We are unable to provide a recording of the video meeting that was held on June 27. We did the sensing exercise and discussed both an audio of William Segal that has been discovered and the apparent use of a pulsed beam weapon during NASA Shuttle Mission STS-48. The audio presented here contains the William Segal material, and the video the shuttle mission tape in question. We are also providing this link to the discussion of this weapon by Dr. Jack Kasher.

William Segal was a long time member of the Gurdjieff Foundation and Whitley and Anne’s teacher in the foundation for many years. He was an artist and Zen practitioner as well as being a major factor in the Gurdjieff Work. Before World War II, he had been a student of the famed Zen master D.T. Suzuki. It was work with Mr. Segal that led Whitley and Anne many years later to their work with the visitors, which continues for both of them to this day. You can get a DVD of Ken Burns’ wonderful documentary Seeing, Searching, Being about Mr. Segal on Amazon. It contains a meditation that is very powerful. It is also available on Amazon Prime. Mr. Segal’s book, Openings, is also available in our store.

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