My work is about balancing our relationship with the two sides. This is why I can publish “The Nye Incidents,” about some of the horrific things the dark side has done to terrorize us into turning away from the offerings of the positive side, and at the same time produce a blueprint for contact. We need to embrace the negative energy that the dark side presents us with, and we have a very effective way of doing that, by transforming it into entertainment. This enables us to engage the energy without allowing it to freeze us with fear, which is what it wants to do.

Of course, the more effectively we process it, the more terrible will be the challenge it presents us, and this has to be accepted as an inevitable consequence of not allowing it to win.

In order for us to succeed, we must at the same time that we process the negative energy, also engage with the positive side.

This is why a school has now opened its doors.

Let me tell you how this works. Last summer, as I alluded to above, I saw that the crop circles could be used as a tool of meditation, and I commented, specifically, that the concept of “self-activating software” in the Carat documents was what had given me the idea.

In my own meditation over the course of the winter, I asked for a response this summer that would help us further engage. And now, on June 5, what could be the most amazing crop circle ever formed has appeared at Barbury Castle. Not only does this circle express pi, it also contains clear allusions to certain angles that are present in the Carat documents.

In other words, it is at once communicating to us one of the most fundamental and mysterious principles in the universe, it is also affirming a connection with the Carat symbolism.

I think that this is a response to the efforts being made at our end to engage, and an acknowledgment of the importance of imprinting ourselves with this imagery, in order to extend the self-activating aspect of the forms into our own minds.

Now, this morning, another level of potential appeared. Just as I was getting out of bed at 7:00AM, a beautiful image suddenly appeared in my mind’s eye. (I have discussed how to open this eye in some of my earlier meditations, so those of you who are following them should be engaging in this practice often.) This was not a crop circle, at least, not one I have ever seen pictured, but it could certainly be one.

I sat on the bedside, keeping my attention on my body, and thus allowing the image to occupy my mind. It consisted of a complex circle of narrow golden lines, with a center of shorter lines drawn at various angles. I was able to apprehend the left side of the formation with my mind, but the right side was too complex, and I can only say that it was there, but it was beyond the ability of my visualization to realize, probably because it expressed itself across time in a way that our brains are not hard-wired to conceive–yet.

I am no artist, but I have drawn what I could comprehend of the image, and have reproduced it here.

I believe that this represents a new way of engaging us, with a direct effort to do to our minds what is being done to the planet itself. In effect, what is now on offer is that, if we engage through meditation with circle makers by exploring the imagery they are creating in the fields, they stand ready to support our efforts by injecting self-activating software directly into our brains.

What will be the consequences of this? I don’t know. But I didn’t know what would happen to me when I went out into the woods at night alone to confront the grays, and this isn’t as scary, so I am going to engage.

Those walks remain the foundation of my whole relationship with this unknown. If I had not challenged my fear, and their attempts to freeze me into inaction with it, I would never have ended up in a state of contact, which is the case now.

Of course, I don’t know whether or not the grays are entirely evil and all of this is just an elaborate trick. But here’s a surprise: I don’t WANT to know. This is because I can make use of the energies only if they are vibrant for me, and if I am sure, for example, that the dark side won’t really hurt me, the energy is gone.

I am by no means sure of this. In fact, based on my almost certain knowledge that, for example, human mutilations are a real–although, thankfully, rare–phenomenon, I DO think that the dark side could lash out at me at any time. I think that it is extremely dangerous, and not only that, that it is the active side of the triad at this time.

In other words, we must proactively seek to engage the positive side of the grays, but the negative side will come after us on its own initiative. But people who do this work have been called “adepts” in the past for a reason: you need to walk a fine line. Very fine, indeed. Respect the dark. Love the light.

Now, I would like to add something parenthetically about the people who are working for the dark side, either intentionally or unintentionally. They have a whole host of motives. Some of them act out of duty to their organizations. They’ve taken vows, they must follow orders. At a higher level, there are those who know about the terrific threats the grays have made, and they keep the secrets out of fear that, if they don’t, there will be horrendous consequences for them personally and for all mankind. And there are those who keep the secrets in order to gain from them, such as governments who are trading their peoples’ ignorance for technological gifts.

All of these people are at risk of losing their souls, no matter whether they are acting out of duty, conviction, fear or a combination of all three. Let me be very specific about this. After we die, a field remains that contains vast information, the whole content of a life, and often many lives. This conditional being has the potential to expand into ecstasy, or to contract into itself, unable to face the fire of innocence that is life at this level. It is possible to find one’s way out of this denied configuration, but it doesn’t happen often, and it is a terrible, terrible thing to have happen.

All of the keepers of the secrets, no matter how well intentioned, are at risk of this. So, fair warning. The discussions about ‘disclosure’ that are now taking place are much more important to the welfare of those who keep the secrets, thus engaging with the dark side, than those who are held in ignorance, or, like the meditation group on this website, seek conscious engagement.

Many people have already died with these secrets, and suffered the terrible consequences of having betrayed mankind in this way. Some, such as Colonel Jesse Marcel, General Arthur Exon and the person who released the Carat documents, have sensed their peril and attempted to right the wrong they have done mankind, and free themselves.

It’s time for everybody to free themselves. We can engage, as a species, with the grays. This document offers an efficient template for doing so. Because any of us are ready–and a few certainly are–all of us are ready. And not a moment too soon, because we are in a race. Our planetary environment is deteriorating fast, and with it our ability to maintain the kind of advanced social structures that are essential for turning a conscious face to our visitors.

Time and chance waiteth for no man.

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