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Adrian Ross Duncan, an astrologer and author who lives in Copenhagen. His books are “Doing Time on Planet Earth” and “Astrology: Transformation and Empowerment.” He has also developed several astrology apps. His website at AstroWow features provocative articles on current affairs.

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  1. Stopped listening after the show went political. I really question the validity of a astrologer who is so clueless about the big picture. The hosts now show their true colours. Need to do the research to fully understand just how destructive the current regime is in DC. Mainstream media is feeding you and yours just what they want you to hear.
    Don’t know if I will listen again to your podcast as your legitimacy is on question.

      1. This episode applies a scientific view of the upheaval our country has endured. The work offers a welcome shift from the emotional to the cerebral. Many many thanks to the hosts & guest.

    1. Don’t you hate when people you like throw their politics in it and you have to completely unsubscribe to everything? Then Trish responds rudely. I guess I’ll stop listening too and stick to my Linda moulton Howe show.

  2. Also stopped listening as who needs to hear about more politics these days? No thanks. Always liked this show but not this!

  3. I was surprised to hear politics over several minutes but since l agree with the politics, I’ll stick around. Were it right wing, l would unsubscribe. It’s sad we’re so politically divided. TRISH, what was the word at ~55:14 when the guest said ‘yes that’s the word I’m looking for?’

  4. Politics impact how we live at every level. So why is it so terrible and offensive to talk about it? I’ll have to go back to that 55:14 mark and take a listen. You’ve got me curious about it.

  5. I’ve listened to this several times from 55 on and don’t hear that yes. Off to try once more.

  6. What I hear him saying is about the confluence of planets in capricorn last year (which would have been 2020) that emphasizes autocracy – but he doesn’t use the word emphasize.

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