In this meeting, Whitley talks about the strange sounds he posted on this week’s Dreamland and answers questions. Then we do the sensing exercise together.

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  1. Once after I had looked after a friend for three months who had cancer and died of it while I was with him appeared sometime later in a dream. I was so happy to see him. I don´t remember our conversation, except that just when I was waking up he said `I don´t look like the Robeto you knew any more. But I made myself appear like that so you would know it was me.`

  2. Hi, Whitley-
    I listened to this with earbuds & especially towards the end there’s some static. I can hear speech imbedded in it, although it’s hard to make out. I wonder if this is another broadcast crossing yours, or ???
    I can also hear words embedded in the noise of your night recordings. Your name is spoken & something about your waking up. I’m going to listen some more & will get back to you about what I can hear.
    Although this isn’t EVP, any kind of noise in a recording can function as a space for communication to be imbedded, I find. I sometimes get “messages” in static on poor quality answering machine messages, around the speech. I’ve gotten several from someone who claims to be “an alien from space”, “an a-1 alien; I really am” etc., but I don’t think a real visitor would say that – or would they? The trouble with EVP is that you never know what who you’re hearing, & people can easily impersonate other people

  3. Dear Whitley, I believe what you think is another Whitley is in reality your Christ Self. As you know we are in truth spirits, experiencing being humans in this world.
    I had an experience in which I saw myself hovering in front of my body as a globe of bright light, a bit larger than my body. And other bodies were laying on either side of mine. Also with bright globes of light hovering in front of their bodies.
    It was in a huge hall, filled with bodies laying down next to each other, and globes of light in front of them.
    We were so happy, like school children during a pause in a school play.
    I heard loud laughter and saw and heard two beings of light communicating. One said to the other ´Today when we were down there in our biological robot suits I got so angry at you, I almost punched you out.` `Yes I know, replied the other, `I was about to punch you in the face.`
    Then they burst out laughing as the image of two biological robots getting at each other looked hilarious from our point of view.
    So even though on earth ´down there´ as men they hated each other, Back Stage where we all met while our bodies slept they were the best of friends.
    We all knew how hard it was to participate in God´s plan to bring the joy we had `there` in oneness with God to earth, so also the souls of the humans would have our joy. It took a tremendous courage and love to experience being but a human and all that entails. But we went `down there`anyway after the bodies had slept and we entered them, opening the bodies´eyes. We knew we couldn´t fail, as the love of God in us was invincible.

    1. PS
      When I was back in my body in the morning earth time, I heard a voice say `It is one of the rules that you remember only a silhouette of what you experienced.`
      So the images I remember are symbolic. Like the light symbolizes pure divine awareness. And the `hall` symbolizes another not physical reality. But in this world I can only think and remember in forms, so that is what I was given me to remember.

  4. We are very powerful entities. Just discovering a tiny bit of our potential as shown in the marvelous `Superhumanfilm` I enjoyed watching today.
    We can make ourselves appear wherever we want in human appearance. As the spirit imaginators we are as extensions of the Imaginator Creator.

  5. PS
    We also make the environments in which we appear appear. As symbolized in this world by film makers who create detailed completely real looking worlds using digital software.

    1. And those creating virtual reality software and gear… So realistic one forgets it´s not the `real` world.
      And also this is a virtual reality…

  6. Dear Whitely….and you are quite dear to me…I’m wondering. About 10 years ago, after a family tragedy I went to a Brennen Healer for help to sort through it all. Well, the healer saved my life and opened up a whole new world for me. One of the books she requested I read was, Dancing in the Shadows of the Moon, by Machelle Small Wright. It was a game changer and started me on the path of discovery and recovery. I incorporate her teachings into my daily life and it changed forever who I am. So Im wondering if you know of her? Read her books? She talks of the other reality that she visits daily and at will. She talks of it as you do, being earth but not quite earth, and the more she visited, the more expanded and stronger that reality became. She uses the knowledge from this other reality to help her followers navigate life. Do you know about her work? And if you do, do you think this is similar to your experience?

    1. I would like to echo your comments about Machelle Small Wright’s very influential and life-changing books. Besides the ones you referenced about the other reality, I would like to share how grateful I am to have been using her healing modality called MAP which stands for Medical Assistance Program since 2003–life-changing is an understatement.

  7. What if the two Whitley’s are not separate souls but extensions of a single Whitley soul? A Whitley Over/Soul?
    And the Whitley Over/Soul has extended itself into multiple time streams across an unlimited number of receptacles capturing sensation.
    Perhaps the Whitley Over/Soul is doing it own version of the Sensing Exercise? It puts its attention on one part its body, then another. The Over/Soul that is sensing the Whitley here turns its attention to the other Whitley riding the bike in Santa Monica. There is no transition between souls. Just the moving of attention to another part of the greater body.

  8. I wonder if the mirror universe has any connection to the five dimensional reality shift that some people speak of? I don’t know what the connection would be, but just thought I would put it out as an idea. Some people honestly feel we are moving from a three dimensional world into a five dimensional one at this present time and in the next few years. I am bearing it in mind for the time being. We certainly are going through something.

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