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WARNING: This episode gets a little bit sexually graphic. Listener discretion is advised.

In the 4th and final installment of the Wakeup Points series, "Bob From NJ" turns the tables on Jeremy and starts interviewing the host about some of his spiritual experiences. People have them, of course, but the question asked here is: Do we need to wake up into a fuller definition of ourselves or should we retain our humanity as is? Then, Bob tells his remarkable and miraculous experience of surviving a major stroke.

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  1. “We murder, hurt and destroy
    “We murder, hurt and destroy each other, but on the other hand we are immortal, invincible beings and can hack it. God also knows we can handle it. Only our bodies hurt, and they are mere machines, not us. The soul we convey is ultimately not damaged or eradicated. Pain is not the reason why we are here, but it is part of the collateral damage of living in the ever changing physical domain. Compassion helps us surmount the pain while retaining a physical form (or reincarnating form). It brings us closer to others, and is a valuable lesson to behold”.

    That’s one perspective.

  2. Speaking of colors, I ran
    Speaking of colors, I ran across this lecture on lasers…

    When differing frequencies (representing different colors and energies) are focused on a confluence in such a way that they produce a concentrated, brief pulse of high frequency laser light, the field of lasers has begun to delve into the quantum realms. Eventually, I believe that time will be stopped by a laser pulse of sufficient brevity, and it will strike a chord that resonates with the very quick of the fabric of timelessness. Tallying differing frequencies so they produce a focused, combined synthesis is the means by which this may be accomplished. All that is required is enough accumulated frequencies, and a focal point.

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