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Andrew Macpherson is a world-renowned photographer working in Hollywood. His first book, Two Million Miles, was published in 2006 and it showcased his photographs working with the top fashion magazines such as Vogue and Bazaar as well as many of the icons of the entertainment industry. His work has regularly appeared on album and magazine covers and movie posters. It can also be seen on his Instagram feed, @andrewmacpherson_official, and on his two websites below.

Born in London, England, he dedicated himself to photography the year his mother died, when he was thirteen. He surprised his father by telling him that she was going to die when his father came to tell him the news at school. His experience with Spirit came again when at eighteen he spontaneously channeled the spirit of his deceased godfather at the gathering after his funeral. After that there was a long gap of quiet until he reached twenty-six, then a floodgate of experiences and dreams opened his eyes to the mystery that contains all that is known. Following that he kept encountering other people whose lives had been changed or influenced by Spirit, and that, combined with his ongoing experiences, inspired him to write A Question of Spirit.

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  1. What a delight your chat with Andrew has been. The three of you flow so well together and the stories you have are deeply thought provoking. Andrew has such a vivid manner of recounting events. Like all of you of course, Jude was wonderful last week; in complete agreement! Thanks for this interview. I’m off to get Andrews’ book:)

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