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What sort of a world do psychically awakened people see? Is there consensus reality there?How do they maneuver in it? This week we will be talking to Matt, a man with an ability to heal using psychic means. How does he do it? What is he experiencing? All of these questions and more are answered, as we explore the psychic and subtle realms together with a trusted and knowledgeable guide. 

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  1. What an utterly fascinating
    What an utterly fascinating conversation! Thank you. I only wish I could read a book or booklet by this gentleman in which he delves more into his experiences and insights — but that would reveal his identity. Ha!

    For now, I marvel in the vision of billions of spiritual entities of various types, will try out the obsidian tip, wish I knew more about how to guard against spirits that use dark magic, and, most of all — I will focus on having fun! “I shall not want”. 🙂

  2. Really great show, very
    Really great show, very insightful Matt made a lot of great observations I enjoyed hearing his thoughts. I found the part about the cyclical nature of positive and negative energy a very comforting thought considering how stressful the world has kind of been to live in lately.

    As for the psychic underground community you alluded too, Matt didnt seem to be aware of such a thing but there did indeed used to be something similar, though perhaps not as organized as one would expect. Back in the nineties there were lots of online forums and groups available to people where we would share our experiences with astral projection, energy work, magic, there was never a true consensus as is the nature of the experience but there were definitely some similar themes that we all could agree on. I learned a lot from those communities, you could train with others and there were even places where you could find instructional material to develop your skills and abilities and I feel a lot of us did a lot of good in those days, we certainly used our skills to fight the good fight as it were, though personally now being older and a man of knowledge and peace I feel a lot of those efforts may have ultimately been misguided.

    To my knowledge most of those places are gone now, or at least I no longer know how to access them. I think most of the people envolved went their separate ways over time. There was a lot of ego in that culture and I think that is what ultimately led to their downfall.

  3. I’m going to keep this short
    I’m going to keep this short and simple. Based on my own experiences, the things i have seen, and the messages conveyed to me, including from those other lives I am aware that I am living now, i agree with Matt 100%. We’re on the same page….

  4. Good interview, but if 98% of
    Good interview, but if 98% of entities are benign and helping to stop excess negative energy polluting the world, it seems like driving them away with black obsidian would be a bad idea?

    1. The obsidian does not drive
      The obsidian does not drive the energies away…It gives personal protection, and prevents them from attaching to you. Black is the absence of light, and therefore might confer a layer of invisibility. So, they are still there, doing their job, only without dragging you into it…

      1. *edited because i misread*
        *edited because i misread*

  5. Hey Jeremy,
    “Matt” sounds

    Hey Jeremy,
    “Matt” sounds like the man. i will be with him 100% on entities. From personal experience, I have had pictures enter my mind of horrific images. I have to shake these images off from time to time. I also “believe” that they prompt folks with bad tempers.
    Ive always thought that feeders looked like octopus and attach with tentacles along the spine. Ive never really seen any of this. Its just an idea.
    Footnote: my pooch Jasmine whispered in my ear after her death… Live in Joy.

  6. Dali Lama/The Matrix/Frank
    Dali Lama/The Matrix/Frank Sinatra/Funny Utensils: “If you can meditate here, you can meditate anywhere, it’s up to you, No Spork No Spork….”

  7. I noticed that I was
    I noticed that I was censored, apparently by the system, when I added a comment about dietary considerations (which were lightly discussed during the show). I can see how my opinion might be regarded as medical advice, so I understand why it was done if that was the case. It might be part of the new website configuration on Unknown Country. On the other hand, with recent hacking attempts, I am wondering if something was overwritten on the site. Please explain to me what happened, if you know.

  8. Wish I knew something about
    Wish I knew something about the Pleiadians, because I don’t! However, is it possible they live on an Exoplanet much like ours, and they have one foot in the astral, and another in the “normal physical”, that we exist in? Certainly, if one visited there, life might seem very different. But maybe not so different from here, as far as physicality is concerned. Maybe one does not have to originate in an interdimensional realm in order to travel the astral. It also occurs to me that Pleiadians might live on different astral layers of a planet, as entities, and therefore if we came there in a craft to visit and beheld their planet, using our current physical form, we might see virtually nothing of their presence. Such a scenario might be a test of our developmental progress.

    1. Mace,
      If you would like to


      If you would like to learn about the Pleiadians, I recommend ‘Alchemy of Nine Dimensions’ by Barbara Hand Clow. The title of the book is a clue about the Pleiadians. While I have had all kinds of (ongoing) strangeness in my life, I have not had any ‘contact’ with Pleiadians, that i am aware of (ha, ha). As with so much that I study, read about, and experience in my life, I’m a fence-sitter on this one, but ‘Alchemy of Nine Dimensions’ is a compelling read, nevertheless.

      As for the technical problems that you are having with ‘Unknown Country’, I have had similar issues in the past, and they come and go. I can always tell when it is a ‘real’ problem with the site itself, or some ‘third-party’ intrusively insinuating itself by interfering with what I have to say. I have never told anyone about this before, but one time when this happened here at Unknown Country, I got angry, and said out loud to whatever was causing the problem, to “Knock it off!”. i was rewarded immediately with a bloody nose! That was the first and ONLY time in my life I have had a bloody nose.

      1. Hi COSMIC. Sorry you got a
        Hi COSMIC. Sorry you got a bloody nose.

        I actually read Barbra Hand Clow’s book a number of years ago, after it was newly minted. I found myself shaking my head in disbelief over the idea that “God’s mind is the 8th dimension, which travels the Universe as free consciousness at the speed of light”.

        I’m hearing that some interloper has been wrecking havoc on the site, probably that “unauthorized message” was involved. Anyhow, I wanted to say that excess salt may induce rigidity in the body, and these may manifest as dark patches of energy as seen by a psychic. American food especially has excess salt commonly added. I have found that by reducing salt intake I speed up my metabolism and lose weight. Moderate salt intake is perhaps best.

  9. I wanted to hear some
    I wanted to hear some examples of inflammation foods…

    1. I’d also like to hear more
      I’d also like to hear more about the subject. I was trying to make out what Matt was saying when he “went to a woman with a ‘——‘ machine” to get tested for what disagreed with him… couldn’t make out that word. Sorry to sidetrack the more interesting discussion about psychics with questions about the barely alluded to subject of weight loss!

  10. Matt sounds very similar to
    Matt sounds very similar to Whitley (did you notice)?
    Very nice energy & great information.
    Thanks Jeremy!

  11. great show; great
    great show; great information!

  12. ***Post Duplicated above
    ***Post Duplicated above

  13. Fascinating. Would love to
    Fascinating. Would love to read a book by the author. Please have him on again. I would like to hear about some of the cases he’s worked on.

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