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This week we conclude our 4-part descent into chaos with Ian, who discovers in the words of a nature spirit the secret to the way out of chaos.

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  1. Amazing! imo, the guest
    Amazing! imo, the guest outlines the pitfalls of moving into/dealing with 4th Dimensional beings, but illustrates, in the end, how a purely motivated heart can overcome them. I love the way he is not fooled by many of the beings he encounters, despite the fact that he desires a certain outcome so much. He still sees thru their illusions. So was the cat an alter of the woman who was offering him shelter? Seems like the cat provided a portal into 4D. As for calling on “demons” to “help” one — never a good idea, imo. Perhaps, Solomon had some major issues with how he obtained and kept his power. Also, I actually think the being he feared — Kali — was there to help him — perhaps advising him to purge himself of his illusions — or suffer purging in the “Great Cleansing”.

    1. Right on in regard to Kali
      Right on in regard to Kali

    2. “As for calling on “demons”
      “As for calling on “demons” to “help” one — never a good idea, imo. Perhaps, Solomon had some major issues with how he obtained and kept his power.”

      The Solomonic Grimoires (magic books) are not actually written by King Solomon and there is, as of yet, no indication that there was a historical Solomon at all. Nor are the books and the spirits therein the devils of the old testament per say. They are more often nature spirits (elves, dryads, gnomes, sylphs,ect), the minor Gods of Greece and Egypt and (probably) the spirits or ghosts of folk heroes.

      However there is much to be said of stories of fallen angels who taught humanity the skills of culture and were later deemed as “devils” and “demons” in the pejorative term. It should also be noted that the word “demon” simply means spirit and is analog to the word “Genius” which is also the latin root for the word Genie. In Islam Genie or “Jinn” are spirits made of smokeless fire and parallel farie folklore perfectly. See how that all dovetails into one another?

      While there are dangers in dealing with spirits, be they elves or ghosts, our culture vastly over-emphasizes this perceived danger into cartoon proportions. Also, the spirits are all around us so You don’t need to call upon them with an arcane ritual to cause problems in your life or scare the bejezus out of you. In fact, one is potentially at more of a danger by ignoring them and the art and craft of interacting with and respecting them.

      as an aside, I’ve always been fond of Kali and have always been particularly fond of her incarnation as Durga. Good questions all around tho!

      you may find this book quite interesting:


  2. Engrossing.

  3. Most interesting set of show
    Most interesting set of show yet! Thanks!

  4. It sounds like instead of
    It sounds like instead of ‘demons’, perhaps Ian is really referencing The Daemon, something quite different. Anthony Peake wrote an excellent book a few years ago entitled, ‘The Daemon: A Guide to Your Extraordinary Secret Self.’ It sounds like Ian is very much in touch with his own ‘Daemon’ and has been for many years.

    Kali is a force of destruction, but also that of creation. Often things, concepts, and ideas must be destroyed before some new thing, concept, or idea can come into being—that would also include our sense of reality, which is currently totally grounded in duality. It does appear that Ian is getting to that point where he is beginning to understand the connectedness of ALL. (Spider webs are a huge clue here. They can also be thought of as grids connecting everything. As the Lakota might say in prayer, ‘Mitakuye oyasin’, ‘All my relations.’)

    I find it interesting that we take our own unique paths of discovery, yet many questions are still left open, as they should be. Much of what Ian reports in his experiences are important archetypes, yet presented in ways unique to Ian and his life, as so many of us can attest about ourselves and our own unusual experiences in the Web or Grid. This was by far the most interesting of the 4 episodes, because I feel that we finally got to the ‘heart’ of Ian.

  5. First, i want to thank Ian
    First, i want to thank Ian for doing these shows.

    His recounting paralleled his journey – that “life is a process”, clarity takes a willingness to proceed and be true to oneself…etc. At times i wasn’t sure Ian didn’t “enhance” his story… but there is so much detail AND the end clearly brought it all together.

    Jeremy, your way of walking with him and allowing him the time – 4 weeks gave us time to process as well.

    Seems that every life seeks meaning and purpose and “discovers for oneself” through the convolutions chosen. Perhaps the meaning and purpose is the seeking… hmmm….. Amazingly unique allowing us to come to ourselves and find our essence…and discover how alike we are.

    Raising question about time… is it “real” or merely “perceived” so that we can process?

  6. Lovely! The ending is the
    Lovely! The ending is the call that takes us through all that stuff to get to. I think of the alchemy salamander in the fire.

  7. Time is running out. The old
    Time is running out. The old ways of thinking are over, embrace free energy now, or soon all else turns to dust as the earth goes through anouther cycle done before. Poll shift and many things will happen beyond our imagination tic tock the Master on the dock. What are we to do, rely on the source within you. All were born with solutions to all problems yet the BIG want to stop the natural prosses we were born with. So they lose, nothing can stop the natural order of it all.

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