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Growing through a childhood filled with anomalous experiences, Suzanne Cunningham walked the road her soul chose for her. After an out-of-body/NDE in her early 20’s, she went on to have a spontaneous Kundalini opening. As is sometimes the case, the experience left her struggling through a spiritual emergency that forced her to come to terms with her gifts and deal with a difficult childhood. Beginning her journey with A Course in Miracles and studying everything she could to bring her deeper insight and understanding, Suzanne eventually sought out an advanced spiritual mentor and found her in Rev. Sheila Applegate, MSW, an internationally known teacher, healer and psychic. Switching gears and ultimately leaving her career in high-end fashion, Suzanne continued to read, study and challenge herself with an emphasis on spirituality, healing, energy, and consciousness.

Suzanne has been a Reiki Master Teacher and practitioner since 2006. After graduating from massage school in 2014, Suzanne focused solely on her Reiki practice, bringing to it the professional foundation of her massage school training. She developed a passion for teaching Reiki to first responders and massage therapists, knowing that they spend most of their lives supporting the physical health and well-being of the people they serve but that they also swim in a sea of unseen and unrecognized energies. Supporting those that support their communities is an important value, and she willingly shares her knowledge with anyone interested in exploring energy and its effects on our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies.
Her commitment to reaching into the unknown with faith and courage, using her personal experiences to connect and help others, and spending time with cutting-edge thought leaders and teachers continues today.

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  1. Interesting personal experiences that transform and inspire the experiences. Thks for this interview!

  2. I listened to this interview today and really enjoyed it. Great work Trish and Rob! And Suzanne thanks for sharing your work and experience!

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