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If it is true that paying attention to Super Natural phenomena revs it up in one’s life, then does the quality of that attention count? Does contact happen from out of the depths of attention? Can even holding a deep conversation about Mystery, whatever that is for you, create or rekindle high strangeness phenomena in your life? 

This week, we’ll talk to "Jueno," a returning guest who had a rekindling of contact, which he attributes to having spoken openly on this show!

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  1. I to have precognitive
    I to have precognitive dreams. Also strange thing today i was thinking perhaps talking about experiences can activate them, then i go to Unknown Country and low and behold the shows is about exactly what i was thinking about.

  2. I like this guest. If I was
    I like this guest. If I was ever part of a roundtable discussion (hint, Jeremy, HINT), I’d like him to be there.

    A few comments related to the show:

    I’ve also had the rapid fire flashes of faces experience, several times but not recently. I don’t think there were any aliens in the lineup, though. Like Jeremy, I did not feel like they were looking at me specifically, nor did they seem to try to convey any message. I have no idea what that might mean, but it’s literally like dozens if not hundreds of mug shots whizzing by at about 3 or 4 per second.

    Interesting discussion about things happening for a reason vs. for a purpose. That triggered in me the thought that many of these things are like reminders to us incarnated as humans that we’re more than what we seem to be here, and what other limited minds would have us believe. Each time they happen, it’s like saying, “remember, don’t forget who you really are.” I’ve read many times the idea that there are ascended beings who voluntarily incarnate here to go on a mission, so to speak, but in doing so there is a danger that they will descend back into the cycle of reincarnation and lose their ascended status. If that’s true, maybe those of us who have these bona fide strange experiences are some of those beings, and the closer we get to getting trapped here, the more reminders we need and receive? Perhaps fewer of these experienced as life goes on mean we don’t need them as much?

    I’m inclined to differentiate things, like synchronicities and other paranormal occurrences, from something like a waking experience with physical non-humans, landed craft, etc. While there’s probably a strong relationship, the non-human encounter probably has a more direct, practical purpose. Like, can we really attribute a physical extraction of semen involving the use of some kind of anal stimulator to be just more of that ole’ Trickster? I don’t think so, but the Trickster idea might be an acceptable metaphor for the synchronistic and other phenomena. Those would be the kind that don’t leave a mark, implant, or other trace evidence like soil that become barren.

    Regarding how whatever causes marginal phenomena now includes things that involve our technology (like computers), I thought of the explanatory analogy of life as an interactive movie (a simplification of the Matrix, if you will). Imagine sitting in the first row of a theater, and the image projected is so real looking that it’s almost impossible to conceive that it’s not independently real. It’s so captivating that few people can even begin to turn around to see the projector or where they really are, in fact many specifically refuse to do so. Sometimes those running the show flit quickly around in between the screen and the projector, and as such we might notice disturbing shadows and other things that are hard to explain given how immersed we are in the show and how we have deduced the projected “reality” works. Just like a shadow in a theater, it doesn’t so much matter what was on the screen at the time. Now our show includes technology, computers, and so forth, so the “phenomena” appear there as well. That may be a rough analogy, but it kind of makes sense to me.

    Jueno’s precognitive dream immediately reminded me of the symbolic flavor of at least 2 such dreams that I’ve had, the first predicting the death of my mother followed months later by me having a stroke and also the quick and lasting recovery from the stroke; and the second predicted an illness I had last year. When I had the dreams, I knew they meant something, but they are so artfully constructed that (IMO) they’re not really warnings (because it’s very difficult to know exactly what they mean until after the fact) but rather they are reassuring that it’s not all random shit happening to you.

    Finally, in another parallel with Jueno, I spent about a year of my life deeply involved with a woman who shared my interest in UFOs and the paranormal, with whom genuinely strange things would happen, and who did have some kind of psychic talent. But who also was a little bit crazy I think (probably not schizophrenic, but maybe having a sometimes light hold on demonstrable reality), and eventually I couldn’t deal with that and other aspects of our relationship. I knew I had to start separating myself from her, despite how intriguing our lives were sometimes when we were together, and I’m glad I got out in the year timeframe. My sympathies to Jueno for his near 20 year episode. In an oblique way, there was even an element similar to the split from religion that Jueno mentioned. Although Jeremy seemed skeptical, I don’t doubt that Jueno’s woman had some genuine psychic communication regarding 9/11 about to happen, even though her compulsion to contact Whitley Strieber would have accomplished nothing at all. Schizophrenia might simply be WAY too big a crack in that cosmic egg that Whitley and Anne coined as a concept, but that doesn’t mean everything perceived through that crack is insane.

