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Is there an intelligence here masquerading as our emotional expectations that needs us to perceive it to be here? Does it build the architecture of itself in this world through a feedback loop with experiencers? Jeff Ritzmann isn’t certain, but it sure seems to work this way in his life. He’s here to explain it. But first, he has an exciting new experiment he wants to try, but he needs our participation for it to work. Who amongst us will step up?

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  1. This happened a few months
    This happened a few months ago. I hadn’t had any experiences with “aliens” in my life. After listening to UC for some time, I decided to ask for a relationship with an “alien”. Not long after that, I woke up in the middle of the night hearing the sound of a very large insect in my bedroom. I knew that if I looked at this thing, I would have a relationship with it. I noticed that I was feeling that deep fear. I thought at the “alien”, “I won’t have a relationship of fear with you. Send the “aliens” that don’t relate to people with fear and I will have a relationship with them. I fell back to sleep. I do have relationships with entities in a shamanic sort of way. I prefer that sense of mutual support and kindness. Duhhh

  2. Non-structured = openness to
    Non-structured = openness to whatever. No preconceived ideas. This openness helps to facilitate the manifestation of high strangeness. Going into a situation expecting a certain thing (or anything) to happen often discourages such high strangeness from happening. “Living in the now”, without expectations, in pure openness is the best way to experience the magic of life.

    It also seems that you may be underestimating the role of Consciousness in high strangeness – That maybe the cameras will not pick up anything at all because these are not purely physical events, but rather you are perceiving non-physical phenomena that is “happening” in consciousness rather than in physical space. I’m not saying that you are crazy or that it’s all just “in your head”, but rather that perhaps you are living in a state of heightened perception, or interacting with some sort of conscious field. Knocking, shadows moving, these are things that I have experienced as well (and more). I believe that most of these events were simply attempts to get my attention. “Hey! I’m right here! Check this out!” I have even toyed with the idea that this was my “deeper self” trying to get my attention or perhaps a future self trying to warn me or steer me in a different direction. Lots of things it could be – I’m not making any specific assumptions at this time.

  3. Jeff/Jeremy, I have never
    Jeff/Jeremy, I have never done the ‘gofundme.’ How does payment work? Could you perhaps post something for those of us who do not do much facebook/social media. YES, there are still some of us out there. (KINDA, private people in that respect).

  4. WOW! A fantastic show.
    WOW! A fantastic show. Excellent convo. Very provocative.

  5. Excellent show! Jeremy &
    Excellent show! Jeremy & Jeff: I would love to hear more!

  6. Awesome show Jeremy. I had to
    Awesome show Jeremy. I had to listen twice. Well done both you and Jeff! 🙂

  7. There is no way to make the
    There is no way to make the spiritually blind see anything not expected to them. No matter how convincing, I can see and will listen and PAY for the true wisdom offered at this site.

  8. Certain vibrations may act as
    Certain vibrations may act as keys, opening certain doors. I think the ” the more you give the more you get” postulate tells us a lot about our role as creator, that when we invest energy in something it may flourish; if we choose to opt out, the phenomenon disappears. Free will to conceive of or investigate something is therefore a virtual absolute, the manifestation of a given phenomenon is dependent upon our belief of it. This flies in the face of current Science, which holds that something proven “exists whether one believes in it or not’. Such Scientific paradigm negates free will and belief. Science believes that knowledge is power, which is the opposite of free will and belief exercising power. What are we seeing with a feedback relationship with a phenomenon? I suggest that it appears that we are writing the code from scratch, and that our will, free will, consciousness and emotions are all part of the revelatory process. As a creative force, we create our experiences in part at the creative edge of being.Once we are adept enough at imagining a path, we can write the code that we prefer. By writing the code, we depart from academic knowledge being the truth of existence. Instead, self knowledge and our fecund imaginations become the source of and determinants of our trajectory. Accessing the field where reality can be written by an individual allows one to author subsequent destinies, reaching into the quick of reality is the method by which one attains influence. The spiritual level of interaction differs especially from the Scientific world of knowledge, primarily because of the level of sensitivity that spiritual reality is imbued with; creativity is fundamentally a tentative propensity that deviates from the solid, the structured.

    The nature of the quantum or spiritual reality is thus the reason for belief and non-belief taking key roles in this scenario. The phenomenon is basically either on or off, reflecting one’s reaction to the circumstance. It is a mirror image of our own expectations. Why would reality be a mirror, reflecting our own beliefs? It may be because of our deep interconnection to the field of spirituality, lack of structure in the matrix of spiritual reality (it does not impose anything upon us), or another reason.

