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In a previous episode, "Kay" came on and spoke about her deceased twin sister living inside her. Caryl Dennis is an author and researcher of Vanishing Twin Syndrome who heard the episode and reached out to explain that this is actually a known phenomenon. But now, on this episode, it will become clear that what that known thing is…is unknown. In fact, much of what comes out during this chat about vanishing twin phenomena sounds like textbook "alien abduction" narrative, and in some hugely surprising ways.

And so the world gets just a little stranger. Well, actually, a lot stranger!

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  1. Thanks for having Caryl on
    Thanks for having Caryl on Jeremy.Her website and books are packed full of good information,( not just for twins) on using color for wellbeing every day! I wish you would have her on again to talk about her book Millennium Children. It is a very interesting study of the genius level kids who have been born in the last 20 years or so and diagnosed as ADD, ADHD, Autistic, etc. They seem to have evolved senses. Her website certainly made me feel at home, and she was so kind to comment after hearing my show. I hope any twins or people who think they might have been( you know who you are.) will go to her website.

  2. Jeremy your best show yet; so
    Jeremy your best show yet; so provocative and gives plausible answers to so many questions.

  3. Jeremy: “What became of the
    Jeremy: “What became of the technology?”

    Caryl: “Well, what happened was it got infiltrated, the project got infiltrated and they
    all got scared and they left”

    Jeremy: “Infiltrated by who?”

    Infiltrated by who, indeed? Shades of the “men in black”?

  4. I have heard of vanishing
    I have heard of vanishing twin syndrome before about fifteen years ago and was drawn to the idea as I have some of the signs. As a child I had difficulty separating from my mother, so much so that I felt bewildered and lost at school and too shy to speak. During her pregnancy she had bleeding which was put down to threatening miscarriage and she had hormone injections. When I was born the placenta was ragged, which explains the bleeding and does not confirm vanishing twin syndrome. As a child I would talk to the ‘girl in the mirror’ and pretend she was my identical twin and long to be able to step through into the mirror world where we would be together. I had an imaginary family of sisters who I used to draw a lot. We all went down in sizes and looked alike and wore the same clothes! When I was 18 and slept with a boy for the first time, I dreamed that I was pushing him away from me through a hole in a wall. I wanted him to disappear! I later vaguely connected this feeling with guilt feelings towards the baby my mother lost before she became pregnant with me, but I could be stretching this a bit! I was just trying to find a reason for why I felt so aggressive towards my boyfriend at the time. In my marriage I couldn’t bear intimacy as it felt like I would be swallowed up and disappear into someone else’s needs whilst really not being interested myself. I never-the-less had 3 children in a short space of time because of a longing for family and safety. At the age of 35 I came out as gay and explored my attraction to women, but essentially stayed a single mum until I was 42 when I fell in love with a woman. It was my first time of experiencing being in love like the songs and films and understanding what everyone had been going on about. As time has gone on I realize that being with a woman is not the ‘answer’ and that the only answer has always been to love and value myself and move out of co-dependency ( thinking that if I love someone enough they will love me more than I have loved myself and THEN I will be happy). I am now in recovery from co dependency and learning every day what it means to be present and awake and self valuing. I still want to be with women, but I don’t know if I was born gay or if I am a free spirit who feels more free to create relationships outside of the box. It just feels more interesting and less restricting. I don’t know if I had a vanishing twin and I have way too much of a creative imagination to want to trust my intuition! So I will just stick with ‘I don’t know’, for now on this one!

    1. Thank you for sharing your
      Thank you for sharing your story. You certainly sound like a single twin. After all, 1 in 8 of us begin life as a twin! You might want to explore my website at to get some more information. Althea Hayton who did an extensive research project of the psychological implications of Vanishing Twins said that from all her research she discovered that “all homosexuals are single twins”. I’m not sure I would go that far, but my research has also shown a correlation. If you understand Dr. Charles Boklage’s revolutionary genetic research into the development of twins in utero, it is easy to see how fraternal (dizygotic) boy/girl twins can merge in the womb to create homosexual behavior. There is still so much to learn about this fascinating subject. Please feel free to contact me if I can be of assistance to you.

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