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It’s time to do some Spring cleaning–and that includes how we think about ourselves, time, aliens, inter-dimensional beings, and the notion of futuristic advancement in the age of our dying. This is a punchy solo episode. Get ready.

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  1. Years ago I walked into a
    Years ago I walked into a health food store in rural Pennsylvania. The place looked straight out of the 1800’s; wood floors, wood counters, natural light. I said “Wow, I feel like I stepped 500 years into the future.” The owner’s said “The future, or the past?” I said “No, the future. You think that crap is gonna last forever?”

  2. “The age of our dying”?
    “The age of our dying”? Reality as we know it (kind of) is shifting and something new is coming in. I’m not saying a new-agey-kumbaya kind of new, but perhaps a maturing of humanity, or what’s left of it into a re-birth or starting over, perhaps leading to revisiting ‘The Great Integrity’ (the Tao) that Lao Tzu spoke about. And if we stay in the physical, we’ll still be working in linear time, but perhaps with a different perspective of what that means. Maybe we have it all wrong when we look at linear time as some kind of ‘trap’ that we need to escape from. If there are ‘aliens’, they envy us this lovely home called ‘Earth’. And Earth will go on with or without us. I find that comforting, although it is not my preference.

    On a personal level, I confess to moments of panic when taking in the news of the day(yikes!), but at the end of that day I truly no longer feel trapped. I am here because I chose to be here, and I truly sense that more and more. I don’t even see the ‘matrix’ or ‘program’ as something I have no control over, but as something I am part of as a co-creator—along with all of you on this island in the Universe called ‘Earth’.:-)

  3. Jeremy, i will try to redo
    Jeremy, i will try to redo what i tried to post but got “Ajax…” which wouldn’t allow it.

    Thank you for sharing this stream of consciousness of the journey… It is good to hear you walk through the processing. . Sharing hasn’t always been easy for me, particularly since i don’t have the clarity you have.

    The journey feels singular, because the specifics differ for each person.
    The willingness to raise questions and take the time to come to a place where there may be an answer, and that answer may be temporary…
    or there is no single answer…
    or perhaps no answer at all… i
    is quite alone.

    Even sharing questions and the journey can be difficult for others – because they want a place of surety… security.
    I have come to places where i put it all aside because i didn’t like or want that which i was facing.
    So i just slowed things down (walk really slow rather run a dash)
    until i came to a place
    within which i was able to “handle the question and the answer”
    so far.

    It seems to threaten those who have a greater need – for answers that fit the current culture…. just to hear such questions asked. I admit, it is always an individual journey. We are different – yet not different. There is overlap.

    The willingness to wrestle and live with these type of questions… may well be “wrestling with an angel.” The gift comes all throughout the process: in discomfort, fear, refusal to move or think about it anymore, keep it completely to oneself, sharing ….etc. Perhaps… the gift is the process.
    Some of this is really coming to “know thyself.”
    Some of it is coming to know the “greater reality” outside and including our self.
    Some is easy and
    some forces us to “live in the current” until we come to a new awareness
    or become part of the current itself.

    I call it a “spiritual” journey. Others can call it whatever they wish. I doesn’t matter.
    It is probably the work of this lifetime… for me. The hardest part is that so few can be told directly without getting lots of negative feedback. That is why you and Whitley are so important… your walk your journeys, invite us to listen and walk with you as long as we wish… and don’t require us to believe or understand… just to walk together a while. Just to “be there now.” Thank you I also thank all the questions and posters, as this site has provided a place to “belong” for a while and be accepted.

    P.S. the Oneness experience is unique for each one. It comes when it comes, cannot be forced or expected. I suspect it happens when one is “ready”… perhaps “empty”… not seeking it at all, nor seeking fulfillment, satisfaction, etc… It seems it comes in a moment of ” just being”

    It is all gift… and work…. for all the folks at this site Thank you.

  4. I once read in a book by one
    I once read in a book by one of the abductees, I don’t remember which, but she said that the aliens once told her that our beliefs are immature. I believe they were being truthful. We really don’t see ourselves except from our own perspective. We badly need an outside and unbiased opinion. We tend to over inflate our development and accomplishments and as new things come along we dismiss the old ways as being out dated and of no consequence. Then we call this progress and pat ourselves on the back. As far as new technologies are concerned we think they will solve our problems and make our lives so much better. Do they really? Maybe we are just children playing with new toys.

    1. I just don’t see it.

      I just don’t see it.

      LOL. Just kidding.

      At some point we have to realize that our little Universe which has been revolving around only us is really the eye of a hurricane that’s about to blow us away.

  5. Jeremy,
    I was listening, I


    I was listening, I kept saying, “yes…”, “yep…”, “ah-huh…”, “spot-on”, etc.
    Great show.
    Thanks, -SD.

  6. A bridge of sorts. Nice. Use
    A bridge of sorts. Nice. Use a thorn to remove a thorn; then throw both away.

  7. I do agree with tossing out
    I do agree with tossing out the space launch company. Seems not very feasible, and probably makes a heck of a sonic boom! Maybe it would pump some money into the local economy, but I understand the reasons for rejecting the bargain.

    As to the rest, that I did not follow in so much agreement. The part I do get is being fed up with a lot of the New Age BS and hucksterism, including the whole “escaping the matrix” spiel we hear in multiple versions, ufology, disclosure, etc. So much of that is going absolutely nowhere.