  9. With regard to cameras, it
    With regard to cameras, it may be that while the mirror does not impose upon us, it does not like having impositions made upon itself as well (making the unstructured, structured). Referring to “arguments” with beings, there may a point where the entity that does not impose must begin to impose upon us, since we are imposing upon it. This is to “counteract” the imposition, reversing it. If we seem to know what these beings are up to, that leads them to do something contrary. Again, this implies that the source of all this paranormal activity is free will and anti-structure, which is generally adhered to in these cases. I like the idea to include the audience in the unfolding of events at Jeff’s abode, it generates uncertainty and ramifications, which the phenomenon seems to appreciate.


    Here is an EXCERPT from a dream class project in 2004…….YES, free will.


    Before going to sleep there is a flash of light while my eyes are closed but I am still able to see it.


    DREAM: I am in a dream class and although I can’t see the faces I have this feeling that the lucid dream class is here as well as other people from Rosemary’s dream classes. The teacher is a very tall man with red curly hair. It might be Henry Reed (A.R.E.) but I am not absolutely sure. He is a powerful presence and has just taken the class on a journey of the mind. (Imagery). After this he tells us that we will resume after lunch. I am still sitting in my chair journaling in a notebook when a lady comes up to me. She tells me that it is time for lunch and that I am the only one still in the room. I then say to her, “I must continue writing my thoughts on paper because I already know how the teacher is going to end the class after lunch break.” I must prepare ahead of time.

    CHANGE: On lunch break and there are tables filled with food. Such a variety and quantity that I cannot count them all. My daughter-in-law has just discovered a wonderful rice dish and she is asking me to try it but at the moment I am overwhelmed with the many choices of foodstuff.

    (((CHANGE: I am looking into a field of beautiful flowers of many colors. In the middle of the field a very large book has been placed on an easel; I move closer so that I can read it. On the left side of the book it say’s, “THE BOOK OF RECORDS.” This is a legal book of WILLS and TESTAMENTS. Now on the right side of the book it says, “I HAVE BEQUEATHED THE GIFT OF FREE WILL. YOU HAVE RECEIVED IT, THIS IS FOR YOU.”)))

    CHANGE: Outside and sitting on bleachers with a small boy. We are sharing a rib. It has a lot of meat and barbecue sauce on it; some of the rib is sweet like chocolate and very tasty.

    Today the thought for the day from the A.R.E. talks about THE WILL, that heritage from our FATHER.

    One of my follow up notes…..In the presence of the book of life we are all lovely flowers often taking a different shape and color during our physical journeys. We are children of light and we all share in that divine heritage; the material world is fleeting but our soul is forever.

  11. Thank you very much, Carolee.
    Thank you very much, Carolee. I dreamt of David Bowie last night, and woke refreshed. We had a car that was able to take off like an airplane, I just had to call the airport to arrange for a flight then just drive down the runway. Funny how that instance became “commonplace”in the dream, just like Jeremy and Jeff discussed—nothing strange about it.

    Cool that you dreamt about food, some of the best food I have had was in dreams 🙂 Ambrosia.

    The mind is able to exercise free will most ably in a dream state, hence the exhortations for people to “free their mind”. Incorporating one’s own free will with that of another is perhaps the optimal way to right action and self actualization. We tell each other what to do too often, and it can be naughty and dominating. It becomes an abuse, and that changes our course, probably for the worst. Considering another’s free will is a sign of maturity and wisdom.

    Bequeathing is a appropriate word to describe the endowment of free will.

  12. Just beautiful, all of it..I
    Just beautiful, all of it..I have been in the “garden” as well…flowers as far as the eye could behold…I have feasted at the large tables set out under the skies, with food in such abundance starting could have been a problem…seated with me at the table was everyone I had every liked in my current earthly vessel..for me the huge “books” were on gigantic shelves, the pertinent one would float down to where I was sitting in this never ending library, and my guide was pointing and turning the pages..I always feel good upon wakening from one of these dreams..In another dream I was a precious drop of myself, on a shore…when the waves rolled in, I was engulfed and carried out .. realizing that when “out in the waters of life” I was a drop..but when I was melded into it, “I” disappeared and became part of the living waters..made up of zillions of drops, each one identical and indistinguishable…the vastness of it all quite indescribable .. so I am thinking that while we have a life in this dimension , we are unique, but when we return to our source, we are rejoined to our largeness…a power so huge that words cannot describe…my “me” was gone but I joined a larger huge “source” …where movement and action was like “one”…..a most pleasurable experience…not a loss at all…but a huge plus

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