  3. Here’s a weird synchronicity
    Here’s a weird synchronicity I had today whilst listening to the show!
    I was on my way home from a friends birthday party the night before and was listening to the show on my MP3 player whilst looking out the train window.
    I noticed the Sun looked particulary white shining through some clouds, so I was looking at a particular cloud gathering. Whilst Jueno was talking about Larry King and John Edward and his friend’s 9/11 predictions and wanting to talk to Whitley, I looked at a cloud formation which had dark grey clouds. Within them was a perfectly formed representation of the Communion cover picture made of dark cloud whisps within a white visitor head shape! It was so clear and detailed with even an expression on the face around the mouth and lips! It remained in detail for only a couple of seconds before the clouds moved and the image melted away.
    I’m aware how ridiculous this sounds, but 1. what are the chances a cloud would form such a specific face (it had the big almond eyes in dark cloud)
    2. That I should see it whilst listening to The Experience
    3. That I should see it at all. If I had looked a couple of seconds later I wouldn’t have seen it, as it formed then disappeared, moving as clouds do.
    I know it’s easy to see shapes and faces in clouds, but this was so blatant and detailed that I didn’t have to try and force it to look like The Visitor on the cover of Communion, it was clearly that face.

  4. I hope I understood this
    I hope I understood this correctly…Jueno’s friend and the Larry King/John Edward interview…Jueno indicated that John Edward had repeated ‘Gemini’ several times during the interview with Larry King. John Edward is a well-known psychic/channeler. Jueno’s friend kept repeating ‘The Twins’ and felt a need to contact Whitley Strieber. There are layers of meaning about this, seeing that it occurred just prior to 911. Of course, there was the destruction of the Twin Towers (World Trade Center), but I think it is also interesting that Whitley happens to be a Gemini.

    Jueno is correct about paying attention. So many people basically allow lots of things to just blow past them, and it’s a shame. Intent is also important, but just having a strong desire is talk to aliens may be missing the mark…

    Friday night, November 3rd, it was clear here and there was a lovely full moon. My partner and i were watching TV when the sounds of owls hooting came down and were amplified by our chimney and fireplace. Since we wanted to keep the dog calm, my partner stayed on the sofa and kept the dog quiet, as I slipped out the front door and walked around to the side of my house. Sure enough, there were two Great Horned owls sitting on the chimney having a conversation. Although it was dark, the moon illuminated the rooftop nicely and you could see the outlines of the owls distinctly. We then switched off, I stayed inside with the dog, and my partner went outside to check out the owls. He came back in a few minutes later, confirming that there were, indeed, two Great Horned owls out there, and he was pretty impressed by it all! We both were aware that the owls were aware of us when we went outside to see them. The owl tete a tete went on for quite a while, but as it grew late, it was also time for the dog to have one more romp outside before bedtime. Our dog is small, and I was reluctant to let her outside with two efficient night-time hunters sitting on our chimney. I told my partner that i was going to go back outside and politely ask our visitors to leave. After I got outside, I looked up for the last time and just asked in a normal voice, “What are ya’ll up to?” They took one last look at me and flew off. That’s not the strange part. They were followed by golden streak of light! THAT was totally unexpected.

    So, yesterday (Saturday, November 4th) we attended a local powwow gathering in Austin. I’ve been to them before, and for some reason I am deeply touched when the singers, the dancing, and the drums begin. I am so touched, that I always end up crying like crazy for at least the first half hour or so. I quite literally feel the vibration and power behind it all. When they ask for audience participation, I am usually the first one to leave the stands and go down and join them in dancing in a big circle.

    Today, I listened to ‘The Experience’ and the first story that Jueno tells involves the ghost of a Native American…And, it turns out the Jueno is also Native American!

    Coincidences? Reason? Purpose? I don’t know, but I do know that being aware and in the moment adds flavor and richness to life, and life is only mundane if that’s your preferred viewing of it all.

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