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James is a lifelong experiencer of high strangeness. His encounters sound familiar in all ways except one: when he sees entities, it is through his peripheral vision only. But what is he seeing in front of him? Finding out is a click away!

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  1. I used to do some peripheral
    I used to do some peripheral vision excercises a long while back…I can’t remember why…where I would concentrate a stare on an object in front of me but try and ‘look’ around the room within my peripheral vision, using my attention only…eyes still fixed to the front. I suppose it must have helped my focus of attention, as I remember that these exercises seemed to have a secondary effect of greately increasing my dream recall and with it, in my waking life, a sense that I was beginning to feel the presence of a hitherto hidden world.

    I wonder if what James was experiencing, was this kind of thing but set up to cause a positive feedback loop…focusing on the peripheral, caused more to be perceived, which in turn gave more peripheral subject matter to focus on.

  2. Still on the subject of
    Still on the subject of peripheral vision, I am sure I remember hearing of Tibetan monks running across the ground at night, with their eyes fixed on a single star but their attention on the ground. They never fell or tripped, as if their brains were able to process the information from the peripheral differently…more as a whole, rather than a collection of individual elements.

    Also, I wonder whether information processed from the peripheral vision allows us the see what is really there…rather than us seeing the results of a model of what the brain expects to be there.

  3. I really enjoyed this
    I really enjoyed this interview! James grew up with experiences similar to mine (sounds like he’s my generation too), and I have lots of experience with that peripheral vision thing, all the way back to childhood. I was always aware of unknown ‘beings’ around me. Not in a scary way, but just an awareness. Like James, when I turned to look at them, they disappeared—until about 20 years ago. The first time I experienced seeing an orb, it was just typical day at work with my eyes glued to a computer screen. I felt a presence and was aware of something in my peripheral vision to my left. I slowly turned my head, and there it was—a tiny ball of light! What was funny about it to me, is that when I focused on it, the reaction I got from it was along the lines of “She sees us!”, and it streaked away as quickly as possible. In other words, my feeling was that I had surprised it by actually noticing it! Thereafter, I became more aware of them watching me as I observed them. I guess you could say we started a relationship, because at one point I think the ‘Mothership’ of orbs appeared to say “hello” one night in my kitchen by floating over my dining room table as I watched TV in the den. I say ‘Mothership’ because it was about the size of a basketball, and hard not to notice as it slowly floated out of the dining room and through the wall and to outside.

    I am also so glad that the topic of Robert Lanza and his idea of biocentrism were mentioned by James. I’ve brought this topic up in the comments thread in the past and would like to hear it discussed more here at Unknown Country.

    Sherbet: Here’s an odd thought. What if we are in the ‘hidden world’ and being encouraged to come out of hiding?

  4. Cosmic: Yes, that’s an
    Cosmic: Yes, that’s an equally meaningful perspective and not that odd. I suppose hidden doesn’t necessarily have to mean like in a box…for example, just thinking of a new born, the wider world to which it is born into, was previously hidden too.

    1. This is kind of a
      This is kind of a synchronicity that resonates with what we just discussed…My sweetheart received an email from an old friend down in Venezuela this morning. Her husband died recently, and she discovered an old brass bracelet that he had for years but never worn. She was going to send it on to his daughter, but wanted more information on it, and wondered if he knew anything about it, or remembered his friend wearing it. My partner passed it on to me, since I am pretty well-versed in symbols. I recognized the bracelet as Hopi in design, but the symbol itself was from an another culture (The Tohono O’odam), and the symbol is called, ‘The Man in the Maze’. Take a look at it, and also read about it’s symbolism here:

      1. I was just in the middle of
        I was just in the middle of reading about the man in the maze, I’itoi and the gift of Himdag that he gave, when my PC shutdown for no particular reason that I can figure – bang on 1.00 am…nothing obvious in the settings that would have caused that – anyway, what I had written, before I was rudely interrupted(!), was…I wonder if the oral history that describes I’itoi bringing the Hohokam people to this earth from the underworld, was a metaphorical one, which the emblem also embodies…

        Also, the details of the story and parallels to some religions are interesting…

        1. Lordy! I responded to you
          Lordy! I responded to you earlier today, Sherbet, saved the comment, and confirmed it was there. NOW it has disappeared! I will not repost, but suffice to say that some interesting things are going on with this thread and The Man in Maze!

          1. P.S. Now, no matter how many
            P.S. Now, no matter how many times I try to log out of Unknown Country, it will not log out! Going to shut it all down…

  5. James and Glenn, both of the
    James and Glenn, both of the interviews this week seem to overlap for me so I will post this on both ‘THE EXPERIENCE AND DREAMLAND.’ Such great interviews.

    James, to start, I am wondering what part of Missouri your first remembered encounter took place?

    Several of my family members are buried in Ellington, (Reynolds County, Missouri). If this is close to where you had this encounter then you are not alone. Only a few things I want to mention here. My grandparents and other family members lived in Centerville, Missouri (Reynolds County) in the 1930s and 1940s. As children my older brother and I spent time there with our family. My brother was 6 years older than me so he remembered and experienced more then I did. He often told me that he was OK during the day but when night came he was terrified. At times while in Centerville he said there was a red glowing something in his bedroom. As an adult he always slept with a gun and ALWAYS had a night light on in his room. I think these early childhood experiences created a fear he experienced his whole life.

    THEN, one more thing. My grandmother often told her story about how she could fly at night BUT I do not recall if it only happened while she was in the country or if it continued when she was back in the city?

    This part of Missouri is beautiful but rough and rugged.

    Glen, Portals? YES, for sure and I too think they are in certain areas. I pulled out my world globe to check out GOBEKLI-TEPE/TURKEY and it appears to be close to the 37th parallel IF I am seeing/understanding this correctly?


    The Great Brushy Creek UFO Scare (some readers may not be aware of this).—1973.html

    1. This has been my favorite

      This has been my favorite guest.

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