    But beyond that, I’m not really sure what action or inaction is being suggested by this whole “age of dying” thing. Kids should drop out of school? Don’t go to work? Give up on the future? What of practical matters like food, water, shelter, clothing, sanitation, etc.? Even if we say, “Yeah, Jeremy, that is 100% right”, I don’t exactly understand what we 7.3 billion people on planet earth (with only about twice as many habitable acres of land as there are people now) are supposed to do the next day after we decide that there is only oneness.

    While I’m all for working on attaining a more tuned-in consciousness to the energies around us and a larger awareness, I still believe that solving practical problems we conscious animals face in the time-streamed physical reality, regardless of how aware we get, is not a dumb thing to do.

    It’s so easy to criticize our world civilization, with all its problems, it’s like shooting fish in a barrel. Then using that as the rationale for grouping all hopeful human endeavor (“western” or otherwise) into just a big pile of crap, is something I can’t go along with. And while I know there are some serious scenarios developing from climate change and environmental issues, which should concern everyone, I’ll bet you in five years most of us will still be here having a substantially similar conversation, not gurgling under an enveloping swamp of death. (I say five because I think I heard Jeremy suggest that in four years any plans for future progress would be clearly irrelevant.) And if you disagree with me on that, does that mean you hope I’m wrong?

  8. I’ve not listened to the show
    I’ve not listened to the show yet only read the comments but thought I’d post this purely on intuition. I recently listened to the afterlife revolution on audible and was deeply moved by Whitley’s descriptions of his love for Anne. I think he is a wordsmith of the highest order. But it did strike me that I spend too much time worrying about what “it all means” and not enough time getting the most out of every day. The great Spike Milligan put it much better than I ever could;

    Last night in the twilight gloom
    A butterfly flew in my room
    Oh what beauty
    Oh what grace
    Who needs visitors from outer space.

    I agree with Cosmic Librarian…we’ve got it good here, as long as we can realise it!

    Thanks Jeremy!

  9. For the most part all of our
    For the most part all of our problems nowadays can probably be blamed on just one-over population. If we can solve this problem a lot of our other problems will go away on their own. Maybe this is why the visitors study our sexuality so intently. Even if we do have it good, we are not perfect or without the need of some helpful criticism. Emerging technologies may just be more of a distraction than and aid to our spiritual ascension.

  10. I resonated greatly with
    I resonated greatly with Jeremy’s program, but I don’t know if that is because I am drawn in by the greater electron spin of the speaker, only to fall away, later, when the influence has dissipated, somewhat. I am not between chairs, either–don’t think I ever got to the first one, Haha. Great show, anyway!

  11. BobInNJ, thanks for
    BobInNJ, thanks for articulating it for me!

    1. I do appreciate you saying
      I do appreciate you saying so, TQ!

  12. With BobInNJ, I wonder what
    With BobInNJ, I wonder what you are suggesting we do about all this, Jeremy. What would life look like in the Oneness? Even Australian aborigines, while partaking of Dream Time, simultaneously live as physical beings on the earth and have bodily needs. Is that your ideal? (That sounds cool to me.)

    I found your remarks about reincarnation insightful — who wants to come back here another hundred times? My question is, how to prevent that? Are we being lured falsely into coming back? Is there indeed some kind of progress and advancement, or is everything vanity? If supposed spiritual guides tell us to come back, should we say, “Sorry, dudes, but I’m done with earth”?

    Anyway, what are you suggesting, Jeremy, in practical terms? Love to you.

  13. I am off this week, but
    I am off this week, but promise to address (and hopefully answer) these questions on next week’s episode.

    Keep ’em coming!

  14. Bringing this up again,
    Bringing this up again, because I would like to hear a real discussion about it:
    Is the whole thing about going towards the light during death the right way to go? Or does it just feel like the SAFE way to go? (Being lured in by beautiful white light, and a sense of peace and love, and greeted by loved ones who’ve ‘gone on’ previously) I’ve read different versions of this, including in the Tibetan Book of the Dead, where you are offered a variety of lights in a progressive order, especially if you don’t get it ‘right’ the first time. Complicated stuff…

    What if when the light shows up, we refuse to go into it? Has anyone ever refused who was not a NDE? What if that beautiful light is nothing more than a lure to get you prepared for another go-round of reincarnation? What if reincarnation is some kind of LAW in the Universe, and never ends, but maybe you end up getting ‘enlightened’ at some point, thrown back into the Collective Oneness, only to be spit out again after a brief respite and into the Time Stream to start reincarnating all over again amongst the infinite universes, realities, and dimensions?

    Is being enlightened all it’s cracked up to be? Is there boredom with knowing and being anywhere and everywhere at the same ‘time’, which, by the way, doesn’t exist? And do we still experience ‘fun’, or just ‘joy’? Is ‘nothing’ really better than ‘something’?

    At some point, maybe it all comes back down to just being the best human being you can be, and maybe learn some tips from Buddha, Jesus, or your grandmother who loved you no matter what. Be prepared to be surprised when you die! We don’t know any of this stuff for sure because we are not intended to know it. Death may not include instant gratification. Or maybe it doesn’t exist at all, but is a preferred alternative to…?

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