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We pick up our conversation from last week with "Norm", who takes us into the high strangeness experiences that populate the spiritual paths he travels.

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  1. Thank you Norm for sharing a
    Thank you Norm for sharing a lifelong history of exceptional/highly attuned awareness. Being in the moment and carefully evaluating life as it happens seems to be something you have achieved. This should be something we ALL reach for. The understanding of our environment and the place we call home; taking advantage of many opportunities given to all of us to grow in spirit.

    Planet Earth…….An excellent neighborhood for growth and,”TO GROW UP IN.”

    People such as yourself will probably be the first to have awareness of the next great leap in consciousness.

    Posted from Whitley’s Journal……..

    “So now we move into 2018 and a new world. In 2018, according to what I believe I have been told, we will both come to face the reality that we are part of a much larger and more complex phenomenon of intelligent consciousness than we supposed, which includes us, people from other worlds, and intelligence outside of time. We will also, in 2018, realize that our planet is establishing a new climate regime that is going to be a tremendous challenge for us.”

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  2. I hope you can get Norm back
    I hope you can get Norm back for a 3-peat! Maybe a 4-peat! Great interview. As usual.

  3. Just a note to say I enjoyed
    Just a note to say I enjoyed Norm’s shows. Thanks.

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