Second, or electric body is the mediator between our physical selves and our souls. When it is healthy, that strength extends into both soul and body. Here, Whitley takes us through a meditation designed to strengthen it.


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  1. Alas, missing the password to join today’s Zoom encuentro. First time it’s been required, and can find it appearing anywhere. If there’s one needed for next week, could it be shown on the video meeting page, por favor? Hasta prontito! Best wishes.

  2. Was not able to access this video. It took me to YouTube I logged in and couldn’t find it by the title. How would I be able to get the video?

  3. The video is hosted on YouTube for streaming on Unknowncountry. You do not need to log in to YouTube to watch it. Simply click on the red arrow in the center of the video that appears after you click on our link and the video will run. You will not be able to find it by searching YouTube as it is a restricted file, for use of our subscribers only.

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